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This creation is inspired by the story from Tears of the Moon 17 and her story His Eternal Secret.

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"Here yah go," the older teen said as he tossed a bag filled with blood to his younger friend.

The raven haired boy licked his lips as he caught the bag. "Finally," he muttered as he bit the bag with his fangs. He started to suck the blood out if its plastic containment as his face flushed red of the delight.

"Yah know, I never thought I would end up so fascinated about you. I mean how you drink and stuff," the boy quickly placed the last sense to avoid an awkward situation.

The younger boy simply smiled as he kept on slowly sucking the plastic bag.

"It's just so awesome you can do that," the older teen explained as he took a seat on the giant bed beside the younger teen.

The raven-haired boy shrugged as all he cared about was the blood brought to him. He was thankful, really. But he just wanted to drink it now. His friend had already been late on bringing this and he had to hurry at least a bit. If his father would enter his room he would be a dead man. That was for sure.

The older teen watched how the bag was slowly sucked empty and how the boy took his fangs out of the plastic. He quickly grabbed the boy by his cheeks before he could close his mouth and pulled him closer. "So amazing," the brunet said as he watched the blood stained fangs.

He felt the sharp toots and winched slightly as he pulled his finger away again. "Damn those are sharp!"

The black-haired kid pulled away and licked his teeth clean before speaking up. "Of course they're sharp. I should be able to bite people with it," the teen commend halfhearted.

"I really don't get it that you keep it a secret. It's so awesome you're a vampire!" the older teen noted as he watched the younger male open the door to his balcony via which he had entered.

"Because it's awesome to see a vampire, not to be one. People will think I'm a monster," the boy said as he felt the fresh air brush his face. "Will you please leave now? Before my father might hear you."

"Sure," the teen shrugged. How much he would do to switch with his younger friend. To be a vampire seemed so cool to him. He has been a vampire fan ever since he had watched a vampire movie when he was like 10 and six years later one actually approached him telling his secret only to him.

"Oh, here is the one for tomorrow morning. I can't come by to watch. My mom wants me to have breakfast with her," the brunet said as he sat on the edge of the balcony before jumping down. "If yah could, could yah eat or suck it when we're going to do homework at your place at noon?"

"You'll see it every night. Stop whining!" I'm not a freak show you watch, geez. The teen mentally though at the end of his sense. He didn't say it out loud because it could cost him his supplier.

"Okay, see yah tomorrow," was what the older male said before jumping down.

The black-haired vampire sighed as his head leaned on his hands which leaned with the elbows on the balcony. He watched how his friend got out of his backyard and disappeared into the night. "Weird kid," he sighed to himself.

No meter how weird the kid was he was a big help though. If it was not for him he would have actually have to bite people. That wouldn't work, now would it? He was lucky to hear the older male was a vampire fan from other classmates. He first checked if the teen was really that crazy about vampires and when he was sure he told him he was one. They made a deal. He would bring him blood and he could watch how he drunk it. He would get his blood and his friend would get his show. Good deal, right?


"How long do we have to stay on watch?" Robin complained as the team watched a house in which really nothing happened.

"As long as we need to find the culprit," Kaldur said irritated. Robin never has acted this annoying. He was usually patient and always cooperative. But ever since they got the mission to find a person who attacked a man a night before he started to whine.

"I tell you he's not here!" the boy shouted.

"He?" Kaldur looked up from his binocular to glare at the younger hero.

"I mean the culprit," the boy muttered looked down another edge of the building they were on.

"How do you know the culprit is a he?" Kid Flash asked as he appeared with super speed beside him.

"I don't know if it's a he or she but I always call "culprits" a he," the teen explained irritated.

"Is there something wrong, Robin?" Miss Martian asked noticed the sharp atmosphere coming from the boy. She didn't meant to intrude but it was just so strong.

"No," the boy hissed as his eyes narrow. "I just think it's useless to search here. There is no prove the person who attacked that man lived here. Why would somebody randomly attack somebody in his own street. The change he was recognized would be way too high."

"And you wanna go home why?" Megan asked as she had accidently heard the boy shout in his thoughts.

The raven-haired kid practically jumped at those words. "Were you reading my mind!" the boy sounded furious.

"Chill! You know she never does that on purpose," Superboy came in between defending his girlfriend. "And why do you want to go home?"

"Because I'm tired of all this!"

"You don't want to be a hero anymore?" Artemis asked now also looking away from the building. She had first listen absently to the conversation evolving and didn't really wanted to join but now it was getting a bit too interested to stay out of it.

"Of course I want to be a hero. I don't want this stupid mission! We don't know anything about that attack! It might was an accident!"

The team was silence. What to say? Their youngest team member was obviously against the mission though he seemed to know more than they did. Why was he this much against the mission and why would he even think such an attack was an accident?

