Chapter 2:

"Fern please don't leave us alone." cries Leo as we exchange our last words together. He has already been in here with me for 45 minutes, and the peacekeepers had already begun to usher him out. "I love you, remember that! Win for us! Com-"His last words were cut off by the door slamming in his face.

Before my brother had come in, I talked to my best friends, Hannah, Argus, Piper, and Liana. They all hugged me and told me to try my hardest, but I don't think they believed I would come home. I also talked to my Father, who was nearly speechless. He just cried and held me tight in his arms. Then, my boyfriend Bryson came in unexpectedly. Bryson walked in, gave me his grandmothers old ring, kissed me, then said, "I'm breaking up with you," before leaving abruptly. The ring was beautiful. It was a bronze band that had a simple, elegant design on the outside. Even though this had been the worst day ever, I didn't feel like crying. I felt like going straight into the Hunger Games and winning for my family.

Liam and I are then boarded onto our train, which will take us to the Capitol. Me, Liam, and 22 other unlucky children will fight to the death in an arena full of God-knows-what on live television. I remember watching the games as a young child, and thinking it was fake, but now, I just feel bad for those kids and their families. I put my few possessions, which include the jewelry and clothing I was wearing during the reaping and the ring Bryson gave to me, into my temporary room and change into a fun, floral skirt and a yellow tank top. I walk out to the dinning cart to meet the people who will be my life line during the games. Unfortunately, there are no female victors from District 7 (yet!), so my Mentor will be one of our 5 male victors. I step into the cart to find Margot, Aaron Crann, a winner from 12 years ago who won by surprising all of his competitors with his wit and strength, and Elijah Hutan, who won 3 years ago by using his axe throwing skills. I think I know which mentor is mine. Almost right after I sit at the dinner table, Liam walks in and sits next to me.
"First of all I want to apologize to you kids for being dragged into this game," says Aaron, "But there is really nothing you can do. Fern, I will be your mentor, and Liam, Elijah is yours."
"Great.." whispers Liam, and I realize that's the first thing I've heard him say all day. I start to stare at him, mesmerized by his soft features, but I turn away right as he starts to notice. "Fern… Your name's Fern right?"
"Yes… My name is Fern.."

"The guys weren't exaggerating about how beautiful you are."

"Of course they are right!" cries Margot. "She is the most beautiful tribute ever! Maybe even the most beautiful person ever! She may even beat Finnick Odair for most beautiful human ever!" I blush, but no one seems to notice. Elijah is too mesmerized by his dinner, a thick stew full of beans, pork, and rice, and Aaron is lost in thought.

"Margot… You're really exaggerating, but if you're telling the truth, could I use this to my advantage?"

"Of course! All of the male tributes will fall madly in love with you, and the girls will both want you to be their ally or be super jealous of you and try to kill you!" Margot says in the happiest way possible. I'm not sure if I'm just super tired, or the excitement of the day is getting to my head, but I am really excited to get to the Capitol and start the Hunger Games!

The next few days on the train go by without much excitement. Liam and Elijah keep to themselves and each other, and they don't talk much at meals. Margot and I spend most of our time together, and I think I'm starting to enjoy her company! She is actually very intelligent and funny! She also tells me stories about her life at the Capitol, which sounds magical. I find out she is 37, a Virgo, and has been an escort for District 12. Then there is Aaron, whom supposedly is planning something BIG for me. I can't wait! Please let the Hunger Games begin!