"Hey! Haven't we met before?" Cody hovered above the dragon ghost.

The dragon ghost let loose a jet of green flame which he narrowly dodged.

"Hey! Hey! I do not want be charbroiled today! Or any other day for that matter…"

The dragon whipped around her tail, knocking him into a weenie stand.

"Okay, okay! You're rather testy, aren't you?" Cody rubbed his head and narrowly missed being burnt again, the flame hitting the weenie stand instead.

"Sorry there. I think you got the wrong weenie!" Cody flew straight towards the dragon's stomach, punching it straight through a wall and through a movie screen.

The people in the cinema who had been watching a 3-D movie about medieval dragons clapped in appreciation, not realising the dragon was real until its flames set someone's hair on fire, upon which they ran screaming for their lives.

The dragon had Cody pinned to the ground.

"Okay dragon, I thought I'd let you know that your film career has come to a crashing halt!" He phased through the floor and before the dragon could react, he came back through and punched the dragon towards the door, who phased through it and landed in the main part of the mall.

One clueless young woman carrying a clothing bag from the store Heather visited earlier walked along happily until she noticed a large shadow growing around her.

Looking up to see the dragon falling towards her, she ran screaming and left the bag behind.

When the dragon hit the ground, her medallion went flying into the bag the girl left behind, glowing brightly.

The dragon glowed brightly and began to shrink down eventually turning back into Heather, who clutched her head, groaning.

"What just happened? I feel like I was in a brawl…" She said in a daze.

Then she noticed something glowing inside the fallen bag nearby.

"Oh! My amulet!" She reached inside the bag for it and fastened it around her neck.

She glanced into the bag and pulled out a red dress like the one she wanted earlier.

Glancing at the tag for a moment, she then exclaimed excitedly: "My dress!"

"They must have had it in my size! Just goes to show what happens when you maintain a positive attitude…" She said, folding it up, placing it back into the bag and walking off happily with it.

"Cody, are you okay?" Gwen asked worriedly.

In another part of the mall, Cody phased up through the floor in front of his friends.

"Fine, but that's the second time I've fought that ghost. We need to investigate. How are you two?" Cody asked.

"Great, if you still don't count me being dateless…" Cameron took out his PDA.

"Lisa, no. Caroline, no. Amelia, no…" Cameron sighed as he looked through the list on the PDA.

"Every girl I've asked so far has said no except…" Cameron trailed off as a brown-skinned girl with long, purple hair in a braid walked up to the store they were standing next to.


"Yeah, hi there. Colon, is it?" She asked, sounding haughty.

"It's Cameron." Cameron answered.

"Yeah sure. My answer is no- unless something happens in the next five minutes that makes me dateless…"

"You'll never guess what happened!" Tyler ran up to her and the other two teens turned to look.

"Lindsay said she'd go to the dance with me, so you're dateless!" He exclaimed happily before running off.

"You're on…" Sierra agreed, before walking away.

"Well, it's a rebound, but I suppose it's better than being dateless..." Cameron shrugged. "Not to mention, my pants are still on..."

"I hate wearing ties. Why do I have to wear this stupid thing?" Owen complained as Izzy fastened a white and blue tie around his neck.

"Because, it's Cody's first dance, Owen and we do not want to embarrass him when we're chaperoning it, duh…" Izzy said in a tone that suggested it to be the obvious.

Dawn sat on the edge of the table, combing out her hair and braiding white flowers into it as she watched her parents.

"How would we embarrass him?" Owen asked.

"I think it's absolutely lovely when you do something not related to ghosts for a change…" Dawn commented as Cody walked into the room and went into the fridge for a glass of milk.

"Come to think of it, I can't even remember volunteering to chaperone the dance…" Owen said. "It's all just a vague blur…"

"Hey Cody, by the way I think I know your little secret now." Dawn smiled as she put the last flower in her hair.

Cody choked on his milk. "Wait, what? I don't have a secret at all!"

