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(Hostile Takeover)

He was becoming impatient . . . and his master warned before that Patience was a key part of success. It was when his master was impatient in doing things he lost sight of the goal, and was defeated by his enemies. Losing the chance for both revenge and the city on a silver platter, not to mention his life.

Hun felt the smooth ride of his lincoln town car limo.

"Go faster" He ordered keeping his mannerisms in check.

"It's a 45 mile zone I can't -"

His driver took a look at his expression in the rearview mirror with a pause, contemplating, before nodding and speeding it along. Some Jewish kid from brooklyn who was low ranked. Kid took up the chance of being a high boss' driver, even if it meant early mornings, and very late evenings. It was either that or he could join the other baby dragons in drawing up graffiti markers and pushing local shop owners and dealers for location rights pay.

'Guess this kid wanted something different'. Hun restiffened his back against the comfortable leather. He wasn't even close to 'comfortable' he was a man down, an ambush raid causing a couple of his better lower ranked dragons to be hospitalized and another put into hysterics. Hun gave the girl who witnessed the shit a decent jobs pay just to get her out of his hair . . . Like he didn't already know.

'As soon as Duncan said foot clan, I didn't need to hear anymore'.

"Turn to Mott street" Hun directed, his driver nodded eager to please after talking back earlier.

He wouldn't put it past her, fuckin' foot empire princess, to pull off and execute a silent ambush on his dragons. He knew she believed they were only god damned branch offs from their footsoldier counterparts. Back in the day If the master wanted something done, he'd say so and it would be done . . . Now that 'she's in the head . . .'

Hun lowered his head crushing the bottle of vodka he had in the back without thinking about it. The neck broken off the bottle, glass tinkled lightly to the floor across his lap.

"I'll clean that up just as soon as we stop Mr. Hun" The driver nodded looking back, that scrawny neck pulled up ward to be in the rearview mirror so he could see his eager nodding expression. Hun gave one nod and the driver relaxed in his seat again.

The building was ahead, brand spankin' new in renovations. Hun felt his leather trench block the cool night air of the city. The sound of traffic and pedestrians taking over the sidewalks.

"Park around the corner, do not move from infront of that store" Hun pointed at a liquor and ciggarette stop down the street at the corner end.

"Yes Mr. Hun" The driver rolled up the windows, the tinted blackness hiding his drivers expression.

Hun felt eyes watching him crossing the street among the throng of people crossing as fast as they could before the light changed. He felt eyes . . .But not from them. Coldness tingled down his neck, giving him an unwelcomed irritating chill. Tilting his neck from side to side to shrug off the sudden prick of his senses he looked up to the buildings dark windows. This place used to be an old hospital clinic, then a public library, now privately owned. . . by Saki enterprises, the records never released for the public.

The people passing by watched this large blonde man with a blonde long rat tail braid approach a set of revolving doors. He looked up at the camera that swiveled in his direction. The revolving doors were locked and wouldn't move until the light turned green on the camera activated switches. He wondered whether now would be a good time for a cigar or not. Re clenching his hands to partial fists in his trench pocketts. He looked up at the camera as it zoomed in and then out again a few times. The sound of locks moving gave him the signal. He pushed against the revolving door into the dark Foyer. Marble floors, the place is empty . . .or so it looks.

"I'm insulted . . ." Hun lowered his head and reached out for the chain connected to a kama that would have taken his head off. Pulling it effortlessly and throwing the person at the end across the room into a stone pillar.

He could have sworn he heard something crack, whether it was the footsoldiers body or the pillar he didn't check.

The doors on either side of the abandoned desk opened as soldiers poured in on each side, some pulling shades down on any and all windows. The sound of the revolving doors being locked.

"Still using those ancient artifacts, I preffer more modern conveinences" Hun pulled out his automatic pointing at the footsoldier standing slightly to his left, before pointing upwards at the camera staring down at them.

A buzzer beeped and the soldiers looked up to see the light from the elevator in the next room behind the left side door go green, and open on it's own.

