I've been working on this for a while. I thought since I did some HarimaxTenma and YakumoXHarima pairing I thought I should give a KarasumaXTenma pairing told from Karasuma's POV. This Fanfiction is somewhat of a AU just because Some of the events in the anime dont happened or something different happens. Of course big moments in the anime will happen with some changes made. Just letting you know that there might be a OC add into the story later. just so you know that I've only seen the anime and not much of the manga. So I hope you enjoy this Fanfciton! Please Review!

It was dark by the time Karasuma reached home. No one there to greet him but his small little turtle, which he really didn't name. He did try to name it but Karasuma was never good at giving to pets name. He took the turtle from the glass tank "Long day for you to?" he asks. The turtle stared at him for a moment "I'll take that as a yes…" he says entering his bedroom. Placing his bag next to his bed, he picks up his guitar and plays. Normally Karasuma would be doing his homework, but today was different. Today he had a lot to think about, he had found a very very very long love letter in his locker. The letter told him everything that this person loved about him. After reading it he found that this person must of wanted to remain nameless because there was no name on it. He would like to know who wrote it but he was to leave for the US the following day. The letter was pretty much begging him to stay, Karasuma stopped playing.

The sound of his turtle hitting the ground broke his train of thought. The turtle had fallen off the bed, Karasuma took a peek off the edge of his bed. His turtle was hiding in its shell, it had landed on its back. After a couple of seconds the turtle peeks his head out seeing if it was clear to come out. Karasuma picks him up "You should be careful next time." He says setting the little turtle down up right on the floor.

Karasuma didn't want to hurt this girl whoever she was. He at least had to meet her and tell her it wouldn't work. But the biggest problem was time, most of his things were already packed. His withdraw papers were filled out and ready to be submitted the next morning. Then a idea came to him "what if I was able to finish this year? I would have enough time to find the person who wrote that letter. But…" Karasuma thought about his parents. They were looking forward to seeing him again, it been a little over a years since he seem them. He missed them as well, but he wouldn't feel right leaving this person without a answer.

Karasuma stood up, setting his Guitar back on his rack. He went to the living room and picked up the phone. He dialed the number to his moms Cell phone and waited…

"Hello? This is Mrs. Karasuma." His mom answers in english.

"Mom is Me Oji…you still don't have my house phone number." Karasuma asks remembering that she could be somewhat forgetful person.

"Oh Hello Son! oh you know me I tend to forget things sorry haha." She laughs.

"Mom…there's something I want to ask you…or more like I have something to tell you." Oji says taking to seach for the right words.

"What is it sweatheart? Are you Ok? Did something happen?" Mrs. Karasuma asks in a concerned tone.

"Well…today I got a letter from a girl…" he says but his cut off.

"Oji I'm sorry…did you tell this girl about your leaving?" She asks

"That's the thing…I don't know who she is. The letter was very long and she must of poured her heart out to me. I want to know who she is…So I can at least give her a chance to tell me her feelings in person…Mom can I please stay until the end of the school year?" Oji asks hoping that his mom would understand.

There was a long pause and he could hear his mom saying something to his father. Then his mom got back to the phone "Oji dear…Me and your father need to talk about this…We'll call you back in awhile ok?" she said.

"Ok…talk to you soon…love you." Oji says hanging up the phone. He stood there staring at his phone hoping it would ring soon and get his answer. But he thought this was something that would take a hour or so. Karasuma scooped up his Turtle "I'm going to get something to eat…You want to come?" he asks the turtle. To his surprise the Turtle seem to be nodding "Uhh ok lets go…I guess." He says taking his jacket and wallet.

Karasuma walked through the city with his turtle in his hand looking somewhere to eat. There was a Café to his right that he never been to. With the possibility of leaving forever he thought it was worth a try.

He enters the Café and takes a seat in a table setting the turtle next to him.

"Sir there's no pets allowed in the café." The waitress says walking towards him.

"I know…but he's a turtle." Karasuma says looking at the waitress.

Yakumo was a bit shocked to see the person Tenma loves sitting in the café with a turtle. Normally she would haft to get him to leave with the turtle but she didn't want him to leave. "uhhh ok how can I help you?" she asks.

" I'll have…Curry." He says then looking at the turtle "and a bowl of water for him." Karasuma says bloking the turtle from walking off the egde of the table.

"That will be out in a couple of minutes." Yakumo said rushing out of sight. She quickly pulled out her phone and called Tenma.

"Sis Karasuma is here at the café." Yakumo says.

"WHAT! I'LL BE THERE IN A FLASH!" Tenma yells, shortly after Yakumo hears Tenma drop the phone without hanging up. Then a scream followed by a lot of loud crash's, Yakumo assumes that she had fallen down the stairs again.

Yakumo brought karasuma his order and a bowl for the turtle. The thing Yakumo wasn't counting on was how fast Karasuma was eating his dish. That the rate he was eating he would be done before Tenma could get here.

Karasuma then stopped as he heard his phone ring, after clearing his throat of food he answers "Hello?" he asks.

