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As Sylar walked away from Elle's burning body he plotted his revenge. The picture was forming nicely in his head. He'd trap them all in Primatech. Maybe he'd even force Claire to kill someone. Yes, that would go a long way towards making Claire more like him. Then again, did he want someone like him hell bent on his destruction. Oh, well she'd get over it... eventually he thought. It's just to bad there was no better way to exact his vengeance.

That's when his plotting halted. Maybe Sylar did have other options. Before Sylar found out from Arthur he could gain powers using empathy he had run into Hiro.

"Angela is your mother?"

"She is. Tell me Hiro. What does this mean for the future you saw for me."

"What do you mean the future I saw for you."

"Perhaps It was an older you I spoke to, but you said you all band together to stop me and I die alone. Would that still hold true now."

"I do not know. I do know the future can be changed. Angela does dream of the future. Perhaps she dreamed of your demise, and decided to step in. She is your mother."

"Perhaps you are right, and I know it changes nothing but I am sorry about Charlie."

The two men continued to talk. Perhaps they even made a connection, because when Hiro disappeared Sylar felt like a puzzle piece had been snapped into place. Until Arthur's revelation Sylar had no reason to suspect but now.

Sylar turned back to Elle's burning corpse. He willed time to stop. He focused hard shutting his eyes, and when he reopened them the flames were still. The waves were still, and the whole world was silent. From mortal watch maker to immortal master of time. Sylar loved the irony. He could now reek havoc on Noah and Angela's whole lives, but he had to be careful. If he made the wrong move no one would be there to stop him form hanging himself. No, that would never do. He'd have to be cunning and perhaps mess with something a little more recent.

Restarting time Sylar left Elle behind. He knew what he'd do, but he had to plan first. He wanted to make sure everything went according to plan.

AN: So what does Sylar have up his sleeve. What kind of damage will he cause with Hiro's power.