"You have seen the pictures. The man was bitten like normally happen in vampires movies. We can't ignore that. What if there is some kind of villain who dresses up as a vampire to bite people," Kaldur explained hoping to get the Boy Wonder allay.

"Why you're so sure it's a villain," the boy muttered hoping they wouldn't hear. He could have known Superboy would. He had super-hearing.

"Why would it not be a villain?" Superboy asked bluntly, noticing at the end the rest hadn't hear what he had.

"Because the man was unharmed. As far as I remember people die or change in vampires when they're bitten by them. So why would a villain randomly bite somebody when that person can walk away from it a few minutes later without any consequences. It just don't sound logic," the boy had placed his hand on his hips, standing in front of the whole team explaining his words.

A sudden sharp heartbeat shot through the boy's chest as a sudden overwhelming feeling of dizziness took over. The boy placed a hand on his head as his body was about to fall but made a sharp turn on his heels to stop the crank and ended up with his back to the team.

"Dude, you're okay?" Wally grabbed his friend making sure he wouldn't fall down.

"Yeah," Wally noticed the hand the boy held before his mouth. "It's late."

"What's wrong?" Artemis asked joining the speedster beside her friend.

"Nothing. I'm off," the teen said as he suddenly moved away and jumped down the building only to shoot his grappling hook just in time to swing away.

"What was all that?" Superboy asked wearing a confused face. Robin had never acted like this, not other than he noticed.

"He seems to know more than we do," Kaldur said as he fallowed the teen with his binocular. "He's normally eager to investigate. But now he's all in defense of the "person" who did this. How could he defense somebody who could be a villain other than know who it is and why he did this," with that the boy disappeared from his sighed. Stupid buildings. Why where they always in the way when you're fallowing somebody.

"So now we suspect him?" Superboy asked bluntly.

"I only suspect that he might know the culprit. So if we fallow him we might find our culprit. The changes are high that he's going to warn the person who did this," Kaldur said turning to his team. "But that means we have to invade his privacy and find out who he actually is. That could enlighten the rage of Batman."

The team watched each other. Would that be worth it? The change Batman would kill them when he finds out they're watching Robin because they think he's keeping something from them?

"Let's just finish what we came here for and think about this for a night," Artemis said as she turned back to the house they were watching before.

"I think that is the right thing to do," The leader answered as the rest also returned to their spots on the rooftop.


"Finally, there yah are?" the brunette said as the door to the balcony was opened.

"Sorry I'm so late," the black-haired teen apologized. "But where were you the past two days?"

"Oh yeah sorry about that. My mom flipped when she noticed I had sneaked out of my room. I was grounded. And I mean the worst kind of grounded. The one you have to fallow your mom where ever she's going just so she can keep an eye on you," the teen explained as he took out a bag of blood.

"Ah!" the vampire reacted imminently at the sight of blood tumbling over his feet as he reached out and landed spread all over the floor on his stomach with the bag in his hands in front of him. He didn't care how weird he laid right now. He just needed the blood. He imminently bite the bag and started to suck.

"Dude, I know you haven't had some for a while but isn't this over doing it?" the older teen asked as he crouched down by the boy.

"I fell because of the blood loss I have," the teen growled releasing the beg a second to speak only to return to it sucking even harder. He felt so light in his head.

"'kay," the brunet sat down beside the boy leaning against the wall. "Say, was it you who bit that man last night? It was all over the news."

The sucking teen looked up. He nodded slightly and looked back down at his bag which was almost empty.

"I though yah never bit people," the older male commend.

The raven-haired boy finished the last bit and sat up. "I usually never do but I needed blood. Since you didn't bring me any I had to search for it myself. I was about to faint and I couldn't find any other solution than to bite the first person I saw. I'm really sorry but I just needed it."

"What happens when yah don't drink blood? I mean beside the whole fainting thing."

"I'll die," the younger boy said bluntly. "I somehow loos blood and I can regain it by drinking it. But if I don't drink I'll end up without blood and then I'll die."

"Oh," the older male said a bit taken off guard. He hadn't though it was this serious. He always thought the boy just liked blood really much. But then again, he was nothing like the vampires in the movies he always watch. He can walk in the sun and he was certainly that he actually liked garlic. Also, he always though vampires drunk blood to stay young and drank it as meal but his friend eat just like any other person and beside that drunk two times a day blood, apparently to stay alive.

"But I was lucky you was grounded in the weekend. It gave me a change to find a solution somewhere away from home. They've been searching the whole neighborhood for me."

"Oh well," the older male rose from his place. "Yah're not found and before they do such a thing yah've already moved out of Gotham to live a peaceful place where vampire are allowed resting in yah last days," the teen said with a wink as he sat down on the edge of the balcony. "See yah at school tomorrow."

With that the teen jumped down leaving the vampire boy alone.

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