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Summary: Olivia is sent to work undercover as nanny for a rich man whose third wife has now been murdered. It is he who is under suspicion of killing her and his first two wives as well. Things quickly get complicated when Olivia starts to fall the guy. Could she really like a killer, or could the case be a lot more dark and dangerous than she and the team ever thought? Will this be one undercover case she won't come out of?

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Chapter 1

Olivia ran over everything in her head, all and any little details. She needed to know them perfectly, she couldn't mess this up. She sighed and then rang the doorbell of the huge house she had come to. She had been told all about the layout of the house, from the smallest third floor closet to the indoor swimming pool.

She rang the bell again after a minute of nothing, and after a few seconds she heard sounds coming from inside. Finally a man opened the door with a red faced baby wailing in his arms. The man looked clearly flustered. "Can I help you?" he asked her.

"I'm Nichole Prescott, your new Nanny." she said with a smile.

"Fantastic. Please, please come in." the man said, incredibly happy to see her.

Olivia stepped inside and the man shut the door behind them. "Let me introduce you to the children…if I can find them..." he said as he all but ran down the hallway, Olivia trying to keep up. "Benjamin, Susan, come here please!" he shouted, making the crying baby worse.

Only a moment after shouting a young boy appeared in the kitchen in which Olivia had been led to. "Benjamin, would you go find your sister for me please?" the man said.

The boy quickly ran off, doing as he was told.

"Walk! No running in the house Benjamin, you know the rule!" the man shouted.

Olivia could tell the man was on edge, clearly out of his depth.

"That was Benjamin." the man said as he opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle and tried to feed the baby in his arms, however the baby just cried louder and angrily pushed the bottle away. "This is Harrison." he then said, having to speak loud over the little boys cries.

"Here let me take him." Olivia said as she put her bag down on the counter and held her arms out.

"I warn you he's always cranky in the morning."

Olivia just smiled and took hold of him. She placed him on her hip and held him close to her, putting her hand on his head as he lay it down on her shoulder. He quickly stopped crying as she gently swayed side to side with him. The man looked at her clearly impressed.

"He never takes that well to strangers. The only person who could ever get him to stop crying that quickly was my wife." he said a little sadly. "Susan's pretty good with him too I guess, but you must be a natural."

"Sometimes baby's just have to cry." Olivia said.

"Well that's certainly true for Harrison." he said as he looked at Olivia.

She noticed how he seemed to be taking in everything about her. A tiny part of her wondered if maybe he had her worked out as a cop, but another part of her said you're the person he's about to leave in charge of his kids, of course he is going to want to take in everything about you. She found herself looking back at him, taking in everything about him.

Olivia turned around when she heard footsteps approaching. She smiled when she saw Benjamin with his little sister following behind. He had hold of her hand as if not wanting to lose her which she was sure would be possible in a house this size.

"Finally, this is Susan. Susan is 5, Benjamin is 7 and Harrison there is 11 months. Are you sure you can handle these three? Your references from the agency were fantastic hence why I wanted you to come work with us. But I feel I have to warn you these three can be a right handful."

"We'll be fine." Olivia assured him.

"Are you positive?" he asked, seemingly unsure.

"Aren't you going to be late for work?" Olivia said, flashing her best smile.

The man looked at her, really looked at her. Suddenly he shook his head, like he had forgotten something. "There's a book on the table, it will tell you everything you need to know about me, the children, their schedule, my schedule, where the keys to car you'll be driving are kept. If there's anything you need to know you can call me at my office." he said with a smile. "Oh, I can't believe I forgot to introduce myself. My name's Richard Massey. I'm sure you already knew that though."

"It's okay. It's nice to meet you, Richard." Olivia replied.

"Okay, well I have to go. I'm running soo late." Richard said as he grabbed his expensive black leather briefcase and his dark blue Armani suit jacket off the counter. "You can reach me at any time."

"I won't have to everything will be fine. You have nothing to worry about. I promise you." Olivia said encouragingly.

Richard stopped to study her for a minute. He saw how his son was settled enough to be asleep in her arms. "I trust you." he said, before he opened the front door and stepped out, leaving Olivia alone with the children.

She sighed and couldn't help but begin to panic slightly. It was early and she figured the children hadn't had their breakfast yet. She turned around to face the kitchen, prepared to cook something up. What she saw, or rather didn't see confused her. Benjamin and Susan who had been stood in the kitchen doorway were now gone. "Kids!" she shouted as she walked into the kitchen. They were nowhere to be seen.

She walked through the kitchen that led onto a conservatory style room, just beyond that was the indoor swimming pool. She watched as the two younger children, fully dressed, held hands and with squeals of delight jumped into the pool.

She ran through the room and watched as both children bobbed to the surface, both clearly good strong swimmers. "Hey, out of there! It is breakfast time and then you two are off to school."

"We're staying in the pool all day!" Benjamin shouted.

Olivia looked at him, a little surprised, they had seemed so meek and mild when their father was there. "Out now!" she warned them.

