The Maelstrom Mage

The third of my Left Behind Series, I know that these are all almost similar but its only the beginning I try to make each as unique as I can. Well this is going to be a Naruto/Mahou Sensei Negima crossover my second one, this one takes place in the Naruto world. And this will be a harem as Negima is a harem manga. I will not include all of the Negima characters only a few will be in the story but others will be mentioned.

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Chapter 1- Findings Part 1

"Tou-san tou-san! See that?" a small eight year old girl said. She had long red hair, bright violet-blue eyes, and had a cute round face. She wore a gray t-shirt and purple shorts.

"That was well done Naomi-chan," replied a man with spiky blond hair with two bangs adorning each side of his face. He had blue eyes like the girl and an angular face he's more handsome than most males. He stood around five feet ten inches. This was none other the Yondaime of Konohagakure no Sato, the Yellow Flash Minato Namikaze. And at the moment he was watching over his little angel's Kunoichi training.

The girl was known as Naomi Namikaze, the daughter of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Namikaze, formerly known as Kushina Uzumaki the heiress and sole survivor of now destroyed Whirlpool Village. Naomi looked like an exact replica of her mother except for the fact that she is younger. The girl smiled brightly before going back to her training in calling out her chakra to learn how to sense it and control it. It had been three years since she had begun training in ninja arts.

"Sugoi, Naomi-chan, at this rate you will become the strongest kunoichi in no time," her mother said with a smile on her face. She stood at around five feet six inches tall. She had long red hair with a black hair clip that held back her bangs and violet-blue eyes; she also had heart shaped face. Her figure was that of a goddess that would make any woman die from envy and any male of a massive nosebleed. With long slender arms and legs, and an impressive bust ranging from C cups to D cups. This woman was Kushina Namikaze, the wife of the Yondaime Hokage and mother of Naomi Namikaze, also known as the Hot-blooded Habanero.

"Thanks kaa-chan! I can't wait until I become an awesome kunoichi like you!" replied Naomi with a smile. Both Minato and Kushina smiled at their child energy and attitude.

Over in the distance, a boy stood, he was the same age as Naomi. He had wild spiky blond hair that went everywhere, ocean blue eyes, and a round face. He was about the height of 3'3" while Naomi stood at around 3'1", and at the moment was wearing a blue t-shirt and black sweatpants. He seemed like any normal healthy kid, but one thing different about him, the three whisker-like marks on each side of his face. His name is Naruto Namikaze, the son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Namikaze, and the older twin brother of Naomi Namikaze.

At the moment Naruto was glaring at the nice family scene that was happening at the family's private training area. Naruto just sighed and walked away, into his room where he did training of his own. When Naruto got into his room he lay down on his bed and remembers what happened a long time ago that made him to be what he is now.

Flashback 3 years ago

"Hey tou-san can you teach me how to do some cool ninja stuff!" asked a young blond Naruto who was hoping his dad would say yes.

"Sorry Naruto, I can't. I have to teach Naomi," replies Minato, which made Naruto frown.

"Well… can't you teach both of us at the same time?" asked Naruto ignoring the smug look his sister was giving him.

"Sorry Naruto, but I don't have the time to do that." Naruto was going to respond with his father until his mother came in.

"Naruto go to your room and quit pestering your father. He will teach you when he feels that you are ready," Said Kushina in a demanding tone. Naruto not wanting to argue with his mother looked at the ground and walked back to his room.

"Why can't I learn how to be a shinobi, but Naomi can? How comes she gets everything," said Naruto out loud to himself when he reached his room and close the door so no one would enter or hear him.

Naruto could be considered a genius or a prodigy, he was smart beyond measure. He had skills to learn anything really fast, so it didn't take him long enough to figure out that his family favored his sister more than him, seeing as she got mostly everything she wanted. He also noticed the villagers treated her like a hero.

Naruto on the other hand barely got anything he wanted, even on his birthday he would get a gift or two, while Naomi would get tons. He was also despised by the villagers, sometimes when he would walk around the village alone he would see the villagers' giving him cold glares. His sister also had lots of friends. While he didn't have any friends, kids would avoid talking to him for reasons he doesn't know.