"You heard her" Hun said to the foot soldiers staring at him from behind their masks, some cloth hidden some accessorized with gas masks or half faced respirators. He stared one down knowing it's eyes were following him.

He walked past as they stood watching him go, turning to the elevator. From what just happened, he wasn't expected on the guest list for the evening. Hun chuckled in the elevator lightly, remaining perfectly still as the button glowed above the other reaching the next floor. The sixth floor is where it stopped, and where Hun half lifted his magnum. The smell of a recently vacuumed carpet reached his nose. Breathing in stale air he strode forward into the dark office, one lamp lit up a figure standing by a desk, someone sitting in a one size office chair. Windows lining the wall, showing off the streets.

"What is your business here . . .We did not arrange a meeting with you"

"Surprise , Karai . . ."

Karai stood from her chair, a black blazer and lexington button down made this womans appearance far from what she really was. Dark eyes followed Hun to the window as he lifted his magnum looking up at it with an almost amused admiration for the object. Karai's personal bodyguard, footsoldier original uniform and all pulled out a Katana at the ready.

Karai lifted a hand to him, signaling to lower his weapon.

"If you do not have information reguarding the job you were paid for, we have no further business together" Karai said smoothly as it reached his ears.

"There was a raid on one of my warehouses last night, one of my associates has gone missing".

Karai's eyes looked locked onto something he said, like he struck a chord with her.

"One of your soldiers went last night to pick up an update . . .Where is that soldier now?" Hun asked still holding up the gun like it was a light toy or cigarette he nonchalantely had out of his coat.

Karai looked sideways to her second in command giving a nod, he left the room quickly and silently just as if he never left. Hun watched him leave, Karai just stared at him, as if waiting for him to continue.

"Even if my ninja were involved, they would not have initiated an attack without my order" She addressed him with a light tilt of her head, her bangs bobbing to the side in a sweep.

"And did you happen to give an order"

"No orders were given"

"I just find it more than a coincedince that one of your intel would show up to my warehouse and leave without noticing my dragons getting jumped, and another going missing".

"Hai" Her personal body guard walked through the door, another in the same uniform followed, this one unmasked. An asian face with dark eyes, stared over at Hun.

"Did you notice anything strange carrying out your task". Karai asked smoothly. Full attention turned to the footsoldier she had dispatched to send a message to whomever Hun had put in charge to double check any progress or leads.

"No" He answered her in english. "Mr. Hansen and Mr. Hun's men were perfectly fine when I left, they were loading trucks and had made no progress . . ."

"Moving?" Karai asked

"Temporarily relocating" Hun answered lowly, slightly irritated.

"It would seem your soldiers are not so well trained in subtelty" Karai amused herself lightly in a flat tone.

"In yet you hire my dragons to do a job that not even the footclan will touch" Hun pulled up a smirk on his right side folding his arms, smugly.

Karai fixed a stone stare one that Hun knew she could answer but refused to, damn woman keeping everything a mystery when it was his branch of the Saki tree that suffered.

"While were scouring the city for these so called 'lost lambs' that you put such a heavy price on . . . You sit up here waiting for the day the foot can rebuild, Master Shredder would be so proud"

Karai's eyes narrowed and Hun felt a sword reach just the bottom of his chin, barely touching the scruff from his last shave.

"Since you are here, we have business to discuss" Karai pulled her sword in looking out towards the window.

"The only business I'll be discussing is the matter of who jumped my men the other night and where a high ranking dragon boss of several years dissapeared to . . .If it wasn't the foot clan . . .Then I think you know whose involved".

Karai's eyes narrowed, turning somewhat surprised around the expression she hid.

"We've seen signs of them . . .my dragons bringing me back reports of being jumped by costumed vigilantes from the dark. With extensive skill in martial arts and seeming to come in and out of no where".

Hun smirked, he loved watching her squirm internally. Karai might not show anger or fear in the face but her movements went from smooth to small light jerks in the opposite direction, her eyes narrowed looking out the window as if expecting to see something, or someone there watching her back.