"Make us." Susan said as she doggy paddled to the other side of the pool.

Olivia, not to be beaten by two little children, decided enough was enough. She saw a small baby swing and carefully placed a sleeping Harrison in it. She pushed a button that automatically started to make it swing.

She then sat down on one of the pool side chairs and took off her shoes and socks. She then pulled off her sweater so she was just in a t-shirt and kakis.

The two children watched as she ran up to the edge of the pool and jumped off, dive bombing into the water.

Both the children began giggling, so much so they didn't realise she had swam under the water and right between the both of them. She wrapped an arm around each of the giggling children and broke the surface of the water.

"How's that for making you." she said as she tickled them, making them giggle more.

She walked across the pool with them both still in her arms. When she got to the side she helped them both climb out. "Sit!" she told them as they stood up, they both reluctantly did as they were told.

She stayed in the pool as she spoke to them. "I know having a Nanny seems unfair, but I'm not here to tell you two what to do all the time. I'm here to make sure you two, three, are safe and getting looked after. I promise you I'm not some wicked witch. You guys behave, help me out and I'll help you out. Deal?" She asked holding her hands out, palms up.

Susan and Benjamin looked at each other and then slapped their small hands into Olivia's "Deal." They both agreed.

"Let's get changed and get to school before you two are late and get us all in trouble." She said as she climbed out.


It was 8pm when Olivia closed Benjamin's bedroom door, the young boy lay fast asleep. Next she checked on Susan, she too lay fast asleep on a big pink bed that was covered in teddy bears and dolls. There was a Disney princess night light in the corner of the room offering a soft gentle glow in the huge pink decorated room. It was certainly a room fit for a princess.

She closed her bedroom door over and stepped across the large hallway and into Harrison's room. She crept over to his crib and looked in at him. He was sleeping on his back, his tiny tummy rising and then falling as he snored gently. She reached in and pulled the blanket up over him. She couldn't resist stroking his soft hair.

She smiled as she stepped back and then out of the room, closing that door behind her as well. She was inwardly really proud of herself. She had managed to put three children to bed. Now she just had to wait for their father to return home. So she was off to sit and wait in the living room.


She couldn't have said what time she fell asleep but at some point she had on the large extra comfortable couch. It was softer and more comfy than her bed at home and she presumed had cost twice as much, if not more.

She lay there, her head resting on the arm of the chair, her legs curled up at the side of her, totally unaware anyone was watching her sleep. She jumped up when she felt a hand gently touch her shoulder.

She quickly pushed herself up off the couch seeing it was Richard who had woken her up. "My God! I am so, so sorry, I didn't mean to fall asleep…" she began.

"Nichole, its fine. It's 2.30am. You have every right to have fallen asleep." Richard told her.

Olivia quickly looked at her watch and had to laugh seeing the time. "Wow, I had no idea that was the time." she said, unable to hold in a yawn. "Sorry."

"It's fine." Richard said again, smiling at her. "I should have shown you where your room was this morning, but as you could probably tell I'm a little in over my head here."

"It's fine." she said. The best thing about this job was that it was a live in position. It meant she could be here all the time to keep an eye on him and investigate him further.

"Great." Richard said with a smile.

"I should get my stuff out of the car." she said, suddenly remembering the two suitcases she had in there, as well as some other little things.

"Let me help you." Richard offered.

"No it's fine. You've been working all day, you must be exhausted?"

"I bet you've worked harder looking after those three." Richard said.

Olivia nodded a little sheepishly. "They're great though." she smiled.

"Come on, let me help you." he said


Richard had insisted on carrying both her suitcases to her room for her, just leading her to carry a small box of personal items. Olivia was in too much shock to see him put the suitcases down. The room he had brought her too, which was to be hers during this case was practically bigger than her apartment.

"Bathroom's through there." he said pointing to a door. "I hope it is okay?" he asked.

"It absolutely perfect!" she exclaimed. It was like a room from a fancy hotel, the kind she could never afford to stay in.

"I'll leave you alone to get settled." he said to her. "See you in the morning." he said as he walked back over to the door.

"Thank you. Good'night." she said to him.

"Nichole, thank you." he said as he hesitated by the door.

"For what?" she asked.

"For agreeing to take the job. It's great to be able to go to work and know my children are safe."

Olivia smiled, shrugged and said, "Just doing my job."

They both smiled at each other and then Richard walked out, leaving her alone to be amazed by her room.


Richard walked into his study and sat down behind his desk. He pulled open the top drawer and took out a folder. He placed it down on his desk and began looking through it. This first picture in it was off a blonde haired woman, with the same blue eyes as Benjamin. She was his mother. The second picture was of a brunette. She had the same chocolate brown curly hair as her daughter, Susan. The third picture was of another blonde. She had passed her hazel colored eyes onto her son, Harrison.

He turned the page again. The third picture was of another brown haired stunner. She had not passed anything onto a child they shared, because they didn't have one. She was the new Nanny, just like his first three wives had started out as, before they were killed. He couldn't help but wonder if Nichole would meet the same fate…


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