"Really?" Dawn raised an eyebrow. "Your aura says otherwise."

"I think you have a girlfriend."

Cody sputtered. "That's a lie! I'm not a ghost!"

Dawn looked at him strangely as he went wide-eyed when he realized his mistake.

"Oh wait- I meant- I don't have a girlfriend! She's just going to the dance with me!" Cody exclaimed.

"Aww!" Dawn cooed. "Isn't love sweet?" She smiled.

"Oh great! I can meet her and talk to her about ghosts!" Owen exclaimed.

Dawn got up.

"You'd better warn her that our family's insane now Cody. If you marry her and she finds out afterward, that's considered entrapment. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to get ready…" Dawn left the room.

Cody put his head in his hands and sighed. "I'd better go get ready too…"

As he walked away, he talked to himself.

"So I've got to dance with Heather and keep her happy AND keep my dad from embarrassing me. This shouldn't be too hard, right?"

Later that evening, Gwen laid on her stomach on the large queen-sized bed in her room- her very Gothic style room. The bed frame was black and shaped like a bat, the sheets were black and purple and the bat-shaped pillows were the same colour.

The walls were painted dark purple and adorned with various Goth style posters, the ceiling (which lacked a lightbulb of any sort) had fake spider webs on it, the wall-to-wall carpeting was a dark blood red and there were a few CD's, books and other objects scattered across it and one medium-sized bookshelf even had some lit black candles on top of it.

Setting up her silver-colour laptop, she got into a video conference with Cody and Tucker, who were both wearing suits. Cody's was a bluish-grey with a dark blue tie and Cameron's was an olive green with a brownish yellow-green tie- and he had temporarily ditched his red hat.

"So my tie is straight, my shirt is tucked in, ghost weaponry put away safely just in case…" Cody took up a Fenton Fisher and tucked it inside his jacket.

"What's taking so long with the dragon research?" He asked her.

"Okay, okay! Impatient much?" Gwen clicked and typed a bit before sending him an e-mail.

"There. Happy?" She snapped.

On Cody's laptop, a website with a picture of the dragon popped up.

He clicked on a button saying "More Info" and read.

"Medieval Dragon? Ghostly legend held that the Amulet of Justin can transform any wearer into dragon form in states of extreme emotional duress or anger."

Various pictures on the page showed what looked like the human version of the dragon he encountered in his home's basement when she was alive. She didn't look much different except in life she had tanned skin and brown eyes.

It also showed pictures of her in her dragon form

And in all of them she wore the amulet that he had given Heather.

"That's the amulet I gave to Heather!" He realised.

"It must have fallen into my backpack and wait- I'm going on a date with a dragon?" He exclaimed in shock.

"Like I said, looks are deceiving." Gwen said smugly. "I'm sure you gentlemen will have a lovely evening."

She shut off her camera, plunging Cody's laptop screen into darkness.

"She really wants to go to that dance…" Cameron commented.

"Why didn't she just tell us that?" Cody asked.

"Since when have you known girls to be straightforward with their feelings?" Cameron raised an eyebrow.

"True. I still wish there was something we could do about it…" Cody said.

"Hey, wait. There is something we can do about it!"

"What?" Cameron turned to look at him, puzzled.

Cody's eyes flashed green as he smirked mischievously at his friend.

Cameron's eyes widened. "Uh-uh. No way. Don't you dare, Cody…" Cameron began to back away from him.

Cameron (now overshadowed by Cody) knocked on the door of a house and within seconds Gwen answered.

"What are you doing here? Weren't you supposed to be going to the dance with Sierra?" She raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, well she cancelled on me." Cameron/Cody said. "I was wondering if you wouldn't mind going to the dance with me- you know, as friends?"

Gwen's eyes widened.

"I understand if you don't want to go…" Cameron/Cody shrugged.

"No wait. I'll go change into that dumb dress that I wasn't gonna wear since you got stood up!" Gwen shut the door and ran inside.