"They perished in the fire that was set to consume The shredder" She said smoothly as if she had set her mind against it.

"If what you say is true, my ninja would have seen them"

"Are you saying the death of purple dragon members and the dissappearance of a particular purple dragon associate of mine, is mere coincedince?" Hun felt inwardly edged that she was ignoring this.

"It is not my problem if you cannot keep watch over your men"

"It becomes a fuckin' problem when were hired to find two needles in a haystack who're bein' hidden by these god damned shadows that YOU failed to make sure was dead along with the shredder"

Karai's eyes widened slightly, and he was sure she was about to throw a verbal whiplash. "What evidence do you have to suggest this theory is true? That your 'associate' did not abandon you".

"The night of that freak storm, a tornado half formed over the city. Green and black clouds . . .something straight out of a twister movie. You called . . . hiring me and my dragons to find two individuals who would be, ' under the storm', with corresponding coordinates to where they would be located. I had half my dragons on the lower east side out lookin', One of my better guys found two young white females, who took off running the second they were stopped. One of them was killed that night, chasing them down. The other a critical witness who said that they were ambushed by vigilantes in costume . . . "

Hun could sense Karai's thoughts leaning towards his. "If you bring us evidence of these phantoms . . . you will be paid for your trouble" Karai said smooth and nonchalantely. "For now concentrate on your theory, and leave the task for which you were hired aside . . ."

"What about the Tur-"

"Until you bring the foot clan proof otherwise, they are as dead as the shredder". She said lightly, enforcing her damn fantasy that those mutant freaks of nature were as dead as her daddy dearest.

Hun felt like he'd just been slapped. The one thing that would pay their income after all the damage they took in the last few months, was being replaced with something just as hard. Proof that those freaks were still alive. The rat who was responsible for Master Shredder's face being torn and scarred, the pet of one of Master Shredders enemies. Mutated with four large demon freaks of nature . . .

(Seeing isn't believing)

Kelly sat infront of him, she didn't wanna be too close but Master Splinter was sitting closer to him on a pillow on the floor. His eyes were still covered, head lowered. Bethany was watching from behind the doorway. She decided to immediately give up the school paperwork to watch, Master Splinter thought it would be a fantastic idea, and she was being sarcastic, to have Kelly talk to this guy. A purple dragon who had been hunting her for months.

Kelly sat unsure for a minute, Bethany felt a slight pull towards her and the dragon member sitting on the floor. Bethany gave an unemotional stare back at the man sitting on the floor drinking tea and eating a bagel with Master Splinter who had been talking with him the last hour.

Kelly wasn't shaking or anything but she felt her friends uneasyness. Master Splinters presence in the room might make herself and Kell feel safe but . . .This man could do anything at any moment, and Bethany couldn't believe this guy was here and still alive. She chewed at the end of her hair, realizing her curls were going out when she pulled on a strand, letting herself become distracted.

'Damn I need to re-do my roots' Bethany tugged at her own hair looking it over.


Bethany's eyes suddenly flashed from her hair to Kelly on the floor. Master Splinter looked intent, those dark eyes and his rat ears stiffened.

"Hello" he answered Kelly back not moving his head. "Did . . .I trip over 'you' earlier? young lady" He asked her. Beth wanted to scoff , he was talking to Kelly like he was her father or something of the like. Apparently this guy had kids, or that's what she heard from down the hall. Master Splinter wanted to actually speak with this person, this person who was just one part of many who sought to kill them, his family . . .It didn't make any intelligible sense to her or to her common sense which was pricking at the back of her senses that this was wrong. Bethany felt herself mentally rant, only stopping her thoughts when Kelly actually spoke to this man.

"Yeah, you did" She said short stopped. Bethany wasn't sure if Kelly was trying to be polite or abrupt but she secretly wanted her to verbally rip the mans head off.

