This is an AU Season 4 fic. Roxy does not exist in this version, but the Wizards of the Black Circle and Earth Fairies do, although in a different capacity.

Disclaimer: I do not own Winx Club and I make no profit whatsoever off this fanfiction.

"Another year gone, another mission complete. I'm glad that's over with!" Musa exclaimed.

She and the other Winx girls were lounging around at a restaurant in downtown Magix relaxing and having a good time.

Bloom laughed. "So am I! I feel so free, not having a bad guy hovering over our shoulders all the time!"

"And one with a bad fashion sense at that…" Stella shuddered at the thought of Valtor's outfit.

"To not having any more bad guys to deal with!" Aisha raised her glass into the air.

"No more bad guys!" the others cheered, also raising their glasses.

After some time, they left the restaurant in high spirits.

"I wonder what's in store for us this year…" Tecna wondered as they headed back towards Alfea.

When they reached the gates, they were greeted by Livy.

"Miss Faragonda has a very important message for you all! She says to come to her office immediately!" The messenger pixie exclaimed.

The Winx looked at one another and then ran off to the headmistress' office.

Within minutes, they had arrived.

"What's up Miss F?" Bloom asked.

"Take a seat, girls." She made a sweeping motion and seats appeared for them all.

"Now. I have some interesting news from you out of Pixie Village. You recall the Tree of Life, don't you?" She asked.

The Winx all nodded.

"Ninfea has told me that Earth's branch has finally begun to sprout leaves again. Fairies are beginning to return to Earth once more!"

"WHAT?" The Winx exclaimed in shock.

"How did that happen?" Aisha asked puzzled.

"We don't know yet. But this is where your new mission lies. You are well aware that there are dark forces out there that would see these girls and their powers as a highly valuable prize. You must go to Earth, find these girls, help them with their powers and protect them from any threat." Miss Faragonda's tone became serious.

"We understand." Bloom nodded.

"So, how do we start?" Tecna asked.

Miss Faragonda stood up and walked around to the front of her desk.

"We have a general idea of where the girls are." She held the box in one hand and used her other hand to cast a spell.

A map of Earth appeared.

Four dots were located on different areas of the map- one of them red, one a light orange-brown, one dark green and another dark purple.

"And there's something else…"

She held her hands in front of her and waved them around.

As she did, a small brown box with gold clasps appeared in front of her, floating in mid-air until she took it in her hands.

When she opened the box, there were four silver chain-link necklaces with gemstone pendants on the ends- one ruby, one citrine, one emerald and one onyx.

"These are the Gems of Arcelia." She said, shutting the box back and putting it on the desk.

"Whoa!" Musa exclaimed.

"But Miss Faragonda, I thought the Gems of Arcelia were just a legend!" Flora exclaimed.

"Well as you can see, The Gems of Arcelia are quite real. There is quite the history behind them…" Faragonda snapped her fingers and they appeared in the Hall of Enchantments.

She gestured for them to follow her as she walked.

"Five hundred years ago, magic was actually very plentiful on Earth, despite being hidden. Earth had four magical kingdoms which were ruled by four very different fairies- Farah, Verdani, Saisha and Quirina. Their lands were very prosperous, worked well together and they maintained very strong relations with the other magical dimensions."

Miss Faragonda gestured to a portrait showing four fairies seated at a long table and pointed out which fairy was which. Farah- the shortest of the lot, had straight, waist-length platinum blonde hair, silver-grey eyes and pale skin, as though she hardly went into the sun, Verdani had navy-blue hair pulled into a ponytail, hazel eyes a curvy body and light brown skin, Saisha was petite, had curly, ear-length chocolate-brown hair, dark blue eyes and Quirina was of a lanky build with her dark purple hair rolled up into a bun with a slanted front fringe that hid one of her dark green eyes, pointed, elf-like ears and had a deep tan.

"However this was not to last…"

As Miss Faragonda said this, they walked into a section of the Hall that displayed pictures of all the adversaries they had ever fought and more. The Ancestral Witches, The Trix, Lord Darkar, Valtor, Mandragora…

There was one portrait that was covered by a black curtain.

"What's this?" Bloom wondered over to it curiously and pulled the string next to it, causing the curtains to come apart.

The girls did not notice, but Miss Faragonda's expression wavered.

"Those… those men are the reason there are no Earth fairies today. They are the Wizards of the Black Circle- Ogron, Gantlos, Anagan and Duman." The Headmistress pointed each one out and her tone changed when she spoke again. "They were Fairy Hunters."

The Winx gasped.

"Whoa. Seriously?" Musa asked in shock.

"Unfortunately, yes…" Miss Faragonda nodded.

"They were truly cruel, heartless individuals whose goal was to drain the earth of all its fairy magic until there was none left, using an item called The Black Circle to do it."

