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NOTE: This is Part 3 of the New Watcher Series. It'll help you understand who the characters are and what's going on if you read Part 1, the New Watcher and Part 2, Lessons, Revelations and Surprises.

On-board the USS Voyager - Delta Quadrant 2377

Captain Kathryn Janeway was sitting in her Ready Room reading reports when Voyager began to rock violently. "Damn," she said after her coffee spilled on her desk.

"Captain to the bridge," a voice said over the comm.

"Report," Janeway said when she walked out of her Ready Room holding onto the bulkhead when she walked to the bridge.

"My readings indicate the universe is coming apart Captain," Ensign Kim replied.

"Do you know what's causing it Harry?" She asked when she walked over to his station and looked at his console.

"No ma'am," Kim answered.

"Ensign Kim is correct Captain," Seven said looking at her readings. "The universe is collapsing in on itself."

"That's impossible," Janeway said still holding on to Kim's console as the ship rocked.

"They're both right Captain," Chakotay said looking at his computer.

"It stopped,"" Kim said checking and double checking his readings, along with Seven and Chakotay.

"It's a good thing it did," Q said when he appeared.

"You weren't the cause of that were you Q?" Paris asked looking up at him.

"No," he answered. "The Continuum also felt it and I can tell you what your primitive instruments cannot."

"Which is?"" Janeway asked when she walked over and sat in her chair.

"All the dimensions were bleeding into one," he answered.

"They were?"" Kim asked stunned.

"Yes they were Ensign," Q answered.

"Do you know what or who caused it and where it came from?" Tuvok asked stoic as ever.

"No we do not Commander," Q answered.

"There's something the Q doesn't know?" Paris asked with a smirk on his face.

Q ignored him and snapped his fingers and disappeared.

"I wonder what could be that powerful to end everything?" Chakotay asked.

"We've never know Commander," Janeway answered studying the readings on the computer.

"I'm just glad it stopped," Kim said with a sigh of relief.

"So am I,"" Paris replied looking at the stars streaking by.


Starfleet Command - San Francisco - Pathfinder Lab

"What the hell is that Lieutenant Barclay?" Admiral Paris asked.

"My readings indicate that the entire universe is coming apart Admiral," he answered looking at his computer console.

"What?" Paris asked and walked over to the console and studied the readings himself. ""I'll be damned."

"It stopped Admiral," Commander Harkins said looking at his computer console.

"I wonder how that happened?" Paris asked. "Commander I want a complete report on my desk by this afternoon."

"Aye Admiral,"" Harkins replied.


On-board the Enterprise-E - Observation Lounge

"Are you sure Mr. LaForge?" Captain Picard asked.

"Aye Captain,"" he answered. "Data and I checked and double checked the readings. The entire universe was collapsing in on itself."

"Do you know the cause Mr. Data?" Picard asked.

"No I do not Captain," Data answered.

"Does anyone know sir?" Riker asked Picard.

"I was told no one at Starfleet Command knows either Will, and everyone contacted Starfleet Command asking the same question," Picard answered.


Sunnydale, California

When Buffy jumped off the tower and closed the rift, she finally realized what the first slayer meant when she told her death was her gift.


Federation Council Chambers

"From the report I received from Captain Janeway, Q informed the crew of Voyager that all the dimensional walls were collapsing and bleeding into one," Admiral Paris told the Council Members.

"Did the Continuum know the caused?" the Trill Ambassador asked after the murmurs in the room died down.

"No they didn't," Paris answered.

"Indeed," Ambassador Spock said with a raised eyebrow.


Starfleet Command - Admiral Paris' Office - March 2378

"Do you know why the Continuum sent Q to another dimension to observe the outcome of a war a few years ago?" Paris asked.

"Q was vague about it when he came to see me; but, he did tell me the Continuum wanted a report on the outcome of that war and apparently the Continuum was satisfied. My gut told me the Continuum was worried who the victor would be," Janeway answered.

"I wonder what could frightened the Continuum that much?" he asked.

"I don't know," she answered and took a sip of her coffee.