"Oji…me and your father have talked about it and…if you really want to finish the year we wouldn't stop you…Just remember why your staying and please do good in school. Me and your father Love you and be sure to call every once in a while ok." says.

Karasuma smiles a bit "Thanks mom…I'll be sure to do that…I got to go I love you and dad…Talk to you soon." He says hanging up.

Just then someone bursted through the door, it was a girl who Karasuma had seen before. She looked like she just went to Hell and back. A piece of a small branch stuck in her hair, legs a bit bursed, and out of breath. Karasuma was trying to think of where he had seen this girl before.

Tenma rushes over to Yakumo out of sight from Karasuma "Where is he!" she yells shaking her sister.

"Calm down sis! He's sitting at the second table near the corner with a turtle." Yakumo said a bit scare of the current Tenma. Tenma rushed in the café, Yakumo tried to grab the branch in her hair but it was to late.

Tenma felt her heart stop at the sight of Karasuma knowing that this was her last chance to let him know how she felt. "what do I do! How should I approach this? Hey Karasuma I hear your leaving tomorrow! No that's sound to creepy like I'm stocking him…Come on think dummy!" Tenma then notices that she was standing in front of Karasuma.

"You got a branch in your hair." Karasuma says in his blank tone.

Tenma shoot a bright red "Oh…I…I ran into a tree and you know…" Tenma couldn't believe that she said that.

Karasuma wasn't sure of what to make of this, but he remembered a name "Miss…Tsukamoto right?" he asks.

Tenma shot even redder "Oh my god…he knows my name!" she thought. "Yes that's my name and your Oji Karasuma and Your transferring out of school tomorrow right!" Tenma said but wish she hadn't. "Oh good going you stupid girl! Now you do sound like a stocker!" Tenma thoughts were arguing with herself.

"No…I'm staying until the end of the school year now." Karasuma says.

Tenma wasn't believing what she was hearing. Karasuma staying until the end of the year! She still had a chance to tell him! There was more time, more time to let the love develop.

"Oh that's good…I bet you have a lot of friends here you would miss right?" Tenma says calming down a bit.

Karasuma thought about this for a while, he didn't have much friends. At the moment the only friends he had was Nara and Fuyuki. They were fine with him leaving because they would keep contact via email ect. "Yeah…I would miss them…can I take that branch out of your hair?" he asks. He couldn't help but stare at that branch and it was kind of nagging at him.

"Oh yeah of course!" Tenma says blushing red again looking as if she was going to black out. She had forgotten that the branch was even there.

Karasuma stood up and neatly took the small branch out "There...I should go now…It was nice to meet you Miss Tsukamoto." He said picking up his turtle. He starts walking out of the café…

"Karasuma!" Tenma calls.

He turns back, Tenma gives a very nice smile "Ummm I knew we just kind of met…but I'm glad your not going." She said.

Karasuma nods and leaves it at that. He had a lot of thinking to do, find out who this girl was, was going to be a challenge. But then again she might just come out and tell him, but he was convinced that it wasn't going to happen over night. This girl when she finds out he was staying would take you her and try to get to know him. This was going to be hard, Karasuma was never good with girls. Heck he not really good at talking much either. Even with his friends he didn't say much, unless he was asked something.

Just then his phone starts ringing again, karasuma looked and saw it was Nara. "Hello this is Karasuam." He answers.

"Hey Karasum! If you want me and Fuyuki want to gave you a good bye dinner or something like that…so do you have the time for it?" Nara asks.

"I'm not leaving Nara…I asked my parent to let me finish the year and they said I could." Karasuma said reaching his house.

"what! Are you serous? That's awesome! How about we go out anyways! Today just keeps getting better!" Nara says.

"Thanks for the offer Nara but I need to do my homework…how about this weekend?" Karasuma asks putting his turtle back in his glass Tank.

"yeah that sounds good! I'll be sure to let everyone know ok? I'll see you tomorrow Karasuma." Nara says hanging up.

Karasuma sat down putting his backpack near him. He took out his homework and began. But in the back of his mind, the letter repeated itself. He reached in his bag and pulled out the long letter and read the first Paragraph again:

I know we never really met before…And I know that your leaving tomorrow…Please don't see me as a person who is creepy…it just I…I have these feelings for you…Feeling I cant put into words…hell I cant even write the three simple words. The three words that would sum up everything I'm about to say. By now I hope you know what words I'm talking about. For the longest time I've had these feeling. For the longest time I've wanted to tell you, but I'm to much of a coward to do it…even with you leaving I cant seem to put the words together. I hope you understand how much you mean to me, how much I'm going to miss you…

Karasuma stops right there, feeling that he had to find this girl. He had the whole year to find out who this girl was…and he wasn't going to waste time.


To be honest I didnt really like Karasuma when I first saw the anime...thought he was to weird. But it wasnt until I saw the San Gakki OVA that I started liking him. I felt really sorry for him and couldnt help but like him a bit after that. So I hope you enjoy your first tace of this and hope you enjoy this new Fanfic!