"Farah, Verdani, Saisha and Quirina fought well but even with their four powerful sources of magic combined- emotions, time, biology and weaponry, it was not enough and when most of the other fairies of their respective lands had their magic drained, were critically injured or killed they knew they could not win, so they came up with an idea."

"They called upon another fairy by the name of Arcelia and asked for her help. Arcelia, being the Fairy of Gemstones who had been the young queen of a fifth land which had already been completely obliterated by The Wizards of the Black Circle and had sought refuge in Isis instead, fashioned four simple, yet beautiful silver and gemstone necklaces and cast a spell, linking their powers and the gems together."

She showed them a portrait of Arcelia, a statuesque woman with strawberry-blonde hair, lilac eyes and freckles, holding the four necklaces in her hands.

"The Wizards came upon them as the last few standing and a fierce battle ensued. Before the Wizards could take their powers and kill them however, they cast their last spell- one that let them give up their powers for good."

"The Wizards of the Black Circle were of course furious about this unexpected development and searched high and low trying to find where and how those fairies' magic had gone so that they could steal it. They didn't know that Arcelia had already returned to her new home in Isis with the gems that embodied her fallen friends' powers, powers that would someday manifest once again in the reincarnations of Farah, Verdani, Saisha and Quirina…"

Miss Faragonda tugged on the string next to the portrait of the Wizards and the curtain closed on them again, but not before the eyes of them men in the portrait glinted, unnoticed.

"And it is a great possibility that the spirits of Farah, Verdani, Saisha and Quirina have returned once more." The headmistress turned back to the Winx.

"So you're saying that the powers that these four fairies had, have manifested themselves in four new fairies on Earth?" Tecna asked.

"That is exactly what I'm saying." Miss Faragonda nodded. "And time is of the essence here. If we don't get to these girls quickly, someone else might. Someone who certainly does not want to help them at all…" She said gravely, casting a spell which returned them to her office.

"Now, for this mission, you will need as much help as possible, so joining you will be a familiar face…" Miss Fragonda gestured to the door and when it opened, Mirta stood there.

"Mirta!" They all exclaimed in unison and ran towards her for a group hug.

"Okay girls! Can't- breathe-" Mirta began to turn red.

The Winx backed off, looking apologetic.

"I've managed to do some research and I found a descendant of Arcelia and despite certain issues that you may have with this person and her relatives, I must remind you that it's not about you. It's about finding these girls and protecting them." Miss Faragonda's tone became even more serious than before.

The Winx looked at one another apprehensively.

The door opened again and someone with a close resemblance to someone they encountered in the past appeared in the doorway with a smirk on her face. Platinum-blonde hair fell in waves to just past her shoulders, and she gazed at them with almond-shaped lilac eyes and a pair of rectangular glasses with a gold-flecked black frame was perched atop her head.

Miss Faragonda looked from the Winx and Mirta to the still unidentified girl.

"I'd say it's a pleasure to meet you, Winx, but honestly, it's not…" She said flatly, tucking her hands into the pockets of the black skinny jeans that she wore, accompanied by a light pink short-sleeved off-shoulder crop top with a white spaghetti strap top beneath and low-heeled light pink peep-toe shoes completing the outfit.

"Not after the fiasco that Bloom caused, ruining my sister's life five years ago…" She pulled down her glasses.

Bloom looked stunned for a moment before her eyes dawned in recognition- and then hatred.

"You…" She said quietly.

The girl raised an eyebrow.

"You're Diaspro's sister!" She exclaimed.

"Took you long enough to realize, even with the family resemblance… But then that was to be expected. You're not exactly the sharpest gem in the jewellery box…" The girl said in a mocking tone. "And the only reason I'm here at all is to help fulfil what my ancestor was aiming for…"

"Oh, how's your sister? Enjoying the banishment?" Bloom retorted.

"How would I know? I haven't seen or spoken to her since she was banished because of you…" The girl narrowed her eyes at Bloom.

"How is it my fault that she decided to follow Valtor on her own?" Bloom raised an eyebrow.

Reina was about to retort but Miss Faragonda cut her off.

"Reina, Bloom, that is enough." Miss Faragonda said in a tone that left no room for argument.

Bloom and Reina glared at one another with the other Winx and Mirta looking between the two anxiously.

"You will get ready to leave immediately. The sooner we get you off on this mission, the better." As soon as Miss Faragonda finished speaking, the entire castle shook knocking most of them off their feet, followed by screaming outside.

When they glanced outside, they saw four indistinct figures hovering above the now destroyed fountain set in the middle of the grounds, which was now smoking and people looking on at them in fear.

"I have a really bad feeling about this…" Reina shuddered.