Admiral Paris knew the then Captain Janeway had gone over all of this in her debriefing when she and her crew returned from the Delta Quadrant. The Admiral's and Captain''s were startled and took umbrage when she told them Q said the war he observed made the Dominion War look like child's play. They wanted to know who the combatant's were and Captain Janeway told them Q would not answer that question when she asked. After the murmurs in the room died down, she also told them that when that war was over, the place where the war was fought, is no more. They wanted to know how the place was destroyed...and Janeway told them Q would not answer that question either.


The Q Continuum

When Q and his family were summoned back to the Continuum, Q saw that horrid little man name Whistler talking to the Council Members.

The Council Members told Q who and what the Powers are and Whistler told him the task the Powers have laid out for him. Before Q could ask any questions, Whistler and the Council Members disappeared.


Federation Space - Bajor

The Sisko is of Bajor, as the Prophets are, but he will find no rest there – he will follow a different path.

"Is it the same dream about the Prophets Ben?" Kasidy asked her husband when he got out of bed and walked to their bedroom window.

"Yes," he answered. "When I was with them in the Celestial Temple they refused to tell me what path I will follow."

"Maybe they don't know Ben," she said. "They're not all knowing and all seeing and they're not God."

Ben Sisko turned and looked at his wife and nodded his head.


Federation Space - Earth - Dublin, Ireland

Father Patrick Desmond awoke screaming. This was the third nightmare he'd had in as many months regarding hideous creatures from hell. Then he tried to get back to sleep. Father Desmond is one of the few priests left in Ireland. When he was a young boy he wanted to join Starfleet like his brother, but Patrick felt something drawing him towards the priesthood. His older brother, Colin, had a disapproving look on his face when his younger brother told him his decision. Colin told him his engineering skills could best serve Starfleet and turned on his heel and walked out the door of their parent's home. Sadly, Patrick has only seen his brother a few times in the past 25 years. His younger sister, Clare, also thought it was a mistake and his parents were surprised, but supported his decision nonetheless...and Father Desmond never regretted it. He still has dinner with his parents, sister, her husband and their three children every Sunday evening. His brother is now a Rear Admiral (upper-half) at Starfleet Command and rarely sees his family.


Angel Academy for the Gifted and Talented - Mrs. Evans' Conference Room

Present: Mrs. Evans, Robert Xavier, General Alexander, Rupert Giles, Aral, Maglor, Maril, Eönwë, Angela, Buffy, Faith, Rona and Whistler

"It looks like another apocalypse, but only in a different dimension," Buffy said looking at Giles.

"I'm afraid so," he replied looking at his former slayer.

"When do we leave?" Faith asked.

"Patience Faith," Mrs. Evans said.

Faith smiled at her.

"I don't believe this," Rona said after reading the report. "They don't believe in anything."

"They're about to find out otherwise," Xavier said.

They went over what Angela and Eönwë were to do; when their guests would arrive; how they were to proceed, and Xavier told them the Powers have recruited others.

"Who are they?"" Buffy asked.

"Whistler didn't tell me," Xavier answered smiling at the slayer and watched her roll her eyes.


Federation Space - Father Desmond's Chapel

"The fourth Seal says: 'and I looked, and behold a pale horse: and the rider that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with a sword, with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth,'" a woman's voice said to Father Desmond.

Father Desmond was tidying up his Chapel before he retired for the evening and didn't hear anyone enter. When he turned around, he saw a woman standing there in a long cloak with a hood over her head a few meters behind him. "Who are you?" he asked with a surprised look on his face.

"All of you will know me in time," she answered when she walked up to him and pulled the hood off her head.

Father Desmond looked at the young woman who's hair was tied in a braid behind her back. When she smiled at him, he thought she looked like an angel. "How do you know about the fourth Seal?" he asked.

"It's been opened Father. Those dreams you've been having are a warning from the Powers in Heaven," she answered.

"It portends the end," he said nodding his head.

"Yes it does and Armageddon is upon you and your doom is at hand," she replied.

"The Lord God wants you to be His messenger and tell everyone here what is to come," a man's voice said who was standing behind Father Desmond.