Naruto knew that his sister has the Kyuubi's power sealed inside of her. That's why she's seen as a hero, but he didn't understand why he was so hated by the villagers. He lied on his bed and closed his eyes so that he could some rest and think about all this later.


When Naruto opened his eyes he found himself in a whole new place. It looked like a sewer if the knee deep water was of any indication. He looked around and noticed some pipes on the roof were glowing light blue with a slight tint of red. Wondering where the hell he was, Naruto, began to follow the pipeline, until he came to a large room where the only thing that resided there was a giant cage door. Naruto walked closer to inspect it and saw that he gates were being held together by a single slip of paper with the kanji for seal written on it.

"Is anyone in there?" Naruto called out loudly.

For a moment nothing happened, then it came a loud swish sound that made him jump back just as a large clawed paw slam into the gate. A loud chuckle came from within the darkness of the giant cage. Then the thing that had attacked him came into view, it was huge, it body was covered in reddish-orange colored fur, burning red eyes. But the most notable feature of the creature was the nine tails swinging back and forth behind it.

"Y-you're the…" Naruto began but was at a loss of words.

"The Kyuubi no Yoko," the creature finished for him.

"B-but, you were killed after your power was taken from you and sealed inside Naomi," Naruto stated beginning to feel more and more frighten. "Oh Kami-sama, I'm going to die."

"No, I won't brat, I've seen your memories, and I must say that your parents and the villagers are idiots," said the Kyuubi, and Naruto was confused so he slightly turned his head showing that he was confused. The Kyuubi saw it and continued. "Your father, who did the sealing, sealed my powers in your sister believing that she could control my powers, while he sealed my soul into you. Also because of this he is still alive, although for using the Shinigami to seal me, and seeing that Shinigami didn't seal all of me into one person but split me up and sealed me into two babies. But in return he probably lost about half his lifetime making him die early then he is supposed to."

Naruto nodded showing that he understood and is taking the information in slowly.

"Your father is training your sister early so that she will be able to control my power, however that is impossible. Without the soul, which is me, the chakra is nothing but pure hatred and destruction." Naruto's eyes widened a bit and then he couldn't help it but, laughed at the stupidity his father had made. Naruto laughed for about five minutes before he stopped, after taking a deep breath he turned to the Kyuubi, who continued, "Many people died during the attack, many people lost family members, friends, brothers and sisters. Somehow the villagers know that you have the Kyuubi soul sealed into you, and hate you for it seeing as it reminds them of the people they lost. They think that you are the Kyuubi and that is why they hate you."

Naruto nodded understanding what the Kyuubi was saying and something clicked in his brain. If his father had told the village that he held the soul of the Kyuubi and his sister held the power, then why didn't he know? He clenched his hands into fists in anger at how everyone probably knew about his condition and kept it away from him. Now he hated his parent even more, how could they not have told him, it was that bastard's fault that he had to suffer like this. Suddenly he felt something weird as if the connection to this place was being interrupted.

"What is happening?" Naruto asked.

"It would seem that you are waking up brat?" Kyuubi told him.

"I see, can I talk to you again?" the blonde asked the giant fox.

"This is your mindscape all you have to do is think what you want to say and I will hear you," the fox responded.

"Ok, thanks…one more thing, what's your name? I doubt that Kyuubi is you real name," Naruto said as he began to fade away.

"You're right, brat," Kyuubi said, "its Kurama."

Natuto faded only hearing one word. When Naruto woke up in his room he saw that is was dark outside already and he glance at the ceiling of his room.

"Kurama, Heh?" Naruto repeated the name.

End of Flashback

Yeah ever since he met Kurama all those years ago he began to train himself to the point of exhaustion. Every day he would get up early and go to a private place to train so no one would find him. Sometimes he did training in his room. Hell sometimes even Kurama would help him out with some things.

After about six months of physical training he decided to learn on other fields so he took it upon himself to learn. And what better way to learn than from books. Eventually he became interested in seals and started to read about Fuuinjutsu, he guessed that it ran in the family seeing as his father and mother were both seals masters. He read how to do simple seals, like the storage seal. He figured out how to build a storage seal from scratch, and during his studies he came across one seal that caught his attention. It was a gravity seal, a seal, which applies extra gravity on the body making it harder for one to move, but when released the user become faster and stronger.

