I wish I could come home... But I can't.

Alice Trevanion wants nothing more than to go home to Leopards Den, to Africa. She's excited and ready to go when she receives a disturbing letter. Lost, confused and terrified she pretends she simply wants to live in the UK... Will she tell Danny the real reason she can't?

She paced uneasily through the house as she bit her non-existent nails; she only ever did that when she was really nervous but how couldn't she be? She'd dragged her Husband away from the place he loved on a lie... The lie that she simply wanted to live in this dull, boring country. Slowly, she sat down upon the light pink, leather armchair and signed before resting her clasped hands in her lap, her eyes gazing over towards where Robert lay. She couldn't have told him over the phone, she just couldn't. She'd promised herself she would but how the hell could she? This wasn't just a tiny hiccup - this was huge!

She knew he'd be arriving any moment. He'd called from the airport to say he'd be with her soon and not to worry about anything, it'd be ok. She shook her head; if only he knew. She sighed, she really did need to tell him but how? How do you tell your husband that kind of news? Oh so, Hi Danny... Yeh, I'm sorry but I can't go home to Africa cos I'm needed here. Yeh, they want to cut me open and rip out my womb. You don't mind do you? Alice laughed to herself sadly, yeh right. Still, at least he was coming and that meant more to her than anything else. In a selfish way it made her feel so special and so loved. That given the choice with no reason as to why, he choose her and their kids, their marriage over work, animals and Leopards Den.

Alice's thoughts were broken by the door bell ringing. She jumped up and quickly straightened out her blue jumper before rushing to the door. As she walked she brushed one hand through her hair, pulling it over her right shoulder. She swallowed once before opening the door slowly; she couldn't help the slow grin that had spread across her face as she observed him. He too was grinning, his green eyes shining as he dropped his bags and took a step towards her.

"Hey you..." Danny smiled as he carefully wrapped his arms around her.

"Hey." Alice whispered as she clung to him unsurely. For the first time ever she felt uneasy around him. Usually he radiated confidence and they got on so well. Even after an argument, nothing was ever awkward, not really. Danny frowned as he noticed her discomfort.

"What's wrong?" Danny asked pulling back slightly, his hands falling to hold her hips securely. "You seem nervous?"

"I am." Alice admitted quietly, feeling ashamed of her emotions. "I've dragged you away from the place you love."

"No Alice, no you haven't!" Danny protested, "You are my wife. I love you and Robert and Charlotte more than any place. You are infinitely more important. Yes of course I was sad to leave and of course I'm going to miss it but our marriage is more important and the pain of missing you is one hundred and ten times worse. So no more nerves ok?"

"Ok... Sorry." Alice replied sheepishly, her voice tight with emotion. She realised in that moment that he did love her; but that didn't make telling him any easier did it? "I'm just so glad you're here." She whispered hugging him once more, this time with ease and familiarity.

"I'm glad I'm here too..." Danny murmured before kissing her ever so gently, "So, where's Robbie and Charlie?"

"Charlie is at school..." Alice laughed nudging his arm gently as he followed her into the house. "And..." She teased, dragging out the vowel as he dropped his bag, "Wee Robbie is is in here."

Alice took her husband's hand, leading him lovingly into the lounge where Robert was still sleeping. Danny gasped as he saw him, his green eyes glistening once more as he cast his eyes upon his son. He gently ran his fingers over his son's body, smoothing his son's hair gently.

"He's grown so much... I can't believe he's nearly four months old already." Danny whispered, "He's so beautiful."

"He looks more like you everyday." Alice whispered back, her head resting on Danny's shoulder for a moment before she stood up properly, "Do you want a drink?"

"Please. Coffee?" Danny replied as he carefully picked up Robert, holding him close and soothingly. Alice felt her heart jump as she watched them. Nothing could be more beautiful than the site of her husband and their son bonding. She sighed before turning quickly and rushing into the kitchen to make the coffee. She gulped as she noticed the gynaecology appointment card on the fridge and the tear stained letter on the side. She spun round checking Danny was occupied before stuffing them in a drawer. She had to find a way to tell him. But how? She shook her head, not today. He was tired. Tomorrow. She'd tell him tomorrow or at least before her next appointment. After all, he had a right to know that Robert would be their first, only and last child.

A/N - Hope you enjoy! Question is, will Alice tell Danny?