When Father Desmond turned around he gasped when he saw the most beautiful man he'd ever seen bathed in white light. He was dressed in magnificent blue battle armor and his sword was drawn with his hands on the hilt in front of him. He'd never seen such a sword before, nor such a stone in the hilt or the one he wore on the collar of his battle armor.

"I am the Angel Eönwë," he told Father Desmond.

Father Desmond's eyes widened in surprised and he stepped back a few paces, but kept looking at the angel and noticed the smile never left his beautiful face. He smells like flowers, Father Desmond thought.

"Be at peace Father Desmond," Eönwë said still smiling and holding out his hand.

After he composed himself, Father Desmond tentatively walked up to Eönwë and shook his hand. That's when he felt God's love for him flow through the angel and he wept.

Eönwë and Angela waited until the Priest finished crying.

"Now you know why you were drawn to the Priesthood, Father Desmond," Eönwë said.

"It's been a very lonely profession," he replied sadly wiping the tears from his eyes.

"You've always kept the faith Father, whereas most humans around you have lost theirs,"" the woman said. "This is your reward."

"Science and technology have replaced the Lord God here and they've forgotten whom they should worship and give thanks to; and the Lord God is going to remind them," Eönwë told him.

"I agree,"" Father Desmond said nodding his head.

"Here are your instructions," the woman said handing the Priest a padd. "By the way Father, I'm human."

"Thank you,"" he said taking the padd and then studied the young woman, and his instincts told him she was telling the truth.

"We'll see you again Father Desmond," Eönwë said.

Before Father Desmond could opened his mouth and say another word, Eönwë disappeared and when he turned around, the young woman was also gone.

After dinner Father Desmond read the padd.


Federation Space - New Orleans - One Month Later

Jake Sisko was told by his boss at the Federation News Services (FNS), that a Father Patrick Desmond, a Catholic Priest in Ireland, wanted to talk to him and said it was important. He also wanted their conversation recorded and then broadcast on the FNS.

"Did Father Desmond tell you what he wanted to talk to me about?" Jake asked his boss.

"No he didn't," she answered.


Father Desmond's Office - Two Weeks Later

"Hello Father,"" Jake said when he entered his office.

"Hello Mr. Sisko have a seat," Father Desmond said pointing to the chair in front of his desk.

"Thank you Father." "What do you want to talk to me about?" he asked.

"Six weeks ago I received two visitors; one visitor was a young woman and the other was an angel from Heaven, sent by God, and the angel's name is Eönwë..."


New Orleans - One Week Later

"Everyone is in an uproar here dad," Jake said to his father via sub-space to Bajor.

"I'm sure they are," he replied smiling at his son.

"Do you believe him dad?" Jake asked.

"For some reason I do Jake," he answered. He didn't tell his son about is dreams.

"Grandfather doesn't know what to think," Jake said.

"I know," Ben Sisko replied. "He contacted me and asked me if the people who went to see the Priest were nut cases."

"He asked me the same thing," Jake said laughing.

"Why did Father Desmond chose you son?" he asked.

"He told me those were his instructions because you're the Emissary of the Prophets,"" Jake answered seeing his father smiling back at him.


Federation Space - Bajor - Two Weeks Later

"Hello Admiral Sisko," a female's voice said behind him.

Rear Admiral (upper-half) Benjamin Sisko was preparing dinner for his family and his wife and daughter were shopping at the local market. When he turned around he saw an attractive young woman standing behind him smiling and wearing a long dark blue cloak with the hood over her head and felt great power coming from her. "You must be the young woman that went to see Father Desmond," he said.

"Yes I am,"" she replied still smiling.

"What can I do for you?" Sisko asked returning the smile. Somehow he knew the young woman was no threat to himself or his family.

"The Powers have a job for you," she answered and handed him a padd and watched as he read the padd. "Now you know why you were chosen as the Emissary of the Prophets."

"Yes I do,"" he answered.

"Your instructions are also on the padd," she told him and then disappeared.

Benjamin Sisko's gut told him that the young woman was not from the Federation. He also saw the wedding ring and band on her finger and knew no one in the Federation had such a ring – not even his wife – by the way it sparkled. The Admiral had a feeling that whatever was to come, no one in the Federation or Starfleet could handle.