"I didn't mean to startle you, it wasn't my intention" He said straight forward and apologetic. His neck still bent at a 45 degree angle, like he was permanently bowing, his back evenly straight.

Kelly nodded knowing he couldn't see her nod, turning her head slightly to tug a strand of her own hair, nervous reflex.

'He did alot more than just 'startle' the poor girl' Bethany crossed her arms leaning against the doorway lightly.

"I know it's not really my business but I'm going to ask anyway, young lady . . ."

Kelly wasn't sure whether he was parenting her or if thats how he talked all the time. She definitely wasn't comfortable with giving this guy any information about her, Beth, Brandace or the rest of them.

"Okay" She answered with a half nervous giggle, it was a reflex she wish she didn't have.

"Do you know why Hun is after you . . .and your friend?" He asked straightforward and honestly. Kelly turned at the sound of Beth in the doorway stalking off looking upset.

"We didn't do anything . . ." She suddenly felt frustrated and confused. This guy was one of them, he's supposed to know. If he didn't know then they'd never figure it out.

"You must've done something, know someone, or witnessed something bad maybe?" He asked in a light voice, like he was talking down to her.

"Where are your parents, do they know what kind of situation you're in?" He asked, lightly. Master Splinter wasn't saying anything and Kelly felt confused. She didn't wanna be talking to this guy , or telling him anything that might get any of them in trouble.

"No" She answered, Master Splinter wasn't stopping her from answering anything but she wasn't sure what to say and what NOT to say.

"Why are you after us? Your supposed to know" She asked feeling pent up distressed tears dam up behind her eyes, refusing to cry or even make a sound. He doesnt know? He's been chasing us and giving me nightmares for months . . .and he doesnt know . . .ANYTHING?

"I'm just a middle man honey, I'm sorry." This guy actually called her Honey? Kelly stood up and walked out of the room upset. Master Splinter put a clawed hand up to stop Bethany from walking in and yelling at the guy still sitting on the floor.

"But he's-"

"Bethany . . .Let it go" Master Splinter said her name forcefully before finishing sympathetically. Bethany turned pointing a finger at the man on the floor and walking away cursing under her breath.

Donatello turned his face back to his work, he'd been tri-angulating the constellation map from the night they appeared, what constellations were directly around their side of the hemisphere and if any events were coming up this year from NASA that could generate the same type of energy.

normally he'd be fixating his research capabilities on another topic. Not just space and time theories and inquiries. But in this case with the way things were going, they needed leads, badly.

Bethany walked towards the bathroom fuming. Donatello looked up, big mistake.

"It's incredible dont you think!?" Bethany lifted a hand in a 'I can't believe it' fashion.

"Oh?" He answered acting oblivious. His headset falling on his lap, fumbling to sit straight and be courteous.

"How can you stand it!? That 'man' is in there talking to Kelly like he's her damn father for christ sake! He doesnt even know why were being targeted . . .What's he here for then?" Bethany held her arms out in a 'so tell me!' stance, obviously . . .upset.

"First, your not the one being targeted, fortunate for you, your situation isn't as dire. Secondly It was a gamble taking a chance that he might know vital information that would be important for all of you, as well as my brothers and I" Donatello said putting his headset back on, feeling Bethany bore daggers of mental anguish into the back of his shell.

"How long is he going to be here?" Bethany's voice softened to an exhasperated sigh, Donatello noticed she probably felt a little outspoken under the circumstances, he'd let it go.

"Not long if things go well, if this really is all he knows and so long as he's kept the blindfold on the entire time as agreed, we can drop him off somewhere and dissappear . . ." Donatello started tapping away at keys.

He didn't look up, already knowing her face was contorting one of confusion and irritability of someone who had more to say and absolutely wanted to share it. He could understand her feeling bothered by it, but they had questions that needed answering. It was unfortunate that they didn't have much to go on to counter attack any future attempts from the purple dragons . . .Or the foot.

