I wasn't planning to post this yet, but I'm going to anyway in celebration of a new addition to the family! Camryn Alexa, my cousin's daughter is the newest member of the family. Welcome to the world, Halloween Girl!

"It is hard to believe that is has already been a week since we have been here…" Gabriela said as she combed out her hair and cast a spell on it to change it into a curly side ponytail.

Glancing out the window at the sun beginning to set over their environs, she smiled at the thought.

"Yeah, hard to believe…" Zoe said quietly, fixing her dress, a strapless red gown with silver tulle around the waist and a flared bottom half that showed off her legs in the front, just above her knees. Her hair was slicked back with a silver headband and she wore black heels.

"Are you okay? You sound… Quieter than normal…" Gabriela smoothed out her sleeveless form-fitting purple gown with a silver beaded line below her chest and silver straps and pulled on her silver heels.

"I'll be fine, Gabriela. Just thinking about home is all. If this were something I were going to back in Sydney, Sandra would be sure to make fun of my dress, Michael would try to ruin the dress, Mum would say that the dress is inappropriate and Dad would tell me not to get too close to any boys…" Zoe sighed.

"You said yourself that they were afraid of magic without giving it a chance, right? If so they might not have accepted your fairyhood, even if you told them in the nicest way possible so I say forget that for now and worry about it later!" Gabriela exclaimed, smiling and reaching a hand out to her Australian friend.

"You're right." Zoe smiled back, albeit reluctantly. "I wonder if there'll be any cute boys there…" She giggled.

"I sure hope so. Stella said they were the hottest and she met Brandon there, didn't she?" Gabriela giggled as well.

"Are you sure I look okay Emilia? I mean, I don't really do this sort of thing often and I am only going since you girls are and-"

"Wow, Tasanee! I thought you were the quiet one!" Emilia came into the room wearing a ruched spaghetti-strap knee-length orange dress with a flared hem, white beading around the top and down the middle of the dress to the waist. She donned a small silver and white tiara with her usual hairstyle and she wore white shoes to match.

Tasanee wore a simple light green off-the-shoulder dress with dark green sleeves and a dark green bow around the waist. Her shoes were dark green low heels and her hair was in an elaborate half up, half down curly style.

"I am not used to such things. Normally I would just stay home if my school were to have such an event and my mother would have to drag me to the fancy parties she's invited to at work. Too many people. I am not good with people…" Tasanee shuddered.

"You are coming with me Tasanee. You will not waste the dress that Reina allowed you to pick!" Zoe exclaimed, grabbing Tasanee by the wrist and leading her out.

"They really did a good job with the decorations…" Emilia said in awe.

The trees in the courtyard were decorated with thousands of little bright lights, several round tables with various coloured tablecloths covering them were set up, a huge buffet that held several food items from finger foods to items for a full dinner was set up on the far side just behind the tables and they had just stepped onto the white-tiled dance floor, which was across from it all.

Zoe's eyes shone when she spotted the buffet.

"I think I'll have a bite first…"

"Of course…" Emilia chuckled.

"The food does look good, I suppose…" Tasanee admitted.

"Well then, what are we waiting for?" Zoe led the way over, weaving her way through the increasing crowd of people.

Over all this, the teachers from the various schools watched from their own long table.

"So far, so good…." Miss Faragonda nodded approvingly.

"Let us hope it stays that way…" Miss Griffin said.

"We've done all we can to make sure that everyone is safe, so I say let them enjoy it!" Professor Saladin took a sip from his glass.

"How are those Earth Fairies doing?" Miss Griffin asked.

"It's only been two weeks since they started school, but they do seem to be settling into the schoolwork well considering that they only knew about magic for a few months beforehand. They are also very different from one another but they seem to be getting along with each other as well."

"Good. Once they defeat the Wizards of the Black Circle, perhaps we will start to see some Earth Witches as well. They put up a good fight, but unfortunately were almost completely killed off and the few that didn't die either escaped to Magix or managed to get away to other parts of Earth- albeit with no more powers. Arcelia was smart, coming up with an idea like that to preserve the Earth Fairies' magic…"

"Don't you worry about that. The time of the Earth Witches will come."

