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Continuation of Reshaping History: After travelling back in time Clark has to get used to being back in a world where heroes haven't yet risen as well as hiding the truth about the future he came from. All the while trying to stop Lex as well as dealing with peoples reactions to how much he seems to have changed in such a short time.


Rise and Fall

Chapter 1 Part 1

It has been just over two weeks since Clark travelled back in time from the year twenty twenty seven and life around Smallville and Metropolis was slowly returning to normal after the events of Dark Thursday. Martha had spent most of the past two weeks in Topeka working with the other state senators to help find ways of minimizing the cost of the repairs that were needed to the infrastructure as well as trying to raise funds from other sources as well.

Lois spent a lot of time with Martha since she was her campaign manager and the young brunette had learned a lot over the past two weeks. She had also learned a little bit about patience but not that much. She was now in the beginnings of a relationship with Oliver Queen who had in a way blackmailed her into a date and despite the front she put up Lois had to admit she enjoyed it and Oliver had asked her out again.

Chloe had moved into the apartment above the Talon as Met U was still closed after the riots of Dark Thursday but she spent most of her time at the planet while worrying about Clark. Nobody had seen or heard off Clark since he left with the other Kryptonian after stopping Zod. In truth both Martha and Chloe were worried that he wasn't going to come back at all and even if he did they wondered if he would come back as his normal self. Both Clark and Martha had told Chloe about what had happened the beginning of senior year with Jor-El brainwashing him so she was slightly afraid that Jor-El would do the same thing again. She was also slightly angry at Clark for not coming to see her and she would have a few words with him about that when he does eventually show up.

As for Lana things had been interesting for her. After having a very long talk with Chloe and getting the blonds perspective on things she had decided to end her relationship with Lex. Of course she didn't tell Lex the complete truth when she broke up with him but she told him a few things that were true. She told Lex that recent events had made her realise that she wasn't ready to be in a relationship and that she needed to work out where she wanted her life to go. Lex of course brought Clark up into the conversation and despite Lex saying that she couldn't let Clark go she knew it was only partly true. After her talk with Clark she realised that he was right and that they just weren't meant for each other. She also knew that she and Lex weren't meant to be together either. In fact Lex was freaking her out slightly especially since she still had Clark's memory of the night she died in her head and it made it hard to face Lex. Since breaking up with Lex Lana had contacted Nell and asked her could she stay with her for a little while to which her aunt obviously said yes despite not being to impressed with the fact that she had broken up with Lex. Nell like Lex both seemed to think she was still too hung up on Clark to move on and maybe in a way they were right, but she knew they couldn't be together and that in time she would move on. Clark was always going to be a part of her life and she wouldn't trade that for anything especially since she now knew why he did everything he did.

The last few weeks had been an interesting experience for Lex as he woke up with a day missing from his memory. Then he got dumped by Lana which he was not to happy about and he couldn't get rid of the feeling that it was because of Clark. In fact as far as Lex was concerned it was Clark's fault that Lana had broken up with him despite what she said. He could see it in her eyes that she still loved Clark and wasn't going to let go of him. That was a problem that he needed to find a way to fix sooner rather than later or he would never get the chance to have Lana the way he wanted her. He had spent the past year slowly manipulating her emotions when it came to Clark and it was working. Over the past year he had planted a seed of darkness within her that was just under the surface but now somehow that darkness that was starting to grow had withered away and he needed to find a way to undo whatever had been done to change Lana's attitude so much. She was more like the girl she was when she was with Clark at the beginning of the year. Happy and almost care free and that didn't suit his plans at all. The other interesting thing that had happened recently was the fact that he was kidnapped by two men who seemed interested in finding out about how he had come into curtain powers. This actually intrigued him as they told him what he had been able to do. In all honesty what his kidnappers told him he was able to do surprised him greatly and he had spent a lot of time since the kidnapping wondering how to replicate such power. The downside to his kidnapping though was that the kidnappers had been killed by his fathers men when they found him so he had no leads to work with to find out more.

As for Oliver Queen he had bought a building in Metropolis and converted the top floor into an apartment slash office and had spent the past two weeks deeply investigating Lex while trying to figure out where Lex got the powers that he had. The one thing that confused him though was that the other members of his team seemed to have seen powers like Lex's before but they all told him that they couldn't tell him. That in truth annoyed him a bit but he also knew that Bart, Victor and AC wouldn't keep it a secret unless they had made a promise not to reveal what they knew. For now he could except that but he also knew that a time would come when he would need them to answer his questions.

As for Clark and Raya nobody had seen or heard of them since Zod had been defeated.