His brothers were content to let things rest for now. He could research, theorize and hypothesize, while they were off doing their own thing. But this man couldn't stay with them for much longer, not only will he need nutritional, and hygenical care, Which he was sure none of them wanted to personally assist in. But the more time they spent away from finding an answer that this man didn't have, was time wasted where they could be looking for it elsewhere.

NY, NY . . .73 degrees, cloudy with a 40 percent chance of showers, and cloud cover into next week. A refreshing way to start off the end of spring into summer, before the weather became aggressively hot and he would have to adjust the air conditioning for everyone living in the underground home.

Donatello wiped his forehead with the back of his hand, breathing out slowly staring at the animated star chart of the night which the indicident occurred. Coordinates and angles and the moon phase suggests nothing out of the ordinary. But maybe it's in the ordinary way of things . . .where the the spark ignited. Causing a large half formed swirl over New York City, a massive but short storm.

'December, Humanity will historically witness something that hasn't occurred in the past 4 billion years, reported by observers from the Los Angeles Griffith observatory, one of the most popular and re-visited observatories nationally and internationally. They will witness the passing event of a gas cloud being pulled into a black hole, completely testing Einsteins theory of gravity and relativity. It will be the first in human history that complex thinking organisms will witness a black hole intaking something substantial in matter.' . . .

Donatello paused . . . Could be a decent break through. A black hole would be unlikely, no one would survive the pressure let alone be able to travel through one, not in one whole piece anyway.

He heard Bethany stalk down the hall towards where her own designated room would be. 'And they definitely are here in one piece'. Slight damage . . . not the typical damage you would see on someone who took more than a 30 story fall from the sky. Unless something gravitational was involved. But what? . . .

It was repeating itself over and over the same questions, and it was starting to discourage him. Donatello sighed going for a cup of coffee.

"Guess it's back to the text books" He thought printing off a copy of the star chart placing it with the 'Theory' pile which had reduced and been shortened in the past few months.

The entrance opened and closed. Raph just got home, looking like he hadn't slept decently in any recent amount of time, barely missing the makeshift coat rack.

"I smell . . .Pepperoni . . .Extra cheese" Michelangelo got off his arcade game.

"How does he do that?" Brandace stopped short whispering to Raph who oddly chuckled. He felt theyed been developing on social terms lately, Donatello noticed stretching his arms over the back of his chair.

"When he's hungry his senses become equivalent of that to a K9 drug dog" Donatello answered, overhearing Brandace whisper out loud shaking her head and smiling, almost secretive.

"So, they still at it?" Raphael asked as if he could care less what was going on in the household.

"Well Master Splinters' been with him for the past couple of hours, obvioulsy it must be going well".

"You mean you havent checked?" Raph stopped short.

"I've been pre-occupied" Donatello waved star charts and coordinate maps infront of his brothers face while they both stared the other down.

"Thanks for picking me up" Brandace said over their staring contest.

"Sure" Raphael answered both brothers still staring at eachother in a slightly tense atmosphere but both faces calm.

"Sounds like you had other things planned besides watching over the household gang member" Donatello turned back to his computer, Raphael grabbed his brothers soda can crushing it and tossing it aside.

"It wouldn't have helped anyway, he doesnt have anything offensive we can use, the most we know is that . . .the Foots' involved, and that their back". Leonardo's voice spoke smoothly, but the edge of what he just said wasn't taken out of it in the slightest. They all knew the seriousness of what that meant.

Back to days when they only went out when they had to, watching over eachothers shoulder at every turn. Underground alarm triggers going off from people searching for them. Usually in all the wrong places, but there were a few close calls where they had to shut down the power to the home in order to be absolutely sure they wouldn't be found out or tracked down. Their friends, April and Casey had to be carefull every turn they made and watch where they went during the day, not going out after evening hours if it could be avoided.

Donatello recalled one night when Michelangelo went out to get supplies, they couldn't get ahold of him for hours. Master Splinter was so worried he paced the living room like it was a constant reflex. When he did come back with groceries, they were all ready to go out and find him. He was caught up in an alley on fourth, groceries in his arms, the main way home was blocked by a foot search and had to find another way home undetected.