"Who's worried?" Miss Griffin smiled wryly. "I know that the Wizards of the Black Circle will get what's coming to them. It's only a matter of time."

"The rest of us will make sure of that. If we could fight them off the last time, we'll do it again and do it permanently this time!" Professor Saladin declared.

"Hear, hear!" The rest of the table cheered.

Mirta sat sipping her drink quietly. She wasn't sensing much negative emotions in the crowd, but it couldn't hurt to keep an eye out for trouble. She just hoped there wouldn't be any tonight.

At their table, Zoe's plate was piled with as much food as she could fit onto it.

"Do you ever stop eating?" Emilia asked, looking disgusted. Although Zoe wasn't eating like a slob, the Mexican fairy couldn't comprehend how one average-sized teenage girl could hold so much food…

"Zoe probably stops only when she sleeps and for all we know, she could eat in her sleep as well…" Gabriela munched on a carrot stick.

"Oh my Dragon, how does that fairy eat so much?"

Zoe whipped around to see an Asian-looking witch with her hair in a bun wearing a floor length long-sleeved black gown and black stilettos making a disgusted face.

On her left was a dark-skinned witch with neat, shoulder-length dreadlocks and black, rectangular thin-framed glasses wearing a bustier maroon knee-length dress with a black hem, floor-length trail and black stiletto ankle boots.

On her right was a witch with curly shockingly red hair, green eyes and freckles wearing a halter top navy blue dress and matching strappy sandals.

"Who knows, Melanie? Perhaps fairies have bottomless stomachs?" Dreadlocks asked, shrugging.

"I'm pretty sure if I ate that much, I'd turn into a pig!" The redhead exclaimed.

"You would, Celina. I wouldn't." Asian-looking witch replied flatly.

"Who the hell are you?" Zoe glared at them, but the witches remained unperturbed.

"Oh, us? We're the best witches that Cloud Tower's freshman class has to offer…" Dreadlocks smiled smugly.

"But we have no time to spend with such a piggy fairy and her little friends. Come on Celina, Zarya. We have a dance to enjoy…" Melanie beckoned for the other two witches to follow her.

Zoe sat there fuming.

"Now, now Zoe. Don't go picking a fight. We don't want to be the ones causing trouble, do we?" Tasanee asked, muttering an incantation for a soothing spell which immediately gave those at the table a mood boost.

"Besides, those witches do have a point." Emilia teased.

"Who were they anyway?" Gabriela asked.

"Those three would be Princess Melanie of Umbra, Lady Zarya of Andros and Lady Celina of Callisto."

The fairies looked around to see a tall, tanned-skinned lanky Specialist with spiky dark green hair, hazel eyes and a dark yellow cape pin.

"Hello there ladies, my name is Shane."

"Hey!" They all replied in unison.

"Don't mind those three. They're not all that bad- when they feel like it. Besides, Princess Melanie doesn't really hate fairies. Lyra of Melody, one of the freshmen at Alfea is actually her godsister…" He explained.

"Really? We have so much to learn about this place then…" Zoe thought aloud.

"Perhaps I can help you learn?" He asked hopefully.

Gabriela and Emilia snickered while Tasanee merely smiled.

Zoe rolled her eyes. "If it means getting away from these immature morons, then sure…" She allowed him to take her hand and lead her away.

Emilia and Gabriela cracked up even more.

"Si, Zoe has a boy who likes her already…" Emilia giggled.

"I wonder when they'll announce their relationship…" Gabriela added.

Tasanee rolled her eyes. "Come on you two. Zoe was right to call you immature. It was a friendly gesture. Nothing more. This I can tell without using my powers…"

"Look at that. Remember our first school dance, girls?" Musa asked.

The six Winx Club fairies were spending some time in one of the many Solarian Royal vacation homes (this one being an elaborate beach house) having their own mini-party as the dance went on.

Although it was night in Magix, it was only mid-afternoon on Solaria so they sat on the balcony, enjoying the sun and video-calling Mirta.

"How could I forget?" Bloom chuckled.

"Yep. You were scrambling to find a dress, somehow ended up fighting the Trix, gaining your fairy form and finally getting to the dance about halfway through it!" Stella exclaimed.

"Sounds like an interesting time…" Aisha noted.

