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Chapter contains Fluff. Don't choke on it. Choking is bad.

It's quiet. Well, as quiet as a hospital can be. Sneakers squeak against floor, doors moan as they drift shut, freshly manicured nails drum against an armrest until a hand stops them from doing so. Meaningless comments are exchanged over the current happenings at guns & gangs. Bald heads are rubbed, eyes scrunched shut and forcefully reopened in an effort to starve off the sleep that threatens. It's been a while since they've heard anything, though boredom has yet to set in. Instead, shoes tap, knuckles pop, magazines are flipped through then tossed aside in an anxiety ridden waiting room. The group takes turns pacing, repositioning themselves, taking turns going for walks in search of coffee, snacks; anything to take their minds off of the tormented game of musical chairs they seem to be playing.

In a room down the hall the scene is quite different. They sit, staring at each other in disbelief over what has just happened. Sam shifts in his place as he stands at the beside, too unsteady to stand but too anxious to sit down. Jules picks up on it, relieves him of the object of his shock and instructs him to sit down. He reluctantly obeys, and moves to bring the chair closer to the bed. The chair lets off a high pitched squeal and in his sleep deprived state he panics, picks it up hurriedly, and all but slams it down on the floor next to the bed.



The noisy intrusion is quickly forgotten as it's replaced by the world's smallest sound, the source of which turns out to be a tiny yawn. They both smirk at the source, the tiny infant snuggly tucked into the crook of Jules' arm.

"He looks just like you."

"I don't have dark hair."

She rolls her eyes and briefly considers repositioning the baby so she can smack Sam upside the head. She decides against it - it would take too long and with men, as with dogs, punishment needs to be immediate or he won't understand the point. "Ok, so the hair is mine. But the rest is all you."

Sam regains some of his composure for a moment and leaves the world's loudest chair in favour of sitting on the edge of the bed, facing Jules. There's an awkward dance as the baby is moved from mother to father, both parents overcompensating for fear of failing to support the head. As the awkwardness fades and the newborn settles into place, he simply smiles at the familiar face looking up at him. Those are definitely Braddock eyes, but the rest he's sure is all Jules.

"He's less than ten pounds," he smiles.

"Yeah, thank god," Jules smirks.

He gives a small chuckle, shakes his head. "I meant it's good because it means I can pick him up. That means I can help with him."

"Somehow I don't think a weight restriction was going to stop you." She laughs along with him and they both turn their attention to the baby who is drifting between sleep and wake. "We still need a name."

He nods, chances a glance at the baby names book on the floor across the room. Recalling how it got there he cringes only slightly, hoping not to have to retrieve it after what happened. "I don't think there's any good names in that book."

Jules smiles, rubs a finger along her son's cheek. "Sam, it's called the Big Book of Names, it's got to have something…"

He raises an eyebrow at her choice of words - seems to him he said those exact words to her less than an hour ago…just before she threw the book at his head.

She catches his line of thought and gives up. "Ok, no book. Do you have any ideas?"

He simply shrugs, too busy admiring a tiny nose and playing with tiny fingers to think.

Jules leans forward seeking a closer look at the baby. "What about Noah?"

"Hmm?" His thoughts are interrupted and he tosses a look towards the door in search of the doctor she's referring to.

She gives another eye roll as he gives her a confused look. "For the baby's name."


She gives a small smile. "He looks like a Noah. Besides, you seem to like that name."

He pauses a moment, thinks it over as he looks at the baby, then nods. "I do like that name."

There's a few more minutes of pause as the two coo at their new son, telling him his name, asking if he likes it as if he can already answer. Finally, Jules straightens up in realization. "Oh my god, Sam."

He doesn't even look up at her. He's too busy playing with tiny toes. "What?"

"The guys."

"What about the guys?" he asks in the same tone he's been using to talk to Noah.

"Um, should we tell them about the baby?"

Sam freezes in his spot. It's been at least an hour since he updated the team on anything. As far as they know Jules is still in labour and he's still being yelled at. When last he left them both Sarge and Ed were pacing the length of the waiting room. There's bound to be holes in the floor by now. "Yeah, we should probably do that." He smiles, and they do their awkward dance in an effort to pass the baby back to Jules.

"Wait," she stops him, peering around him to the chair beside the bed. "Let me have your hoodie."

"Why?" he asks, slowly handing it to her.

She rolls her eyes as she slips her arms into it. "Because my coworkers are about to come in here and I'm in pyjamas. It's just weird," she tells him, zipping up the sweater before reaching out for the baby. "Ok, you can go tell them now."

"How long's it been?"

"Sam said they got here around 5 this morning."


Raf groans, stretching as he gets up. "It's dinnertime and I'm starving. Food, anyone?"

There's a series of nods and a list is made before he and Wordy start collecting everyone's money.

Sam wanders out into the hall, gives a confused look at the exchange happening in front of him. "What, are you guys placing bets out here?"

"Just food orders. But bets… that would definitely liven this up," Spike realizes out loud, garnering him a reproachful glare from Natalie. "Well it would," he defends.

Natalie simply rolls her eyes and turns her attention back to her brother. "How's Jules?"

"She's good. Everyone's good. Did you guys want to see the baby?"

Eyes widen across the room as they all realize the reason for Sam's venture out to the waiting room.