However things were moving rather slow to his liking that is until one day he saw his father in the kitchen with his mother. The two were beginning to get fresh with each other, he was about to leave when he heard Kushina say something about work making both Minato and Naruto stop. Naruto looked back from the corner that led to the kitchen and watched as Minato did some hand signs and an exact replica of him appeared in a cloud of smoke. A smile broke on Naruto's face when he heard what the jutsu was called.

After that he ran to his room and began to practice the jutsu, it took him a few hours to understand it completely, but in the end he got it down. The side effect of the jutsu was that he could only two to three clones as he didn't have that much chakra, though that was enough for him. Using his clones he began to get more in depth with seals. Then he decided to go more in depth into other subjects, from history to mathematics, even to advance sciences such as chemistry, Physics, and anatomy.

However with good things, there are also bad things. At first, the villagers gave him cold glares, and then they changed into beatings, here and there. Once every week or so there would be a small crowd of four or so people that would corner Naruto and beat him senseless. They didn't do anything crazy since he was the son of their hero the Yondaime, but they would put him in his place. Naruto at first would fight back, but then realized that would have made it worse, so now he just lets them beat him, though it didn't really hurt since he was strong and could take the weak civilians punches.

The children around Naruto's ago wouldn't hang out or talk to him, instead they would fall flaunt over Naomi or give him cold glares. Some of the people who tried to be his friend only did it so that they could get close of Naomi. When the academy began, he would be ignored, but Naruto didn't really mind since he was pretty much alone from the start.

Then one day something changed, as he was training in a secluded area of the forest he was unknowingly being watched. The person who discovered his training area was a boy by the name of Itachi Uchiha, the son of the head of the Uchiha clan and heir to said clan. Itachi was a prodigy in his clan as he was the youngest ANBU captain, at the age of 13.

Itachi had found him during one of his training routines and watched in silence. He was quite impressed by Naruto's determination and hard work that he eventually talked to Naruto. He asked why Naruto was training by himself and not with his family.

Naruto's answer was simple, "I am nothing to them, only a nuisance."

Itachi was shocked but understood what he meant, he often saw Naruto walking behind his parents with a blank face. After that Itachi would often visit Naruto as much as he could and went as far as to help Naruto with his training, seeing as Naruto was consider a prodigy like himself.

Uchiha Mikoto, Itachi's mother, had found Naruto walking alone around Konoha one day and wondered why he was alone. When she asked him why he wasn't with his parents, he gave her the same answer that he given Itachi. Mikoto became furious and began to march over to the Namikaze estate to give them a piece of her mind. Naruto tried to stop her saying it wouldn't make a difference, but she didn't listen to him instead she dragged him along with her to his home. He still remembered what happen.

Mikoto had given Kushina a piece of her mind.


The two walked, well more like Naruto was dragged up the path that led to the Namikaze estate, where Mikoto called out Kushina. When the red head came to the front from behind the house she saw that she was in her training clothes, behind her came Minato and Naomi who were confused as to why she was here. Then they saw Naruto with her and wondered what he was doing with her as they thought that he was in his room this whole time.

"Mikoto why are you here? And why is my son with you?" asked the confused Kushina.

"I'm here because I found your son walking around the village alone" replied Mikoto.

"Really? Thank you Mikoto for finding my son, we'll take it from here," Said Minato as he told Naruto to go to his room, which he did. Though, he stayed back just far enough to hear the rest of the conversation since he noticed that Mikoto hadn't left yet.

"Did you even know that your son was outside?" asked Mikoto still mad.

"No, but I thank you again for finding him," Kushina said with a smile. Mikoto narrowed her eyes and in the corner of her eyes, she noticed a red head that was in her training outfit. This got a question that she wanted to ask them.

"Why is Naomi training to be a ninja early while Naruto is sent to his room?" the confused Uchiha asked.

"We decided to train Naomi early," Minato responded the question.

"And why not Naruto also?" Mikoto's tone was getting colder and colder by the second, which was starting to scare both Kushina and Minato.

"That's because Naomi has the Kyuubi's power sealed in her and has to learn how to control it, we'll start teaching Naruto when he gets into the academy," Kushina told her long time friend.