Chloe opened her eyes to look out the bedroom window of the apartment. She still hadn't got used to living in the apartment and she was grateful that Lois had been away with Martha. In truth she missed having Lana as a roommate but she knew she had to get used to it as she had a feeling that Lana was going to drop out of Met U. Although her friend hadn't said anything directly about it, there had been hints during their conversations that Lana was thinking about leaving. Part of her knew that the reason she was leaving was because of Clark but for the first time in the long rollercoaster ride that had been the Clark and Lana relationship she suspected they had both realised that it would never work. As far as Chloe was concerned it was about time that the two of them either made up or broke up permanently and it looked like things were over for good.

Getting out of the bed Chloe quickly grabbed a shower before changing and heading downstairs as she was in desperate need of a caffeine fix like she was every morning when she woke up. As she got to the bottom of the stairs in the Talon she immediately saw Lex sitting there at one of the tables and from the look of things he had been waiting for her to come down.

Lex had arrived at the Talon as it opened and since he was the owner he helped himself to a free mug of Coffee while he waited for Chloe to come down. If he had to he would wait a few hours for the blond to arrive as he had some questions that he needed answers to. Two questions were at the front of his mind at the moment though. Firstly where was Clark as nobody had seen him since Dark Thursday and secondly what did Chloe know about the reason behind Lana breaking up with him. He also wanted to know if Chloe knew anything about what had happened to him but even if she did he knew he would never get an answer out of her.

As Lex was on his third refill he heard the door to the upstairs apartment closing and glanced up to see Chloe walking down the stairs. As he looked at her he noticed that she saw him as well and she paused just for a second before carrying on down the stairs before going to the counter and ordering what he guessed was coffee. Lex sat there for about a minute as Chloe ordered her coffee to go and as the blond started to make her way to the door he decided to call her.

Almost Made it. Chloe thought to herself as she made her way towards the door before Lex called her name. She had been hoping that she was wrong and that Lex hadn't come to the Talon to see her. Turning back around she looked at Lex for a second before heading over to the table he was sitting on. "Lex" She said in a flat tone as she approached his table.

Lex looked Chloe in the eyes and could see the usual distain that was there when she spoke to him over the past few months but what was ironic was the fact that the way she looked at him now was how she used to look at his father. Now though things seemed to have taken a one eighty as he had seen her talking to his father a few times over the past few weeks. "Chloe I was hoping to catch you this morning" He finally said while watching her for some kind of reaction.

"Well I'm here as you can tell so what do you want" She asked still keeping her tone even.

"I was wondering if you had seen Clark actually…I haven't seen him since before Dark Thursday and nobody around town as either" Lex watched her closely as he waited for her to respond hoping that he could catch a glimpse of something but much to his annoyance Chloe's expression stayed neutral.

"He went to help out some friends of his father…I don't know how long he will be gone for…Why"

"Well I was hoping he might have seen me somewhere around on Dark Thursday as I still cant remember anything…I know Clark and I don't talk like we used too but I was hoping that he might be of some help"

"I don't know what to tell you Lex…I haven't spoken to Clark since he left" Chloe said back before taking a small breath "He'll probably call sometime in the next few days and I can ask him if you want"

"Thanks Chloe that would be great" Lex said as he stood up now realising that he wasn't going to get anything out of the blond. As he got ready to leave he decided to ask another question "You haven't seen Lana recently have you…I know she's staying with her aunt but for some reason she's not answering her cell when I try calling her"

"No I haven't and don't take it personally Lex…Lana is just trying to work through some things and when she's ready she'll call you" Chloe said back even though she knew that Lana was avoiding Lex at the moment as apparently the bald wonder was freaking her out especially since Lana had learned that Lex was responsible for the death in the other timeline.

"Maybe your right…I know we broke up but I just wanted to make sure she was alright" Lex responded before saying bye and making his way towards the door.

As Lex left the Talon he glanced back through the window before heading towards his car. I will find out what your hiding. He thought to himself as he got into his car and started the engine.

Chloe for her part let out a sigh as she watched Lex walking away. This wasn't how she wanted her day to start and she was hoping that Clark would be back soon. The longer he was away the harder it would be for them to come up with excuses as to why he's away. She also knew that sooner or later Lex would start searching for Clark.


Sitting at his desk Oliver Queen was reading through a few files that Bart and Victor had gotten out of Luthor Corp regarding Lex's thirty three point one experiments. So far the data they had gotten hold of showed that Lex had found a way of increasing the abilities of a few Meteor Mutants but the test subjects seemed to burn out after a curtain amount of time. There were only a few cases of these experiments being successful but out of the dozens of subjects only five had been able to show a marked increase in their abilities. There appeared to be a side effect though, and that was that the test subjects needed repeated injections of a Meteor Rock compound to maintain their increased abilities.