"Uh-huh. Back when there was only the Trix and they were after my ring…" Stella sighed in reminiscence.

"I heard about that. Back then, Cloud Tower witches used to have a contest to see who could come up with the best way to ruin the dance…" Mirta added.

"Oh dear Dragon, the Snakerats…" Tecna shuddered.

"I don't think I'd have wanted to be there if those got loose…" Aisha shuddered.

"Anyway girls, I'll call you back later. Things are still going pretty smoothly here and the girls are having a wonderful time!" Mirta turned the phone so that they could see Emilia in some sort of dance-off with Lyra with Gabriela, Zoe and Tasanee cheering her on.

They laughed. "Okay then. Enjoy!" They said in unison as the call ended.

"It's nice to see them loosening up and having fun after everything…" Flora smiled.

"Yeah, but let's not hope that they forget why they're here in the first place…" Musa said and then everyone in the room went serious.

"I don't like this lull at all. It just feels like the calm before the storm, you know?" Aisha said.

"Yeah, I don't like it either. Sooner or later, they're going to try something and we need to be ready for it!" Stella frowned.

"Research would be good. We need to know everything about our opponents in order to beat them…" Tecna suggested.

"These guys have been around for hundreds of years! They're way more experienced than any villains we've ever fought before…" Bloom pointed out.

"Uh huh… Girls, I think it's time to pay a visit to Alfea's archives." Tecna said. "As soon as possible too."

"I agree. Also, I did promise Ninfea that I'd bring the girls over to Pixie Village sometime. How about we go to Magix tomorrow? I'll take the girls to Pixie Village while you guys start and I'd join you later." Aisha suggested.

"Sounds like a plan." Bloom nodded. "Now Stella, I do believe we haven't been on the actual beach yet…"

"You're right. To the beach! Those Wizards can wait for a while!" Stella cheered.

"Whew. You really are a good dancer, Lyra. I'm beat." Emilia leaned against a nearby wall, wiping sweat from her brow and sipping a glass of water.

"Seriously. You're pretty good as well." Lyra smiled, drinking grape juice.

"Thanks. I do dance a lot. I was a dancer at home. In fact, I was discovered to be a fairy after a performance there…"

"Interesting…" Lyra nodded.

They then looked up to see people rushing outside.

"Huh? What's happening out there?" Emilia wondered.

"One word: Gabriela…" Tasanee walked over to them briskly.

"What did she do?" Emilia sighed.

"Pissed off a Junior apparently…" Tasanee sighed.

"I wonder which one…" Lyra wondered as they walked outside to see what was going on.

As soon as they saw who it was Gabriela was arguing with, Lyra sighed.

"I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't your Gabriela who picked this fight…" She commented.

In the middle of the crowd, Gabriela stood arguing loudly with a pretty girl with curled, shoulder-length chestnut brown hair and hazel eyes dressed in a knee length pink halter top dress with a diamond and silver design in the middle.

The two of them were hurling insults at one another of the vilest kind.

"You know when you put two pretty girls like that, a catfight will result!" One Specialist cackled with glee.

"Yeah, this is gonna be fun…"

"No it won't…" A tanned-skinned slightly muscular Specialist with platinum blonde curly hair, grey eyes and a purple cape pin followed a Specialist who was even more muscled than the one in front of him and resembled the girl Gabriela was arguing with.

Emilia and Tasanee spotted Zoe with Shane on the other side and as soon as they locked eyes, they moved forward too.

"Come now, sis! Don't be picking a fight with the Freshers!" The Specialist who resembled her said, grabbing one of her arms while his blonde friend grabbed the other.

"I don't care André. I do not care. No one insults me and gets away with it!"

"I would not have needed to insult you if you did not deserve it!" Gabriela snapped.

"Gabriela, what the hell did you do?" Emilia reached her first.

"You mean what she did?" Gabriela fumed.

"Come on Alicia, is that any way for a princess to behave?" André asked.

Alicia glanced up to see some of the teachers headed their way.

"Never mind." Alicia walked away with Gabriela glaring daggers at her. If she could, she probably would have sent actual daggers after her…

"That was a close one…" Blonde Specialist said.

"Indeed…" André nodded in agreement.