Now with three more added to the bill, they couldn't afford much less be able to take on another time of hiding like that again.

His more logical but cynical side felt regret towards the situation. Three girls whose only tie to them was that they happened to know who they were. Now they were associated together in a dangerous combination which attracted not only the basic baddies on top level, but the now resurfacing foot clan. All they knew that 'they' knew was that he and his brothers were now involved with these three. By the mutal fact that, they knew who they were from another life, outside of their reality.

"A bagel . . .bagel . . . and coffee . . .dark roast" He said standing up, hand on his forehead.

"Reality" . . .He repeated after thinking the word.

(Internal sweat)

"I try not to get personal . . .It keeps me and my girls safe" Greg admitted to whomever this older man was with him on the floor of this cold basement like room he was in.

"I understand" Master Splinter replied back to the man. Kelly left when this gang member that his sons had brought home, began to express sincererity of the situation she was in. Even admitting that she was like one of his own children.

"Or at least she sounds like my youngest" Greg said again. He wondered if this was stockholm syndrome, this man that was sitting with him, that he couldn't see, seemed to make him feel at ease. He wanted to talk, to speak with someone outside of Hun, or the dragon organization. To ninjas in video game apparel, and people scraped off the street to fill in the void jobs that no one else wanted in the pee wee leagues, that he so often had to deal with.

'It's been awhile since I heard her, or spent time with the girls . . .'

His wife, his girls . . . He'd always be too busy . . .and the word 'Daddy' became a pipedream. Pulled off to work, all hours, any day, any time. He could single out and remember the last time he tucked either of his girls in, or made love to his wife, two months ago. Too long . . .way too long, and it took being kidnapped and thrown into the guilt trip of his life to have it slammed in his face that he's spent too much time from home, and too much with a man who could make his wife a widow . . .and his kids fatherless.

"So . . .what happens now" Greg asked fearing the slight end of this midlife nightmare. Being treated less like a business hostage and more like a tea party guest, there was that slight chance this could all go to shit, and he'd end up in the hudson in pieces.

There was a quiet pause in the room, he could no longer hear the older man breathing or moving beside him diagnally.

"That depends on you" A familiar voice said apparently on que.

"On me" Greg repeated wondering if this was bonified legit that he had a shot of getting back home alive or if it was a set up to a sociopathic mind game that he'd have to play.

"What'll you do now, that you know"

That voice went deeper, almost sent chills up his spine. It could be a reflex from the earlier hours when he had a sharp end jabbed against his jugular.

"I dont have any real information to give Hun even he were to give two shits up to ask". He wondered if this was the part where he was supposed to plea deal with the captors about how it would be beneficial 'not' to kill him. "I know that young lady I tripped over and spoke to earlier . . .is one of the ones he's after".

There was a short pause and it was a damn uncomfortable one. 'Shouldn't have said that, fuck' . "Reminds me of my youngest back home"

'Nice save asshole' He told himself for security.

"Better yet . . .how 'bout I ask you instead" . He ended waiting for a response to his attempt at saving his own ass, that sweat was starting to bead up against his brow, the blind mask had to be soaked through.

Leonardo stared at this man, Master Splinter had been talking to him for over an hour or so. On a comfortable level even, like he'd been invited over for tea and moon cakes. He didn't approve instinctually but . . .it meant something if Master Splinter was giving him a nod, a nod to confirm that this purple dragon would not only get to leave this home alive, but that this New york city crime boss sounded sincere enough to earn it.

Maybe it was guilt by association, They may have thrown him into the exact same equation as Hun but being a purple dragon and foot clan associate didn't help this man's case any, not in his eyes, or the eyes of his brothers.

Theres no guarantee he wont send word back to Hun about being in contact with Kelly, or giving him even the slightest description of his family by voice, and numbers of them.

