11:55 A.M.

January 1, 2012

Leah and Spencer were moving his things into her apartment and her papa's words kept running through her mind.

"Are you ready for lunch yet?" Spencer asked, adding another book to her all ready crammed bookshelves.


"Is everything all right?" Spencer asked as he followed her to the kitchen.

She decided to take the plunge. "Do you realize that we didn't have any protection last night?"

He stopped in the middle of laying a loaf of bread on the counter. It hung swinging in mid-air as he asked, "Women take birth control, right?"

"I haven't. I actually did quite the opposite." And again she explained the entire predicament, ending it with, "Whatever happens, happens, I guess."

"But it's not for sure." Spencer said uncertainly. "I'm not ready for that. There's a chance, right, that you're not…" He let the thought trail off.

"Yeah, true. But, Spencer, there's every chance that I am."

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