The Doctor had the detector built and he plugged it into his scanner on the TARDIS, because that was where her energy trace was stored. He held his breath while it scanned, and felt it come out in a sharp exhale when it confirmed that it had found her. It had been days, probably, hopefully, not that for her. But for him it had felt like years and years.

The signature was odd though, flashing into 1896 and then into 1996 and staying there. It was the same location though. It seemed as though the Angels sent her back to 1896 and something else had transported her forward. The two jumps must've been hell on her head, he mused.

He landed, but scanned thoroughly before he stepped out of the TARDIS. A habit he didn't normally make, he like jumping right in, and liked it when Rose wanted to do the same. But this wasn't the time to be careless. He only had an hour, and the world and Rose were at stake.

There were various, very clear species energy flowing outside those doors. Hopefully not right outside, and he knew that he would have to activate it at once. The area outside his ship looked clear so he took a breath, and activated the Glimber and opened the door.

It was a warm day, beautiful, the kind of day he would like to share with Rose. It probably wasn't a good sign that almost every thought led back to her, but it was the truth.

He was in front of a warehouse, and he walked to the door, trying to avoid suspicion. He may only be putting out human energy but he could still be seen. No one seemed to be around however, which made him believe whatever was going on inside was more important than whatever could happen out here. Which was both good news and bad news.


The man had sat, "My earth name is Andrew," he told Rose, but he kept watching Autumn. "I was sent here twelve years ago from my home planet to stand guard against the Corians."

Rose glanced at Autumn, who seemed to already made the connection that she was at least half alien. "My people, your people too Autumn, well they were good and just and they wanted to protect the earth."

"So what made you change your mind," Rose asked.

He smiled but it wasn't as sure as before. "The Corians are made up of so many species, all with a shared goal of domination. To be the top group in the universe."

"Didn't ask for a history lesson," Autumn told him.

He sighed heavily, "Fine, anyway, I met Peter here while I was away on business, for my cover job here. He told me all about their plan, and he said that if I joined you all would be spared. And that we would have our fair share of the slaves we captured."

"That's sick," Autumn told him.

He looked up at her, eyes brimming with tears, and Rose felt a little bad for him. Not about the wanting slaves, but he thought that he was doing something good for his daughter.

"I'm sorry," he whispered. "No matter what you say, I have to do this now. I have to protect you. In minutes there is going to be a wave sent out of a transmitter. It will make the humans mindless slaves. But you will be safe."

"I'd rather be dead," she told him.

He looked as though the words had been a physical blow. It was then that Rose saw a familiar glimpse of leather. She saw his face only for a second and he made a gesture for her to keep them talking while he tried to stop the wave.

"It's not too late, sure you have made a mistake but can't you do something." Rose asked him.

Andrew was still looking at Autumn. "No, I can't. It's too late, they will kill us all if I leave. You'll see darling, it'll be all right. We can be together again."

He walked up to her, and touched her face gently. "Leave me alone," Autumn whispered. "I don't want to be with someone like you."

Peter entered then, and he didn't look happy. "Time is up, Andrew. We let you try, but she doesn't want to join and that makes her a liability. And as for this Rose, she has failed to bring the Doctor so she is no use alive."

A tall green something came in with what Rose knew was a weapon, and for a moment she wondered if the Doctor was close. He had to stop the wave of course, even if that meant that he couldn't save her or Autumn, but she really hoped that both could happen.

"Shoot them," Peter told the green thing.

The gun was shifted up and the next couple of minutes were rapid and confusing. She heard the gun fire and saw Andrew leap in front of Autumn and take the fire. He fell to the ground and stopped moving but the gun fire kept coming.

But it never hit Autumn or her, because it kept bouncing off of some sort of force field. The field flashed green every time that something connected but nothing broke through. Rose looked over at Autumn who seemed to be concentrating but offered her a weak smile.

Then all the lights went out, and it was a long moment before they came back on. When they did, Peter and the green creature were tied up in the corner.

The Doctor stood back up and beamed at Rose for a moment before moving to where Andrew lay. Rose imagined he already knew that he was gone, but he checked anyway before standing again. His face was all compassion for Autumn and he pulled the screwdriver out and got them both un-cuffed.

Autumn sat down next to her father, tears running down her face. She touched his cheek gently.

"Come on Rose, let's wrap this thing up," the Doctor told her.

They did just that. Apparently the Doctor had shut down the wave, and he agreed to let Peter and the others go if they gathered up every one of the Corian, and he would be checking, and went far away.

They agreed and the Doctor fixed the controls so that the transmitter could never be used again before they returned to Autumn. By then the Doctor had already hugged her tightly, and told her that he missed her.

Walking back into the room, the Doctor squatted down next to Autumn and he pulled her to his chest. She didn't sob against him, but she let him hold her tightly. For just a moment Rose wondered if he had ever had children of his own.

"I'm sorry," he told her, releasing her and helping her stand.

"I already lost him," she spoke bravely, almost convincingly, if it wasn't for the small crack in her voice.

The Doctor nodded. "Let's get you home, your mum will be worried. Nice force field by the way."

She smiled just a little. They used the TARDIS and Autumn looked around eyes full of wonder. Rose was going to tell the Doctor about her dreams but not yet. Best to get her back home first.

They left her with her mother, the Doctor talking to Abigail in private before they returned to the TARDIS hand in hand.

The Doctor was watching her even as he flipped switches, with an intensity she didn't know what to think about.


He had given Abigail instruction on how to make her life easier here on Earth, promised to check up on them. And now it was just him and Rose again, and she looked like water in the desert.

"So what do you think about those dreams," Rose asked, and he hadn't been given her his full attention. Fortunately half of a Time Lords attention was like a full human.

"Slightly psychic, due to her father's race." He told her.

"Doctor," she said softly, moving closer to him. Close enough he found it difficult to take a breath.

"Yes, Rose," he asked throwing a smile on his face.

"Thank you, for coming, for finding me."

He looked at her, and saw the woman he loved. He couldn't stop his hand rising to her cheek. "I'll always come for you Rose. I lo…You are my Rose."

So he was a coward, every time, but her smile said she understood.

"And you are my Doctor, forever," she said softly, leaning up and kissing his cheek. "Will she be okay?"

The Doctor smiled, taking her hand and leading her to the door. They stepped outside, at a university, and he pointed to a now twenty year old Autumn who was walking with a friend. She looked at them, smiled, gave a tiny wave, and went back to talking.

"She will be fine, fantastic even."

He smiled at Rose, pulling her back into their home. Back into their life, so much better with two.