As soon as she was gone, Cameron's eyes changed back to normal as Cody left his body.

"See ya!" Cody flew off waving back at Cameron.

"As soon as Gwen gets back, I'm going to tell her the truth! Just wait until I-"

Cameron paused as he took in Gwen's appearance.

She was wearing an ankle-length black and purple strappy corset style dress accentuated with fishnet instead of sleeve from the shoulder to the elbow where it connected with black gloves. And was that… Glittering purple eyeshadow?

"We're gonna be late!" Gwen dragged him off.

The gym of Casper High had strobe lights and banners set up outside and various coloured lights flashed through the windows as people walked in that evening.

On the inside, the party was already underway, the teens dancing and having a great time.

Noah walked through the crowds with a book in his hands.

"Let's get down with our bad selves…' He read and the surrounding students looked at him strangely.

"Yo. Shake that thing."

More students looked at him strangely.

"Wait, what am I doing making these inane statements?" Noah shut the book and tossed it away, not noticing that it hit Tyler in the head.

Cody and Heather stood near the punch table, her wearing a high-necked form-fitting red shimmery dress, silver gloves, silver shoes and her hair was up in a curly ponytail with a small silver tiara holding it up.

"Um, Heather…" He started. "That amulet. I, uh..."

"Isn't it beautiful? I haven't taken it off since you gave it to me…" Heather smiled, touching it lightly.

"Well, you see, uh… I shouldn't have given it to you because…" Cody looked around the room for an excuse when he spotted Gwen and Cameron talking across the room

"It belongs to Gwen!"

Heather's eyes flashed red, her green dragon tongue lashed out for a moment and she crushed the glass of punch she was holding.

"I'll make it up to you." He said as Heather started glaring at him.

Then he noticed his parents across the room talking to Noah.

"So, about that parent teacher meeting we had the other day about Cody…" Noah started.

"How about I get you some special punch, huh?" He walked off briskly.

Cody overshadowed his father and Owen's eyes glowed for a second before turning green.

"Oh yeah. Cody. My son. He's a great kid. Being his father, I get that all the time…" Owen/Cody said.

"Owen, you kina sound strange. Are you okay?" Izzy asked.

"Yeah I'm fine. Must be something I ate earlier, messing around with the vocal chords and all that…" Owen/Cody shrugged.

"Why don't I get us some punch?" He said, glancing over at the punch table.

He walked through the crowd of teenagers.

"Excuse me! Adult coming through! I shave every day!"

"Gwen, Cameron! We've got a bit of a problem." He said once he reached his best friends.

"Whatever it was, it was Cody's fault." Cameron said and Gwen nodded in agreement.

"It's me, Cody! I just overshadowed my dad!" He exclaimed, pulling out two walkie talkies and giving them to his friends.

"Gwen, please try to help me find Heather. Cameron, keep an eye on my dad so he doesn't embarrass me. If he tries talking to anyone, call me. Got it?"

His friends nodded.

"This dance just keeps getting better and better with every passing minute…" Gwen smiled before running off.

"Cody. I've got her!" Gwen saw her walking past talking to Lindsay who was wearing a pink princess-style gown and Dawn, who wore a light blue long-sleeved mermaid-style dress.

"Great. Keep your eye on her. And whatever you do, don't piss her off!"

Cody phased out of Owen's boy and took the walkie talkie with him.

Owen blinked and looked around feeling confused.

"Hey Heather! Nice dress!" Gwen said as she entered the bathroom.

Dawn and Lindsay who had been talking about some organic makeup Dawn had made looked up.

"Did Gwen just give Heather a compliment?" Lindsay asked, looking puzzled.

"She did. I thought she hated Heather… We'd better leave before their auras collide…" Dawn dragged Lindsay out the bathroom.

Heather watched them go.

"And it goes so well with your amulet, doesn't it?"