As the others froze in shock, she sprang into action running fast enough to leave the Winx and Mirta behind before they could react.

"Ya think?" Bloom rolled her eyes as she and the others ran after Reina.

When Reina reached outside, it was to find the same four men that the Winx and Faragonda had seen in the earlier portrait blasting apart the school and sending fairies running/flying and screaming for their lives.

"No way. The Wizards of the Black Circle are here?" Reina said worriedly. "I thought they had disappeared for good!"

The Wizards turned to look at her.

"You!" Ogron pointed at her.

"I sense your magic is similar to the Earth fairy Arcelia!" He said.

"Uh-oh…" Reina's eyes got wide.

"She is Arcelia's descendant, I can sense it!" They started towards her.

Reina took this as her cue to transform.

"Reina, ENCHANTIX!" She pumped her fist into the air.

There was a bright flash of dark blue light and her outfit morphed into a lilac, gold, silver and white layered bustier halter top that stopped just below her chest showing off her stomach.

A lilac, silver, gold and white layered miniskirt and silver strappy sandals with star-shaped sapphire gems arranged on the toes and her gloves were the usual elbow-length sparkly kind, but dark blue in colour.

Her glasses had disappeared and her hair was in tight spiral curls and up in a ponytail, reaching down to her waist, held back by a silver tiara with sapphires embedded in it.

Her fairy dust vial was a silver and sapphire diamond-shaped object, attached to the front of her top and her wings were divided into three sections on each side, all shaped like diamonds with light blue outlining and a swirl of dark blue, silver and gold inside them.

"Bring it!" She put herself in a battle stance.

Gantlos stamped on the ground, causing it to crack, but Reina darted up into the air before it could reach her.

Holding two balls of dark blue energy, she sent them at the Wizards, which multiplied into four as they went.

They had no effect.

"SAPPHIRE STORM!" She swiped her hand and shards of the precious dark blue gem went zooming towards the Wizards.

Anagan simply held up a hand that released a sound wave that reduced the sapphires to bits.

"I'm in trouble now, aren't I?" She thought.

Ogron teleported behind her and blasted her into the ground. The other three surrounded her and began a chant.

As the wizards chanted, a black circle appeared around them which pulsated with energy that surrounded Reina and began to crackle as it formed a portal above her.

It was then that the Winx plus Mirta chose to arrive, flying onto the scene.

Mirta's Enchantix form was a long, elegant blood red dress which was slightly tiered with silver and lavender that stopped just above her knees. A diamond was cut in the fabric of her navel area, showing it off. Around her shoulders there was a silver sash pinned to the right by a small, black butterfly-shaped pin which was also her fairy dust vial and her gloves were dark purple.

Her hair was straight, just past her shoulders and a dark purple headband with silver gems held her hair back, her wings were like a monarch butterfly's except with a dark purple, red and black colour scheme.

"Too late, Winx!" Ogron laughed as the portal sucked Reina up into it.

"No!" Mirta cried out.

The Wizards were laughing, feeling confident in their easiest victory yet.

The Winx and Mirta started firing their strongest spells at the evil wizards with everything they had, but nothing seemed to work against them.

"Oh please. Fairy magic is like a power up for us. The harder you try, the stronger we get!" Ogron declared.

But then something happened that they all did not expect.

The portal reopened and Reina fell out with a thud.

She sat up and rubbed her forehead, detransforming because she was too weak to hold her form.

"What?" Anagan raised his eyebrow in surprise.

"But this girl is the descendant of Arcelia! Why won't the portal accept her?" Duman asked in shock.

"Because-" Reina stood up, albeit wobbly. "I may be a descendant of an Earth fairy, but I'm not actually from Earth. I am Princess Reina, the second daughter of King Midas and Queen Vashti of Isis!"

"We've wasted our time here! Let's go! We have tracking to do!" Ogron and the others raised their hands into the air, sending a parting shot that scattered the fairies before disappearing themselves.

"What was that? And where the hell did the Wizards of the Black circle show up from?" Reina moaned, holding an icepack to her head.

She muttered her thanks as Flora handed her a cup of herbal tea.

"They must have sensed the activation of the Earth Fairies' magic. You may not have been born there, but their magic still runs in your veins- perhaps that is why they tracked you here." Miss Faragonda explained.

"But this makes it all the more critical to move faster, doesn't it?" Mirta asked.

"Indeed it does, Mirta, indeed it does…" Miss Faragonda paced up and down the office, glancing out the window at the workers below who were repairing the damage that the Wizards of the Black Circle had done to the school.

My Winx writing skills are a bit rusty since I haven't written a non-crossover Winx Club fic in a while, so I'd really appreciate the input- especially where it comes to the Diaspro-having-a-sister and her having to work with the Winx angle. Haven't seen anything like that before so I wanted to try it.