Anna woke up slowly, each one of her senses at a time. First there was her sense of sight; the bight sunlight that poured through the window and into her eyes. Second was the sense of smell; the sent of the musky bedroom up top of a pub. Then there was the sense of taste; the kisses of a certain Irish cad seducing her the night before that was forever burned on interior on her mouth. That was followed by her sense of touch; the warmth of the body pressed against her back, the tight arm around her middle- protective, and holding her still. There was the hot breath on the back of her neck warming her and chilling her all at once. And finally there was her sense of sound; the raspy breathing confirming that this really wasn't a dream.

Anna rolled over and wrapped her arms around the tall man's chest and fell back to sleep.

Declan awoke quickly, all of his senses at once. The warmth of the girl in his arms; the smell of her hair; the sound of her calm breathing; the sight of her red hair and smooth ivory skin. He rolled over and brought his mouth to hers, tasting… Savoring…

As they pulled apart Anna sighed and fell back into his embrace.

"Good morning," Declan whispered, into her hair.

He took her hand in his and looked at the ring she now wore, "I like that."

"I like it too," she said softly.

"I love you,"

"I love you too."

This is my first Leap Year fanfiction, and, yes, I know it's short. It was just something I needed to get out of my head. I do not own Leap Year.

Happy Leap Day everybody! ~Jedi Annie Scrambler