Stargate: Ancient Reincarnation.

Chapter 1

"I regret it's come to this, Colonel. To be honest, I've always admired you…but now you've gone too far." Woolsey said looking at the Colonel through the bars that made up Atlantis's shielded cell. Sheppard was sat on the bed that had recently been added to the cell along with a table and a stool.

"Maybe I should have gone further." John said sarcastically. The cell was just as it had always been, except for the recently Earth added comforts. Woolsey leaned closer to the bars.

"If there was any way to make this more pleasant for you, I would do it. But attempted to steal Atlantis was just too much." Woolsey explained.

"I did the right thing. I'm just sorry I didn't finish the job." John countered.

"General O'Neill is gathering a panel of your peers. It shouldn't take long." Woolsey sniffed.

"Donnor, Davis, watch the gate," Colonel Morris ordered out a few minutes after his team arrived on the previously unexplored world through the Stargate. This was his teams second deployment in three days to this new world. This time, he bought back an archaeology team to explore the ruins.

"Stevenson, you and me are on patrol. Take the southern ruins that we didn't get to last time. I'll show the archaeologist the empty rooms we found last time. Report anything interesting." Morris ordered.

"Yes sir." Stevenson smiled. The Captain turned south and walked off into the crumbling remains of an Ancient city. Though mostly made up of empty buildings and crumbling walls. A few, small pieces of ancient tech had been discovered on their first trip through the gate.

Nothing groundbreaking had been found, but the fact that some tech remained suggested that the planet hadn't been scavenged by the Goa'uld or others and that meant there might still be something worthwhile lying around.

Captain Ryan Stevenson had recently been reassigned by General Laundry at his request. SG-7, his previous team, wasn't tasked with exploring the remainder of the Gate Network. SG-14 on the other hand, were. So for that reason, it was a desirable post. Laundry had, at first, denied the transfer request. But after more than an hours debate, he'd agreed after Dr. Lam had signed off on his Medical 'permission' slip.

After half an hour of wondering through the ruins finding nothing than rubble, Stevenson checked in on his radio and headed to head back to the main structure where the Stargate was located. This was one of the few worlds that the Humans had explored that had the gate side of a structure. Which suggested to the experts back in the SGC that the planet might hold a greater significance than other Ancient sites they'd found.

There was even rumours floating around the SGC about establishing a permanent base in the ruins. While some of the buildings seemed intact to Stevenson, they weren't what he'd call liveable. Most had holes of some sort in them, and the local flora had grown up and through some of the buildings. This made it seem although the forest was warring with the city for dominance.

But that didn't really matter to him. He and his team would be moving on to the next address on the diminishing unexplored list within a few days. He hoped they'd be able to finish off the uncharted gates in the Milky Way before he was deemed unfit for duty. But they were calculating new addresses every day, so it looked unlikely.

Stevenson wound his way through the western edge of the ruins that he'd spied from afar earlier. There were several statues and large columns that seemed slightly out of place from the rest of the structures. Some of the large columns had even fallen over while all of the statues in the area looked brand new, except for the vines growing up their bases. They were clearly Ancient in design, but their coloration and placement suggested they weren't part of the original architecture.

As he walked down a wide corridor and past the foot of one large female statue Stevenson aimed his P-90 up in response to movement on his flank. He lowered the weapon when he recognized the source. A section of the pedestal had extended out towards him.

A memory from his initial SGC training clicked and he reached for his radio. General O'Neill had encountered this technology twice during his tour on SG-1. Stevenson's finger froze over the radio's call button as another thought struck him. He felt a flicker desperation shoot through his body but after a second, his mind dismissed the idea as ludicrous. He remembered that O'Neill had nearly died both times.

Without thinking his hand retreated from his radio. He looked down at it in wonder, realizing his instincts were disagreeing with his logic. Stevenson looked up at the partially deployed Ancient Repository of Knowledge and swallowed hard.

"I'm dead anyway, a million to one is better than no odds at all." He said to himself.

Stevenson pulled the green cap off his head and closed his eyes. He sucked in one last breath and stepped forward.