Ed scoffs, clearly a little peeved that the news wasn't the first thing to come out of Sam's mouth. "Nah. I mean, the 8 hour wait was clearly the main event and we can all go home now."

Sam can't be bothered to care, just smirks and turns to lead the way back to the room down the hall. He's sure that the second he left the room Jules dove for her purse and did some kind of makeover or something, because he's pretty sure he's never seen her look so good. Or maybe it has something to do with the smile and their son. He'll never know.

The crowd circles the bed, with Sarge the first one granted permission to hold the baby. The blue blanket gives away pretty quickly that it's a boy.

Spike smirks, turns to Natalie. "Guess there will be no dresses covered in unicorns or rainbows."

Natalie smirks back, still holding a baby clothes catalogue. "Guess we'll just have to save that for our daughter."

With Spike paling Sarge gives a laugh, and changes the subject. "Does he have a name?"

Jules takes her eyes off the infant for a quick second to shoot a glance at Sam, who grins. "His name is Noah."

The crowd smiles, a gives satisfied sighs of approval as Sarge passes the baby to Spike. "You should know I'm only mildly hurt you didn't take my suggestion." Both parents roll their eyes but laugh it off as he moves on to cooing at the baby. After a few minutes, he reluctantly passed the sleeping child off to Natalie.

"He looks just like you, Jules. Sammy, are you sure he's yours?" At the unimpressed glare given by Sam, she decides to keep the conversation moving by passing the baby to Ed.

Giving the baby a once over and quickly gaging his weight, Ed gives the grin of a teen who's mid-practical joke. "Well then, he's just a little fella. Think he'll be short like you, Jules?"

Smiles instantly disappear from both Sam and Jules faces as Jules glares at Ed in horror. "Oh god I hope not."

The rest of the team laughs, and the Braddock baby is handed off to Wordy, who pokes fun at all the daughters in their SRU family. "So, this is what a baby boy looks like? Weird…"

Taking his turn holding the baby, Raf smirks and builds on Wordy's comment. "Well, at least there'll be lots of girls around when he starts dating."

Sam gives a small laugh in response to the joke, which only earns him filthy glares from both Ed and Wordy. "What? Guys, it was just a joke…"

"Sam, this feels wrong."

"Shh Jules, it's fine. This was your idea, remember?"

"I know, it's just… maybe we shouldn't be…"

Sam sighs, and pops the final corner of the screen out of the window frame. "We're in," he whispers, holding a finger to his lips to remind Jules to keep it down.

"Finally," she comments, pushing past him and into the dimly lit room. "Hi handsome," she grins, leaning over the edge of the crib. From his half sleeping state the newest Braddock giggles his approval of his visitor.

Sam quietly laughs to himself as he joins Jules at the side of the bed. "Oh Noah… I think someone missed Mommy and Daddy…" he coos, using a finger to tickle the baby's chin.

"I told you he would be missing us."

"Huh? Oh, yeah. Did you miss your dada? Can you say Dada? I think you should say Dada."

"He's six weeks old, Sam. He's not nearly ready to say Dada." Jules rolls her eyes, silently swatting Sam upside the head. "Besides, if he is going to say something, it's going to be Momma. Isn't that right baby boy? You're going to say Momma first, aren't you?"

Sam just smiles back, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her closer. "I love you."

"I love you too," she smiles, pressing a quick kiss to his cheek.

"I want another one."

"Another kiss?"

"Nah," he smiles, nods towards where Noah is busy kicking an invisible soccer ball in his crib. "Another baby."

She smiles, raising an eyebrow in question as he starts trailing kisses down the side of her neck. "Ok…wait, you weren't thinking right now were you?"

He smiles, shrugs. "Well, maybe not right away. Someday, definitely. For now we can always just practice…"

She laughs out loud before he presses a hand over her mouth to silence her. "Sorry!" she whispers, the pair quickly listening for any sign that they've been discovered.

Sam nods the all clear and they both breathe a silent sigh of relief. "Hey, does it bother you how easily we were able to get in here?"

Jules nods, attention back on the baby. "Yeah, we're calling the alarm company first thing in the morning."

"Good call."

"You two are pathetic." Two shocked officers spin around to see Spike standing in the doorway, shaking his head in judgment. "We offer to babysit so the two of you can go out for a nice dinner, alone, and you sneak in like a couple of common thieves to play with Noah when he's supposed to be sleeping. Honestly, what is it with you people?"

Only slightly bothered by being caught the two shrug, smile. "You'll get it someday," Sam assures him.

"Unbelievable," Natalie groans, joining Spike at the door to the room. "Are you two checking up on us or are you just that obsessed with your child?"

Sam and Jules both turn their attention to the crib and Spike and Natalie are little more than mosquitoes buzzing in their ears. "Can you blame us? He's just so…"

"Yeah ok well are you two going to go back out for dinner or are you just going to stay here?"

Sam and Jules don't even need to look at each other to figure out the answer to that one - they both knew what it would be the second they left the restaurant. "You two can go. We're home for the night."

There's a few more minutes of staring at their son after they hear the sound of Natalie and Spike leaving before Jules turns her attention to Sam. "Happy Anniversary, Mister Braddock."

He smiles, pulls her close to him. "Happy Anniversary, Mrs. Braddock."

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