Finger Painting

Set in the SwitchVerse.

Pete leant his head back against the sofa, looking away from Tony, who was still happily finger painting, to his wife where she was curled up on her side behind him. "Are you alright, sweetheart?"

She nodded, curling closer to press a kiss to his forehead. "You two are so adorable."

He smiled. "Come here." He raised a paint-covered finger, pressing it to her nose then adding whiskers. "There."

"Did you just paint me like a cat?"

"'Course not." He smiled then returned his attention to Tony, his smile widening as he felt her stroke his hair. He pointed at the piece of paper in front of the boy. "Fill in the last bit then." Tony pressed the last few fingerprints to the page and looked up, beaming at his father. "Looks brilliant. Beautiful." He pulled a wet wipe out of the pack on the table, wiped his hands then held one out to his son.

"Can I paint you?" He held a paint-covered hand out towards his face.

He laughed, shaking his head. "No you can't paint me! Cheeky." He rubbed the child's nose.

"But you painted Mummy!"

He smiled. "Yeah, 'cause she asked me to."

"Excuse me." Jackie nudged Pete's cheek. "No I didn't. Go on Tony, paint him."

He grinned, walking round the table towards his dad, continuing to reach for his face as Pete leant away from him until his head was titled back against Jackie and Tony fell against him, streaking paint across his cheeks like war paint. Pete laughed. "Okay, you win." He gently wiped the child's hands, taking extra care to be sure they were clean, then wrapped his arms around him, rubbing his nose against Tony's. "I love you."

The little boy curled up on his lap, his smile turning back into a grin as Pete pulled him into a cuddle. "Love you too."

He looked back at his wife, beaming as he saw the blissful smile on her face; she looked like she could drift off to sleep at any minute. "Tired?"

She shook her head, sitting up and sliding off the sofa so she was sat next to him, resting her head on his shoulder. "Once in a while I just need to take a moment to soak in my life, our wonderful, perfect life together." She lightly stroked Tony's hair, smiling as he nestled into his father more, beginning to fall asleep. "I love you, Pete."

He softly kissed her. "And I love you." He looked down at Tony as he stirred against him, kissing the top of his head and holding him closer. "Thank you, Jackie."

She began to smile. "What?"

"For everything. Look at him, and Rose and you. You've given me everything."

She smiled at the tears in his eyes and leant in to kiss him. "No. We did this together."