Letting out a sigh Oliver placed the folder he was reading down before getting up out of his chair. There was a fundraiser this evening that he was intending on going to that would help victims of Dark Thursday. Normally he wouldn't go to such events with the Luthor's being there but he wanted to see how Martha Kent reacted to that kind of world. Over the past week since he met the newly appointed state senator he had been impressed with her but because of her ties to Lionel he wasn't sure what kind of senator she would make.


Chloe arrived at the Daily Planet and made her way straight down to her desk and was surprised to see Lana leaning on her desk talking with Jimmy and the two of them appeared to be laughing and joking around. Walking up to the pair she asked Lana what she was doing at the planet so early to which Lana said that she was going to do a bit of shopping and thought she would call in for a chat.

In truth Chloe missed these types of conversations with Lana as the two of them had drifted apart when the brunette started dating Lex. There had been a darkness growing in Lana over the past few months and Chloe had on more than one occasion been afraid for her friend. Now though as she looked into Lana's eyes she could see that that darkness had gone and was replaced by the girl that used to be there.

Sitting down at her desk Chloe asked Lana if she was free for lunch to which she said that she was and then she asked if anyone had heard of Clark yet. Unfortunately Chloe had to tell Lana that nobody had heard off him in a while and that they still didn't know how long he would be gone for.

Lana was saddened by the fact that nobody had heard off Clark for over two weeks now and she was slightly concerned about him. Over the past two weeks she and Chloe had had a chance to have a few chats about Clark and she had learned a lot about her favourite farm boy. Realising that they weren't going to get anywhere worrying about Clark, Lana told Chloe that she'd be back around one so the two of them could grab some lunch and left leaving the blond and Jimmy behind.

Once Lana had left Chloe turned to Jimmy who give her a small kiss on the cheek and she couldn't help the small smile that formed on her face. Over the past two weeks things with Jimmy had been great and the two of them were falling into a very comfortable relationship.

After their little catch-up Jimmy went off to do whatever it was that he did when he wasn't busy leaving Chloe behind to check her emails as well as see what work was available for her.


At the fortress a column of light that had been circling a blond Kryptonian for over two weeks finally died to reveal Raya standing there looking very exhausted. For the last two weeks she had been learning all about how her powers worked as well as learning a lot about Earth. There was still a tremendous amount she could learn about Earth from the fortress but Kal-El only wanted her to learn enough to get by on her new home.

Over the past two weeks she had learned a fair amount of American history as well as a lot of geographical data so she would know her way around should someone ask her something. Letting out a sigh Raya was finding it difficult to focus as she was completely mentally drained. She couldn't believe how much it had drained her just standing there but from what she now understood about her powers she knew that even though she didn't require sleep from a physical standpoint her mind still needed to rest.

Once her mind settled a bit she looked around the fortress and realised that there was something different compared to what she remembered before she started studying. About twenty meters away from the main control panel there was a crystal wall that wasn't there before. Making her way to it she noticed that there was also a crystallized doorway in the wall and as she got close to it the crystals that acted like a door reseeded towards the ground revealing a large open area that was completely furnished with a mixture of both human and Kryptonian furniture.

Walking completely into what she could only call a living area she was surprised by what she saw. The main area was a large open space fully equipped with Kryptonian food synthesizers as well as what looked like what the humans called a fridge as well as being fully kitted out with tables and chairs. Turing her head to the right she saw what she could only describe as very comfortable looking chairs and two couches for people to sit on. Then as she looked towards the end of the room she could make out three more crystal doorways.

Making her way over to the doorway on her far right the crystals once again began to recede into the ground as she got close to it. As she made her way into the room she gasped at what she saw before a huge smile formed on her face. Looking around in the new room Raya was instantly greeted by the sight of a huge crystalline bed that was about eight feet wide and about eight feet long. Next to the bed was what looked like a bedside cabinet with a small Kryptonian lamp on it.

Walking over to the bed Raya came to a stop as she noticed a folder on the bed with her name written on it. Picking up the folder she opened it and what she pulled out surprised her. There were several documents there and from what she had recently learned from the fortress these documents were a birth certificate, high school diploma as well as a college degree in several subjects. There also appeared to be a drivers licence as well as a passport so she could use human transport to travel outside of the United States.

After several minutes looking over the documents Raya placed everything back inside the folder except for a folded up sheet of paper that had her name on it. Unfolding the sheet of paper a small smile formed on her face again as she realised it was from Kal-El and began to read it.

Raya if you are reading this then I guess you have found the new living area I built while you were studying(Thank Rao Kryptonian tech makes it easy to make things). Since the folder that this letter was in, was in a room with a bed you can guess that this room is for you. The room next to this one has a shower and toilet facilities and the room next to that one is obviously the one I will probably end up sleeping in at some point. I spent a lot of time here in the timeline I came from so I know that I will need to use a bed eventually.

