Cold Fuzz in under 100 words

Matsumoto says "*hic!*"

Renji says "I fail at keeping order in this place."

Ikkaku says "I'm obnoxious, insensitive, and live in the bathroom."

Tatsuki says "Tatsuki Special; Dragon Kick!"

Kiyone says "No one ever listens to me dammit!"

Hanatarou says "*whimpers* The pain..."

Yumichika says "I'm not gay!"

Isane says "Are you sure it's sterile?"

Nel says "I'm da cute one who'th shmarter den she looks!"

Ichigo says "I love you Rukia."

Rukia says "I love you Ichigo...and strangely mayonnaise too."

Yumichika's cricket says "*chirps*"


Sad that it's kinda true, innit?

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