Mikoto stood there glaring at the two, "I understand sorry for asking a stupid question Namikaze-san. Now if you excuse me"

Minato and Kushina flinch at the sudden change in their friend, but just toss it aside thinking at it wasn't anything serious. Mikoto turned around and walked away too mad to say goodbye.

End of Flashback

After that Naruto would talk to Mikoto whenever he saw her and she would help him out when she could.

Now Naruto was nine and a half years old and at the moment he was breathing rather heavily as he had just finished his regular training. As he rested he decided to go for a walk as he hadn't done that in a long time. While he was walking he was thinking on what he could do to get stronger faster, but nothing really came to mind. He wasn't allowed into the shinobi library and his father kept the family library locked and only opened it for Naomi and that itself was rather rare. Next during his walk he heard the sound of a waterfall, when he got to the place he saw that there indeed was a waterfall although small it was still cool in his opinion. Just as he was about to leave he noticed something about the waterfall.

Naruto's curiosity as to what could be behind the waterfall got the best of him and he took off his backpack. Carefully the blond boy moved behind the water and into the crevice, as he inched his way through he could feel the opening getting wider. Soon he didn't have to be up against the wall as he came to a large pathway that he followed. All through he could feel a giddy as he hoped to find something that would be cool. Finally when he left the cave he walked out into what looked like a forest, but in the middle was a small wooden cabin. It was old and falling apart, weeds had grown wildly around it and he could see tons of ivy stuck to the side of the beat up cabin.

He walked closer to the cabin and saw a door; he knew that people hadn't lived here in a long time. Naruto had to wondered how the place was still even standing since there was no one around to look out for this place. The blond went up to the door and pushed it open; the door gave away as it fell to the ground. Inside was dimly lit, but he could make out what was around, dolls, of all sizes and kinds, they were all though and full of dust, spider webs adorned the place. Naruto was about to leave when he felt something strange from deeper within the place.

Following this strange presence, he was lead to a door that seemed to be in better shape than the house. Naruto grab the handle and pulled, the door opened allowing him to walk in, he found himself in a small room the only thing in there was what appeared to be a sphere of some kind. Inside he could see a large building and water, a bridge going to the large building from a small platform.

Not finding it really interesting he began to walk away when a flash of light illuminated the room forcing him to shut his eyes. When he reopened them he found himself in the strangest place he had ever laid his eyes upon, he was standing on a platform with a star shape symbol and in the distance he could see a building. Naruto was fascinated by the echelon of the building from the bottom up. Wanting to know what else was in this place he set off to explore.

As Naruto crossed the bridge that led to the build he wondered if there was anyone still living here. Once he was across the bridge he saw that he came to a large pool, there were beach chairs to the side along with giant umbrellas. The further he walked in he came to a large field like area that seemed to be a training field, a little ways further he saw what seemed to be a little shed. He moved over to the shed and saw a staircase that led to an underground living quarters, shrugging he went down the steps and came to a long hallway. There was a dome arc way that led to a room. As soon as he passed the arc his eyes widened at the sight of pile upon piles of books all over the place.

Naruto was in awed, never in his life had he seen so many books, there was a possibility that there were more books here than in all of Konoha. He walked over to the first pile that was closest to him and grabbed the book on top and opened it. He was disappointed when he saw that it was in a different language that he had no idea what it was. The blond set the book back down on the pile to begin looking around again, then he saw something that drew his attention the most, there sitting on top of a bunch of books was a small doll. As he got a closer look he saw that it had shoulder length green hair, a pair of white antennas like things along with a bonnet, two small bat wings, and she wore a black gothic dress.

"Well, aren't you just adorable," Naruto said as he placed his hand on the doll's head.

It was at this moment that the strangest thing ever happened; he felt his chakra being pulled out of his body. It continued on for about ten minutes and in the end he fell to the ground he was breathing heavily as he could tell his reserves were low. He looked up at the strange doll and wondered what it had done to him, but as soon as he laid his eyes on the doll he instantly noticed that something was different. The doll was looking back at him with large green eyes, and then she did something even more unexpected.

"Who are you blonde?" she asked with a childish voice.

Naruto did the only thing he could think of; he screamed. Loudly.

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