Jake Sisko interviewed Father Desmond's parents and sister a month later; but not his brother, who refused to speak to him on Starfleet Command's orders. Starfleet Command was still in tizzy after they saw the interview Father Desmond gave to the FNS.

Father Desmond spent a month in Rome being questioned and afterwards, he was invited to appear before the Federation Council. He knew the Federation President was going to be there, along with Starfleet Admirals and others.


Federation Council Chambers - Two Weeks Later

When Father Desmond was escorted into the Council Chambers, he saw the Federation President sitting next to the Chief of Starfleet, Starfleet Admirals, his brother and many others in the gallery. All the Council Members were also present. "I know why you all called me here," he said without preamble when he entered the Council Chambers.

"Direct and to the point Father," the Council President said.

"I've just spent the last month being questioned by my superiors in Rome...whom I might add, were displeased with me for not informing them first. I didn't suffer them and I'm not going to suffer any of you." "What do you want to know?" he asked defiantly.

Murmurs in the room.

"Could you explain to us what you meant when you said Armageddon is upon us and our doom is at hand?" The Council President asked.

"That's what the young woman told me and she didn't go into specifics," he answered.

"Who was the young woman?" the Federation President asked.

"She didn't identify herself Madam President, but, she said we will know her in time,"" he answered.

"Do you know what she meant by that Father?" Admiral Paris asked.

"No I don''t Admiral and she didn't explain herself," he answered.

"Was she an alien?" Admiral Nechayev asked.

"No she wasn't Admiral," he answered.

"How do you know?" Nechayev asked.

"I studied the young woman and I believed her when she told me she was human," he answered.

Murmurs in the room.

"Are you sure she wasn't an angel?" Vice Admiral Enrique Sanchez asked.

"She wasn't an angel Admiral," he answered. "However, I did feel a great deal of power coming from her."

"Are you sure the young woman was human?" Ambassador Spock asked.

"Yes Ambassador and she wouldn't lie about that," Father Desmond answered matter-of-factly.

"How do you know?" Admiral Tevan asked.

"There was a warmth and sincerity about her that I really can't explain. She also wasn't surprised when the Angel Eönwë appeared," he answered.

"Why do you say that Father?" the Federation President asked.

"She smiled when she saw him, as if she was expecting him," he answered. "Before they left the Angel Eönwë said something that struck me as odd: 'that they'll see me again.'"

"What did he mean by that?" Real Admiral (upper-half) Edward Jellico asked.

"You'll have to ask him that Admiral," Father Desmond answered and saw the look of contempt on the Admiral's face.

"Why did they chose you Father Desmond?" Captain Jean-Luc Picard asked from the gallery.

"The Angel Eönwë told me it was the Lord God who chose me to be his messenger, and the young woman told me I've kept the faith while most of the humans have lost theirs and this is my reward. The Angel Eönwë said science and technology have replaced the Lord God here…" Father Desmond answered. He looked around the Chamber and saw the surprised looks on many faces and smiled inwardly when he saw Admiral Jellico's face fall.

Captain Picard sat back in stunned disbelief.

"Is this our punishment from God, Father?" Admiral Sanchez asked.

"I don't know Admiral," he answered.

"This is preposterous," Admiral Colin Desmond said with a sneer looking at his brother.

"Is it brother?" Father Desmond turned and asked him with a raised eyebrow. "I saw the Angel Eönwë with my own eyes in all his glory and the young woman told me the 4th Seal has been opened."

"What?" he asked standing up with a astonished look on his face.

Everyone in the Chamber watched the banter between the two brothers.

"I see you still remember your religious education brother, though I never see you at Mass,"" Father Desmond said.

"How do you know the 4th Seal has been opened?" Colin asked ignoring his brother's remarks.

"That was the first thing the young woman said to me when she appeared," he answered. ""That bit of information did not go down well at the Vatican and everyone is in a panic and don't know what to do; but as you and I both know, there's nothing they can do."

"How did the young woman know the 4th Seal has been opened Father?" Admiral Sanchez asked.

"Those were the first words out of her mouth when she appeared and she told me, The fourth Seal says: and I looked, and behold a pale horse: and the rider that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with a sword, with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth," he answered.

