That night I slept in the staff cabin, so I wouldn't make the girls sick. Han slept on the top bunk since he pleaded to stay with me incase anything were to happen to me. The bed kept squeaking, driving me insane. "Is something wrong Han?" I asked softly.

"I can't sleep." He whispered.

"You can sleep down here with me."


"We are the only ones here. Besides we aren't going to do anything." I interrupted.

"Raisa I don't think Amon would approve." he replied.

"Amon isn't here." I sighed.

Han slipped off the top bunk and slid in beside me. I scooted over, allowing him more space. I propped up on one elbow and looked into his eyes. I felt as if my heart was about to melt leaving a bloody puddle on the bed. Luckily, that didn't happen. Han wrapped his arm around me squeezing me into a hug. I smiled and rolled over closing my eyes.


I sighed softly to myself, taking in her sweet sent. The smell of peaches and the Drynewater River and her perfume which was starting to wear off. I rubbed her sholder with my finger tips. "I really like you Raisa." I whispered softly. There was no response. "You know, this is the part where you say I like you too" I whispered. A few minuetes went by. I looked over and that her eyes were closed. Darn I thought.


I heard what Han said. I wasn't asleep, I just had my eyes closed enoying his company. Han liked me. I didn't know if I was worried or relieved.

AN: Thanks for reading! Han just confesses that he liked her, but does she like him back? If she does will she admit it? I don't even know yet. Don't forget to review!