Eh. Not too proud of this one. Oh well. I was writing this while I was supposed to be doing homework. Some ZeLink! :D By the way, this is set after Skyward Sword. I imagine that after the events of the game, Link and Zel finish up school. I think when they graduate, they'll set up their little Hyrule on the surface :P But I digress. Onto the drabble!

"Zelda, help me," Link whined, chewing a pencil.

Zelda and he were doing homework in her room. Actually, he was doing homework; she was knitting while he pestered her for help.

"Link," she began, "why do you, of all people, need help with history homework? I explained everything in that textbook to you when you caught up with me in the past!" Zelda scolded him, and incredulous look on her face.

He crossed his arms. "That was a lot you were telling me! Not to mention you were breaking my heart there, too!" Link pouted, frowning innocently.

"Aww," Zelda smiled. "I don't care." Her smile became a grin in the matter of seconds.

"Come on," he continued, his frown hardening. "Don't make me resort to tickling you."

She gasped, fakely. "Oh, whatever shall I do if you do that?" Her sarcasm was apparent.

"That's it! Time for tickling!" Link let go of his pencil, tossing it onto her bed, where he was sitting. He dropped to the floor, took her by the hips and began to tickle her.

Zelda dropped whatever it was that she was knitting; even she didn't know what it was anymore. Laughter bubbled up in her throat and her eyes shut on instinct. His touch was so soft, yet so sensitive! Link laughed with her, mirth showering over both of them. She tried to grab his hands to stop them, but couldn't quite do it. He grinned as she tried everything to stop him, but failed to do so.

"Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle!" he laughed wildly, enjoying this way too much.

"Stop! Ahahaha!" Zelda giggled, finally catching his hands. She smirked triumphantly. "Gotcha." She pulled him closer by the hands into a kiss.

They smiled against each other's lips and giggled. Link took her into his arms and hugged her.

"So... how about helping me now?" He asked casually, grinning.


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