"Broken Bonds"


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Full Summary: 2011: The OSP team think they've stumbled upon a simple murder of a marine but it is anything but simple when Kensi's former partner, Dean Winchester, arrives to solve the case. With Kensi still mad at the team for lying to her, would Dean's presence disrupt the team's dynamic further or would realizations be made?


September 2011:

In the comforts of her own home, Hetty Lange was keeping her eyes on everything at NCIS headquarters as she continues to recover from her injuries from the Comescu case a few months back. She watched as all her employees were coming in as they got ready to start the work day and she couldn't help but focus in on the activities in the bullpen.

She was definitely amused when Detective Deeks voiced his thoughts on her agents' paranoia when it came to her watching them. Agent Blye was looking for the secret cameras from her desk while Agent Callen worked on his laptop as Agent Hanna gave Detective Deeks a bit of a warning look. She was pleased by her agents' reactions to the big brother idea because it meant that they were paying attention to their surroundings yet it still didn't stop her from voicing her own thoughts on their current discussion.

So with a few commands typed into her laptop, she was well on her way of having her team being aware that she was indeed watching them. "A healthy dose of paranoia can keep you alive in this business Detective." Hetty declared as she allowed herself to be seen by Mr. Deeks through his laptop, only to have him shut the lid on her moments afterwards out of shock, causing a break in that specific connection.

Hetty couldn't help but laugh at Mr. Deeks' reaction. The detective was still doubtful of her skills which made it all the more fun when she proved him wrong.

The OSP Operations Manager was just about to pour herself another cup of tea when her phone started to ring. She knew it was none of her agents since they were just sent to Ops for a debriefing so she was immediately on guard when she accepted the call.


"Tell me you didn't know." Her male caller immediately stated as their greeting which Hetty didn't mind since she recognized the voice all to well.

In Hetty's mind, Dean Winchester was a memorable young man who sacrificed a lot for people who never truly appreciated what he truly gave up in order to save them. She had met the young man during his youth through a common ally of theirs; Bobby Singer. To Dean, Bobby was like a second father to him and his younger brother (Sam) but to Hetty, Bobby was her younger cousin. And it was that connection that allowed Hetty to know what Bobby and the Winchester truly did for a living; saving people from the things that go bump in the night.

"Mr. Winchester what a pleasant surprise." She declared as she poured her second cup of tea for the day.

She could hear him grind his teeth over the phone before he said anything else. "If I find out that you knew this whole time Hetty, I'm going to be extremely pissed."

This caused the older woman's brow to furrow out of confusion just before she took a sip of her steaming tea. "Knew about what Mr. Winchester?"

She heard him give a frustrated groan before he said anything. "Hetty don't pull that on me. You have got to be one of the few people I know that practically knows everything before anyone else."

Hetty chuckled. "I'm flattered Mr. Winchester but what is it that I apparently know?" She knew it had to be something really serious for Dean to be talking to her in this manner. He was always respectable towards her whenever they spoke to one another so she knew that something was wrong for him to switch it up with her.

"My brother Hetty. Did you know that my brother has been alive this whole time?" If she saw him in person now, she could guess that his face would be holding a mask over the myriad of emotions that were overwhelming him and the older woman couldn't blame him.

"I was under the impression that it was impossible to escape out of the cage." She calmly stated as her answer.

The last Hetty heard about the Winchester brothers, it had to do with their final showdown with Lucifer back in May 2010 which resulted in Sam jumping in the Devil's Cage with Lucifer still inside him. Since she always called her cousin from time to time to check in on everyone, it was only then did Bobby inform her about this tragic event as well as the fact that Dean would be trying the apple pie life with his former lover, Lisa Braeden, and her son, Ben, instead of figuring out a way to release Sam from the cage. Before she even questioned why Dean wouldn't be trying to rescue Sam from Hell, it was only then did Bobby tell her of the promise one brother had the other make before the showdown.

She heard him sigh on the other end before she heard him say anything else. "So you had no idea?"

Hetty sighed as she set her tea cup down. "I wouldn't have kept that from you Dean, I know how much your brother means to you." She said, deciding to drop the formalities with the hunter.

"Really? Because your cousin did that very same thing to me!" He stated bitterly and once again, she didn't reprimand him for raising his voice to her.

She took another sip of her tea before she spoke in a neutral manner. "Robert must have had a reason for keeping it from you Dean but he definitely hadn't informed me of the news."

Dean sighed once again and Hetty could just picture the young man running his hand down his face in a tired manner. "It's just…a year Hetty. I thought my brother was gone for a whole year and yet he's been alive and hunting this whole time."

"I understand that news like that must be hard to absorb Dean but he's back. That's all you should really focus on." She tried to reassure him because when it comes down to it, Dean has been cursed yet blessed so many times at this point. He claims to be cursed into a hunting life yet he's died and come back to life on many occasions and now Sam seems to be doing the same. If they weren't who they were, both brothers would be six feet under right about now.

He groaned once again and Hetty knew that it was because he didn't like it when he was wrong in any way. "I guess you're right."

Hetty chuckled as she typed a few things into her laptop as they pertained to the cameras back in Ops. "So besides learning that your brother is back, how has everything been with you?" She questioned which got them into a long overdue discussion of what's new with you.


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Originally Published: February 29, 2012