"Almost there!"

Manny looked at Ellie. "So...where are they taking us again?" The female mammoth looked at her mate. "We're going to the Possum Colony...where I was raised." Manny nodded. "Right."

Crash and Eddie weren't only going to show the herd the colony. They also had some important questions to ask their mother, Stacey. The two brothers glanced at each other. They were just outside the Possum Colony's territory boundaries. "Let's do it people." Diego stiffened a laugh. The way they just said that, someone would've thought they were going out to battle! The herd followed the two possums to what looked like a field-full of holes.

Crash stuck his head into one hole in particular. "Hey Mom! Ya home?" Instantly, a female possums head poked out. "Crash! Eddie!" She looked at the rest of the herd and gasped. "Ellie! You've got yourself a mate AND a daughter!" The she-possum ran up to Peaches. "She looks just like you!" Ellie smiled. "Thanks Mom!" She stepped aside and introduced the herd. "Mom, this is Manny, Peaches, Sid, and Diego." The possum shivered and Diego chuckled. "Don't worry. I won't bite." Encouraged, the possum relaxed as Ellie continued to introduce names. "Boys, this is my Mom, but you can call her Stacey." Sid bowed respectfully and Manny slapped him upside the head. Stacey laughed. "Pleased to meet all of you."


Manny rolled his eyes. He had heard this story thirteen times...once for each year Peaches was alive. It was the story of Buck. Crash and Eddie were full to the top with excitement as they told Stacey the story.

Ellie couldn't help but notice that Stacey was frozen stiff...surprise? shock?...recognition? (Ellie has a gift to see things people don't normally see. :D) "You okay Stacey?" The possum jumped. "Uh...yeah...never better..."

It wasn't long till everybody else saw Stacey's strange behaviour. They asked many questions until finally the possum threw her hands up in despair. "OKAY! OKAY! I tell you guys..." Turning to Crash and Eddie, she said, "I know who Buck is." The twins went nuts. "You DO? TELL US! TELL US!" Ellie could see that Stacey was really nervous. The she-possum told the twins something they never knew.

"You guys aren't pure-blooded possums. You guys are hybrids. Buck's your father."