Chapter 1


Walking the lone dark streets of New York was a girl in a trench coat. She looked cautiously down one street and down another. Once she reached her destination she knocked three times and entered. Inside was a few men watching the super bowl and soon they turned to see her. "Men our entertainment has arrived!" the boys whooped as she shut the door and took off the trench coat and revealed a sexy bikini costume. "Who is willing to go first?" she asked ad a small boy at least 18 raised his hand. "So you will, now come on." Once she walked into the bedroom with him she shut the door and took off her clothes. "W-wait I didn't want to go that far!" she smiled and giggled "You must be a virgin." He nodded nervously. "Well I'll start you off, get on the bed," he got on the bed and she got on him ",now close your eyes and count to ten." He smiled nervously and closed his eyes and counted "one, two, three…" the girl said "Also my name is Marissa," the boy smiled as he continued losing fear "…four five six…" she said "six is a fun number." "… seven, eight, nine…" "Here it comes sweety." "…ten…" The boy opened his eyes relaxed but was quickly replaced with fear when she had an open stomach with tentacles waving about and a mouth opening and closing like a weird bottom feeder. "Kiss." Is said before she launched herself on him and he screamed.

"!" the men yelled as they made the touchdown. "That was incredible!" one yelled and then they heard another scream from the bedroom. "What is that?" another scream and another one grabbed a baseball bat. "It's Joey!" He used the baseball bat to hit the door open and in the darkness they saw Joey laying on the bed. "Oh Joey." One said as another turned on the light. Once the light was turned on they saw his body covered in blood, he was breathing slowly still clinging on to life for most of her chestal flesh was missing and they could see past his rib cage and all the major organs behind it. But there was also some tentacles moving in his chest and they followed a trail of the tentacles to the Marissa. "Do you want kisses too?" she ran at them and they screamed but they all were consumed.

She got on a nice suit from the closet and looked at all the men going back to the super bowl, now hers. "Remember what to do." She said and they nodded. They nodded and she left for now they were apart of the virus now.