So, my favorite part of writing stories like this is picking the poison (Kinda weird, but I think it's fascinating). It took me forever to pick one, eventually deciding on Sarin, thinking 'why does this sound so familiar?' Then I realized, this is very similar to the 'poisonous mist' in 'Catching Fire' from The Hunger Games trilogy! ((SPOILER ALERT)I was team Gale, but after a CERTAIN character died, not so sure…). I think Susan Collins might have somewhat based the mist off of this, which is AWESOME if she did! Okay, I'm done ranting now.

Disclaimer: I do not own Cause of Death or any of it's characters.

"We seriously have to WALK all the way out there?" Mal asked.
Natara smiled "It'll only take a few hours, it'll be like hiking!".
Mal scowled "Yes, because the last time we went on a little 'hike' it ended so well". Natara distinctly heard Mal mutter something that sounded like "freakin' owl" under his breath, and Natara couldn't repress her laugh. She stopped at the look on Mal's face.
"Just focus on the case" she said "We could have a terrorist out here, if we don't find out what purpose he's been making Sarin for, and he doesn't confess, this could get bad…".
"Yeah, I've been told" said Mal gruffly "Can we just get out there already? I don't want to have to walk back in the dark". Knowing he was still remembering the owl, Natara smiled once more and walked away from where they had parked the car, Mal following behind. After about two and a half hours of walking, and much grumbling from Mal, they finally reached their destination. It was a small place, about the size of a regular ranch house.
"I guess that fact that he's making some poison in the middle of the woods in some creepy house isn't enough evidence then" Mal said sarcastically.
"Apparently not, he could say he was just making and selling rat poison and get off with a felony charge" Natara said "We'll need to find anything that might prove otherwise".
"Isn't this Kai's job?" Mal grumbled, throwing his small backpack that contained some water and his phone by a nearby tree.
Natara imitated him "he's already been here, he's gotten all the prints he needs and replaced anything he moved, we just need to see if anything looks suspicious". Mal entered first, walking into a room that was shrouded in semi-darkness. Natara quickly flipped on a switch, lighting a few florescent lights in the ceiling. The building was revealed to only be two large rooms, each filled with various filing cabinets, test tubes and beakers. Natara stayed in the first room, which had more papers and clearly unused chemistry equipment, Mal moving to the next.
"This looks like where he's been making it" said Mal "A kind of lab". Suddenly the earth began to shake, ever so slightly. Glass clinked, a few test tubs shattered, and Natara instinctively gabbed a nearby counter and froze. It was a small earthquake. The shaking only lasted for a second, then stopped.
"Mal?" she called, then heard the door to the next room, which she had her back turned to, slam. She turned, and her eyes met a horrible scene. Mal was peering at her through the glass door, a broken test tube that obviously had just broken lying across the floor. "Mal!" she ran to the door, thinking that it was some sort of mechanical defense mechanism so chemicals couldn't get into the next room. She tried to get in, pulling and pounding at the door. She looked up at Mal, and saw he was shaking his head. Mal had locked himself in a room full of poison, clearly so it couldn't get to Natara.