"come on squirt," Bailey Summers grinned dragging Harry along the train towards the Slytherin area, for some reason to date all demigods went into Slytherin due to having to be cunning for keeping the secret and escaping, due to their families no one that was going to Hogwarts had been at camp when Harry had got his acceptance letter so Chiron had sent a message along to Bailey to look after Harry though only a first name had been given,

"You are as bad as Chiron and Mr D!" Harry growled at being called squirt, Bailey smirked and pushed him into the compartment which had around thirty people of various ages around, only a few first years though and they were pureblood and basically assured into this house, "oh yea Mr D is your father…why do I have to sit here anyway?"

"I was told to watch you." Bailey said ruffling his hair, honestly Slytherin' were only cold to people outside of their own house or the people they don't like, "I remember how much trouble you got into last summer at camp. Chiron did put a warning about pranks right?"

"My father gave me specific instruction." Harry smiled sweetly causing Bailey to pale slightly but she didn't pause as she pushed him into a seat in between Leon and David Jemison (twins age 15 and son of Apollo) "er Leon your dad sent a message along as well…something about do not try to break the detention record of 172 set by James Potter and Sirius Black."

"darn I got so close," Leon hissed crossing his arms in a strop the people near them laughed freely at the twin as David rolled his eyes and hit his brother before resting his arm across Harry' shoulders, making it so he couldn't escape, "So everyone this is Harrison…"

"Call me Harrison once and you will suffer. My name is Harry," Harry cut his off with a glare, Leon 'meeped' and ducked his head causing everyone to laugh again. Bailey was watching with narrowed eyes though, she and Harry had never really spoken though she had heard of some of his pranks and his training,

"What is your last name?" she asked tilting her head to the side lightly and squinting to see what was hid behind the bangs of his hair on his forehead, she had her suspicions and knew it was probably right.
"Ah, Bailey if you want to know you will have to wait like the rest."


"Why were you sat in with the Slytherin'?" Ron Weasley asked scrunching up his nose when he finally reached Harry who he had met on the platform before Bailey had dragged the raven haired boy away, "and no offence but…why would Bailey Summers want to talk with you? I heard her and the Jemison twins never talk or touch anyone apart from people in Slytherin."

"eh Bailey' father is in charge of the summer camp I went to the past two years," Harry admitted lightly, as he looked around the room, ghosts were talking to other first years Harry had been the only one who hadn't made a noise when they appeared through the wall, "and the twins and her have been left in charge of keeping me from getting into too much danger. And I couldn't exactly leave when they stuck me to the seat and took my wand off me!"

"Ah true," Ron laughed then grimaced at the thought of being in Harry' place for the past six hours, the time of the train journey, McGonagall finally came back for them and led them into the hall eying Harry the whole way, he was wearing a pair of nice-fitting black jeans and a green shirt under his school robes, his ring and pendent could clearly be seen as well as his silver dagger he had received for his birthday, most purebloods (especially Bailey and the twins) carried at least one weapon openly if they were trained with it and the headmaster of teachers couldn't say anything if they didn't harm anyone with due cause,

/geia nearós í̱ro̱as/ the hat greeted when Harry was finally called up, Harry could feel the eyes of everyone in the hall on him either in shock (the slytherin house) or awe or both, in Ron's case, Bailey looked smug though, /hmmm you are perfect for slytherin like all the other demigods we have had through here, but also Gryffindor like them and Ravenclaw./

/everyone expects a Gryffindor 'golden boy' so give them it./ Harry suggested rolling his eyes the sat frowned (if it could) but digressed and called out 'gryffindor' causing the house of the lions to cheer loudly, Harry smirked at David who had caught his eye on the way past and David smirked back knowing exactly what had been said to the hat, this wasn't for Harry but for public appearance, the less he was noticed the better really.

Or now it was best that the headmaster suspect nothing and that he hadn't left the Dursley' care for camp the for the past few year, because better a naïve oblivious child easy to 'manipulate' than a knowledgeable hero that is aware of the manipulations in his life. Or that was what Ares insisted anyway when he had come down to speak to everyone at camp who was going off to a school of magic.