I haven't had chance to build a computer interface for you to access the fortress systems from your room yet, and I will get round to it at some point. For the time being though I have instructed Jor-El to give you level two access to all the fortresses systems. The only thing you wont be able to do is remove anything from the archives but anything else you can do with the fortresses systems.

Well that's about it for now and I will leave you to try out your new bed.

From Kal

P.S. Welcome to Earth.

Putting the letter back into the folder Raya had a huge beaming smile on her face over the fact that Kal-El had made a room for her. She knew that she would have to live amongst humans and she didn't mind that at all but the thought that Kal-El had made a small piece of the fortress hers touched her in a way she hadn't expected. Krypton was gone but Kal-El had given her a small piece of the last part of their home that still existed in the universe that she could call her own and that was a gift she would cherish forever.

Placing the folder on the bedside cabinet Raya stood up before heading towards the room that Kal-El said had a shower before testing out her new bed.


Opening his eyes Clark was instantly greeted by the bright light that emanated from the sun he was now orbiting. For nearly two weeks he had been drifting in orbit of the sun as he regenerated his energy reserves that had been almost depleted before he had even come back in time. He was about halfway between the sun and Mercury and from this distance his energy reserves would be completely restored within about twenty three days but he knew he couldn't stay in orbit of the sun much longer.

He knew his friends and family would be worried about him if he didn't return soon but being so close to the sun was almost like a drug to him. Every single cell in his body was vibrating and he felt what he could only describe as small static shocks coursing through his body and for lack of better terms it was like getting a total body massage.

He had been in orbit of the sun now for thirteen days and if he had to guess he would say that his energy reserves should be at about sixty percent which was more than enough for the next few weeks until he could work out a schedule for him to disappear to fully recharge. Most of the time he would leave his energy absorption ability turned on unless he was on patrol and that was where his weakness now lie. Despite finding a way around his Kryptonite weakness it had given him another one. Jor-El would tell him that for everything there is a balance and this new weakness was just the way of things balancing themselves out. He could stop Kryptonite from effecting him but the cost was using up his reserves faster than he could restore them without going close to the sun to get a full recharge. Unfortunately even as close to the sun as he was now his body could only convert and store so much but the advantage of being this close to the sun was that where it would take around two hundred and seventy days to recharge from Earth he could do it now in around three weeks. Being this close to the sun also had another benefit and one that he actually found out by accident. At this range from the sun he was even more powerful than what he normally was. In fact at this range not even Kryptonite effected him as the solar radiation from the sun overpowered the effects of Kryptonite and it possibly made him completely immortal from this range but he didn't ponder on that for very long.

Closing his eyes once more he decided to stay for a few more days before he would head back to Earth and check in with everyone.


Coming out of the portal in the caves of Smallville Raya took a quick look around to make sure nobody was there before shifting into super speed heading towards the Kent farm. Within just a few seconds she arrived at the farm to see it in completely deserted. Walking up to the front door she used the key that Jor-El told her Kal-El had left for her and entered the house.

Last time she was at the house she hadn't taken the time to look around at all. Deciding to familiarise herself with her new home as Kal-El had told her she could stay with him for however long she wanted to she walked around the house taking a quick look in every room. After finishing looking around upstairs one question came to her mind as she realised that there was only two bedrooms and that question was where was she going to sleep as she knew one room was Martha's and the other was Kal-El's.

Deciding to go back into Clark's room she took a closer look at it trying to figure out what type of person he was. She knew that the stuff in this room though probably wouldn't tell her much about Kal-El as he had travelled back in time so his personality would be different from what it was if he was still a teenager.

As she looked around the room and opened a few draws she came across a few pictures and some of the people she knew and others she didn't. There was a picture of Kal-El and an older man who she assumed was Jonathan Kent the man who had raised Kal-El since the age of three. There were also other pictures some where of Lana Lang the brunette she had met when she and Kal-El came out of the Phantom Zone but there were a few that had people in them she didn't recognise. A few were of Kal-El and a boy about the same age that had dark skin and was holding a large round orange object that from what she had learned in the fortress was called a basket ball as well as pictures of the two of them doing other things that she assumed teenage males do on Earth. Then there was another set of pictures that showed a teenage girl with blond hair sitting behind a desk as well as others that included Kal-El and the dark skinned boy. Then there was one more picture that had all four of them in together and as she studied the picture she could clearly see that Kal-El was happy.

Knowing that Kal-El did have a fairly good life here on Earth made her smile slightly as she remembered Lara worrying about weather or not he would have a good life and if he would have people that loved him in his life as well. I think you would like the life he has lived and the people he has in his life Lara. She thought to herself as she set the picture down.

Once she finished looking around Raya decided to head downstairs but as she got to the bottom of the stairs she was surprised when she was greeted by the sight of the young blond she had seen in the photo's staring at her in confusion by the front door.


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