"Uh… Yeah Sure it does. Anyway, listen. My grandmother gave it to me and I-"

"You ain't getting this trinket back, Gothie. Or your little geek boyfriend either…" Heather snapped.

"Boyfriend? Cody's not my boyfriend. He's my best friend!" Gwen exclaimed.

"Oh?" Heather raised an eyebrow. "In that case, I'll go right back in there and dump him now. I only accepted his invite so I could steal him away from you. Buh-bye!" Heather waved cheerfully and threw the locket at Gwen, which fastened around her neck.

"Why you little BITCH!" Gwen glowed and morphed into the dragon.

When Heather saw the dragon, she fainted.

"Heather? Gwen?" Cody looked around when he heard noise coming from the girl's bathroom.

"Oh boy…" He watched in shock as the dragon flew off with a girl clutched in one of its claws.

Transforming quickly, he flew after it and jumped on its back, slamming it into the ground.

"Take it easy. You don't want to hurt Gwen…" Cody said as he landed.

He glanced from the girl to the dragon and back again.

"Wait… Gwen is the dragon? When the hell did THAT happen?" He didn't have much time to wonder as Gwen the Dragon swiped at him with her tail and he dodged to avoid it, which was promptly followed by a breath of fire.

"Seriously Gwen. Have some mouthwash!" He exclaimed, flying forward to punch her again.

Gwen lost her grip on Heather and she began to fall to the ground but Cody caught her and flew her to safety behind some bleachers.

"You throw fire like a girl!" He shouted.

Gwen the Dragon narrowed her eyes.

Cody pulled out the Fenton Fisher. "Aha! Here we are. The Fenton Fisher- that can capture any ghost! Way to go Dad!"

He flew around and around Gwen as she spat fire at him and eventually wrapped her up and tugged her to the ground.

When she fell, Cody flew forward and took the locket off.

Gwen began to shrink back into a regular human. "Are you okay?" he put a hand on her shoulder as he detransformed.

"What happened? Why do I feel like I was in a brawl? Did I have a good time?" Gwen sat up rubbing her head.

"Cody! Your dad's getting close to Mr Lancer!" Cameron's voice came though hus walkie-talkie.

"Oh crap! Dad!" Cody's eyes widened as he flew back inside.

Noah and Izzy stood talking about some science-related thing when Owen noticed them and narrowed his eyes.

"Who are you and what are you doing with my wife?"

"Uh, Owen, sweetie, this is Mr Lancer. You know, Cody's teacher and all that?" Izzy raised an eyebrow, sounding puzzled.

Cody phased through the floor and overshadowed him.

"Oh. I'm sorry. In this light, I thought you were someone else. You know, you look like some famous movie star…" Owen/Cody said.

"Really now?" Noah raised an eyebrow.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to dance with my wife." Owen/Cody pulled Izzy away.

Once a few metres away, they began dancing.

"Doesn't this remind you of the high school dance? The one that I accidentally blew up the buffet table at? That was awesome…"

"Sure, yeah. Keep on reminding me of stuff. I'm sure I'll remember them all…" Owen/Cody nodded.

Cody left Owen's body and as he looked around, he found that several teenagers around them were cheering at his and his wife's dancing.

"Why thank you. Thank you all!" He and Izzy began bowing and after a few seconds the pair began dancing wildly and the surrounding teenagers ran for cover.

"Sorry that you date didn't pan out, Cody…" Cameron said as around them, people were leaving.

"Ah. That's okay. At least we got the dragon situation under control…" Cody shrugged.

"Hey! The DJ's still playing. Think there's time for one more dance?" Gwen asked.

"Sure." Cody smiled.

"Cameron, watch this for me, won't you?" Cody handed the necklace to him as he and Gwen walked off and began to dance.

"Wait… I'm dateless again? I'm never going to win, am I?" Cameron sighed.

The original female dragon ghost showed up next to him.

"I'd go on a date with you." She said shyly.

"On second thought, I can remain single a bit longer…" He started inching away from the ghost, looking very uncomfortable…