Title: Castle

Character: Hogwarts.

Notes: This is a drabble for Hogwarts, as she sees the comings and goings within her walls. Please don't favourite without a review, and I hope you enjoy!

Hogwarts has seen it all.

She has seen Slytherins, and Hufflepuffs, and Gryffindors, and Ravenclaws, and pupils, and professors, and the living and the dead, and the good and the evil, and the sane and insane.

She has seen Tom Riddle and Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter pass through her gates, and she has seen each fall victim to power, in one way or another.

She only wishes she could've warned them.

Because Hogwarts has seen them all; the great four founders who built her with love and care, and those four first years who decided it would be fun to run into Sir Cadogan's portrait.

Yes; she's seen it all.

But she's seen the Blacks and the Malfoys destroy the name of Slytherin and her dungeons, and she's seen Gryffindors betray and Hufflepuffs discriminate and Ravenclaws lose control. She has seen her grounds and her people fall.

And Hogwarts has seen war - too many, too many - and too much bloodshed, too much blood, that of Muggles and purebloods and creatures alike.

Sometimes she cries, for those who die in her walls.

Hogwarts has seen them live, and blossom, and shine, and live out their destiny, no matter how good or bad. She has taught them all; of that she takes pride, because she made these wizards and witches, these martyrs and saints and victors and leaders.

These are Hogwarts' children, all who have grown and left her. They all leave, in the end, and younger, freer versions replace them time and time again. She loves them all.

This is her terrain, her castle. And she will protect it as best she can.