He and his friend walked over to the Earthling fairies.

"I apologise on my sister's behalf. She tends to let her nasty temper get the better of her at times. She really can be rather… unpleasant…"

"Half of it is probably Gabriela's fault anyway…" Emilia commented dryly.

"Is there a problem over here?" Professor Saladin startled them all.

"No, Professor Saladin!" Everyone sang in unison.

"I hope so. Tonight is not a time for petty feuds and I would hate to have to part any fights that use magic or otherwise in here…" He warned before leaving.

"I don't think I'd want to be around when Gabriela goes on a rampage either, especially with that power of hers…" Emilia breathed a sigh of relief.

"How rude of us not to introduce ourselves. I am Prince André of Cumulus and crabby chick over there-" He nodded to Alicia who was ranting to some other fairies, though one of them looked annoyed at this. "Is my twin sister Princess Alicia…"

"I feel so sorry for you…" Gabriela said sincerely.

"You don't know how many times he's heard that!" Blonde Specialist laughed. "I'm Lord Victor of Solaria by the way."

"Charmed." Emilia smiled.

"So… I don't suppose you'd like to dance, would you?" He asked hopefully.

"I love dancing." Emilia nodded and went off with him.

Tasanee looked between Gabriela and André and raised an eyebrow.


"Oh why not? Let's dance, shall we Mr Prince?" Gabriela grinned.

"I'd be glad to dance with anyone who can rile up my sister like that…" André grinned.

After they went off, Phoebe and Kaya sat next to her.

"Not much of a dancer, huh?" Kaya observed.

"Nope. I'm fine with watching them…" Tasanee smiled.

Meanwhile, Reina was looking over folder of documents in her hands as she walked back to her room and shut the door.

"I hate this job so much…" She sighed. "Di could have a much better job than me. I'm not a people person and I'm definitely not a paperwork person…"

"What makes you think I'm a paperwork person either?"

Reina's eyes widened and the folder fell to the floor as she turned towards the voice.

The figure emerged from the shadows and lowered the hood of her dark grey cloak.

"How did you get here?"


Diaspro removed the rest of her cloak to reveal that she was in her fairy form. She didn't look much different to the last time anyone had seen her, save for the fact that her hair was now cut short.

"But… the guards! How did you get past them?" Reina stammered.

"I may have been exiled, but I still know how to undo a few royal spells…" Diaspro grinned.

Reina laughed before going into Diaspro's open arms.

"I missed you so much! How have you been? Where have you been?"

"When I was exiled, I travelled around the magic universe a little while until I settled in a very quiet little village on Espero. It took some getting used to… oh who am I kidding? I'm still getting used to this!" Diaspro pouted.

"But listen. I heard about what happened. Our ancestor Arcelia's spell kicked in and those four new Earth fairies are at Alfea now, right?"

"Yes. The Winx, Mirta and I went to Earth to find them. They seem like okay girls and I'm sure they'll make great fairies once they're fully trained…"

"I'm sure. Arcelia's magic would never fail her friends after all. And now the Wizards of the Black Circle are back, threatening them and all of Fairykind…" Diaspro frowned.

"We had quite a few close calls with then while we were on Earth and they almost killed us all at one point while we were with the third fairy we found- Quirina's fairy…" Reina shuddered at the memory.

"I heard of that as well. I wish I could help but due to my obvious political status I can't. At least not openly…" Diaspro held her hands in front of her and moved them around to form a small golden compact mirror with rubies embedded around the edges.

"This is a two-way mirror I've been working on ever since I heard about what happened. You can talk to me any time by focusing your magic into it and calling my name. Plus to be on the safe side, I made sure it would only work for you…" She handed it over.

"Wow. You took a big risk coming here, even after all this time…" Reina's voice was quiet.

"I know. I've done some horrible things in the past and what was supposed to be my job was thrust onto you. I can't just sit by and let my baby sis fight against the Wizards of the Black Circle as Arcelia's sole representative!"

"I…" Reina was speechless.

"You don't have to say anything, sis. Just remember, you can now talk to me anytime you need to, okay?" Diaspro smiled weakly as she threw the cloak around herself, headed for the balcony and floated down gently to the ground before running off.