"Who opened the Seal Father?" the Federation Council President asked, not knowing anything about the Seals.

"An angel of the Lord on His Command," he answered.

Gasped and murmurs in the room.

"Do you know when the Seal was opened," Colin asked his brother.

"It was opened after we felt the universe collapsing around us," he answered.

No one in the room missed the look on Admiral Colin Desmond's face – which was fear.

"Why after that event?" Admiral Rean, the Chief of Starfleet, asked.

"I don't know Admiral, but Seals portend what is to come," he answered.

"Do you know what precipitated the Seal being opened?" Admiral Tevan asked.

"No I don''t Admiral, only that it was opened," he answered.

"My God," Admiral Sanchez said aloud. Admiral Sanchez was only one of the few people in the Chamber who realized the implication of a Seal being opened.

"Do you know what they're talking about Captain?" La Forge asked Picard.

"No I don''t Geordi," he answered.

"It appears most of the people in the Chamber don't know either," Deanna Troi said looking around and sensing confusion.

"I'm sure we'll find out," Riker replied looking at his wife.

"How many Seals are their Father?" The Andorian Ambassador asked.

"Seven," Father Desmond answered. He looked around the room again and saw many confused faces among the non-humans and most of the humans. "The Armageddon the young women spoke of can be found in the New Testament of our Bible – which is in the Book of Revelations. It portends the end times, or a catastrophic conflict between the forces of good and evil on Earth."

The Federation Council President had to beat his gavel 28 times before order was restored in the Council Chambers.

"Now you know why everyone is so upset at the Vatican," Father Desmond told them with a half-smile. "The Book of Revelations is very difficult to understand and it repeats itself in many places. The only thing we should concern ourselves with is the first part, which introduces God, or the Creator of All Things, and He's the one speaking to us and telling us who He is."

"This is not funny Pat," Colin said to his brother with a stricken look on his face.

"I never said it was Colin," he replied.

"Earth is stable and peaceful Father," Admiral T'Lara said.

"God sent us an angel to warn us what is to come Admiral," he replied.

Admiral T'Lara raised an eyebrow.

"Father Desmond is right," Q said when he appeared in the room.

"Q," Janeway and Picard said in unison.

"Hello Jean-Luc, Kathy," he said with a smile.

"What do you want Q?" Picard asked.

"I was sent by the Powers to retrieve Father Desmond and Kathy. In case any of you don't know who the Powers are, asked Father Desmond," Q answered.

Everyone in the room looked at Father Desmond.

"They're one of the Choirs of Angels in Heaven," he replied.

More murmurs and gasped in the room.

"Why me," Janeway asked with a raised eyebrow.

Q didn't answer her question, but simply snapped his fingers and she and Father Desmond disappeared.

"What the hell is going on?" asked an angry Admiral Paris.

"Shouldn't we be readying our ships and forces? Admiral Jellico asked.

"Against what or whom Admiral?" Sanchez turned and asked Jellico. "I can see you've never read the Book of Revelations. Everything is out of our hands and is now in God's hands. When the battle begins – and there will be a battle – we're going to be on the side-lines watching.""

"Why Admiral Sanchez?" The Federation President asked.

"They're forces out there no one can fight Madam President. That's why God is sending his army – an army of angels," he answered.

"When they unleash their power, heaven help us all," Admiral Desmond said.

The silence in the room was deafening.

"Good and evil?" Spock asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes Ambassador. Evil none of us can ever image," Sanchez answered. He didn't tell them about the nightmare he had a few nights ago about unspeakable horrors overrunning Earth.

"God didn't send an angel to us for no reason Ambassador," Admiral Desmond turned and said to Spock.

"What should we do?" he asked.

"Pray," Admiral Joseph Desmond answered.


Admiral Desmond drank himself into a stupor when he returned home later that evening and cried himself to sleep that night.

Admiral Sanchez went to Mass after leaving Starfleet Command and when he entered the small church, he saw only a few parishioners in attendance. How did we come to this, he asked himself.

Everyone else downloaded the Book of Revelations from the Bible.