Leonardo put a hand on his left side sword in a reflex pulling it from the sheath slightly. Master Splinters eyes narrowed in slight confusion and watchfulness at his sons actions. "Hm?"

There was also no guarantee he would be of any help to them once they let him go.

Leonardo, not looking at his father pushed the katana back in it's sheath standing at ease over looking this man, this purple dragon.

(All is fair in War)

"His wife hasn't gotten any phone calls, no ransom, no leads"

"Anywhere he'd go if he left on his own?"

"She checked their summer cabin upstate, empty" Duncan stood outside a 7-11 havin' a smoke. On a pre paid cell with Hun, the cops use the cell phone towers to track calls now, he had to drive 10 minutes away and use an untraceable number . . . pain in the ass.

"I just had a meeting with our benefactors . . .Our game just changed, major league baseball just turned to a game of fuckin' I-Spy". Huns voice sounded ticked off, Duncan wasn't used to him admitting infront of 'anybody' that something went wrong in the boss' deck of cards.

"They gonna help us find Greg?"

"Better, were gonna find the shitheads who do have him and then get paid for it" Huns voice went from pissed off to smug.

"They put a price up!?" Duncan felt a wave of 'didn't see that one comin'.

"I'll put down the details at the next meet, If we pull this off, this could be the biggest pay day we ever hit"

Duncan felt an internal spasm, this meant the pressure was definitely on.

"I want this kept between us and the daddy dragons, strict pg 13 material. I dont want the pee wees gettin' a whiff of anythin' yet".

Duncan shivered he could almost hear Huns smile over the line.

"I'll set it up" Duncan hung up. blowing out the last puff of smoke and stampin' out his ciggarette heading back to his car.

(Deuces are wide)

"Are you sure that's the way you wanna go?" Donatello leaned over the side of his chair head quirked.

"Right, cuz mr. Compassionate gets to make all the decisions" Raphael snapped in cynicism.

"Master Splinters word on it is final, were taking him back" Leonardo said firmly staring both his brothers down.

"I dunno dudes, he aint exactly got the trustworthy vibe" Michelangelo tuned in.

"Yes Mikey we got that" Leonardo answered back a little hard.

"Obviously you dont' got it, cuz otha'wise Mikey wouldn't be makin' more sense than you" Raphael countered back quickly in, ready to charge head into it.

"I'm not starting with you Raph" Leonardo answered with a firm stare and matching shake of his head.

Leonardo sighed raising his left hand halfway to his head in frustration.

"He doesn't know this location, he barely glimpsed Kelly, he wouldn't have anything to give them that would be useful" Leonardo rebuttled.

His brothers were mostly against letting this guy go easy. Each in their own way.
"He's got a family" Leonardo added.

the response was groans.

"Yeah while we hide in the dark, he gets off tormentin' ours, and you want him off scott free just cuz he's got 'family" Raphael uncrossed his arms.

"He has a wife and kids"

"So does every otha' human"

"What would you rather have us DO then Raph" Leonardo's voice boomed, echoing the walls.

"Enough" . . .

The shadow of a rat form darkened a space on the wall, tail gliding across the floor with it.

"My sons, I raised you to know better".

Each one of his sons faces stared back, either directly or from the side.

"I know that our family, and our friends have suffered under the weight of those who would do us harm". He looked at each one in the face directly, like it was constant practice. "We know that they do not care and do more harm to others than good. But that does not mean we . . .do not care".

Each one of his sons was kneeling in a line, normal form.

"Even though we live below, it is inevitable that we could be caught up in the world above. And that while they do not see the lives they hurt, they do not know, or care to know, the pain to others they cause . . .You my sons, do. You each show a fierce loyalty to the other, cover eachothers weaknesses and become eachothers strengths. Compassion is a key quality that each of you possess. While others might ignore it, you do not".

"Yes Sensei" they each said at the same time, all of them knowing that . . .

"You know what you must do" He directed almost question like, hands behind his back holding his walking stick.

Each one stood up, following the other and leaving the room.

(Whered you Go: Fort Minor)

'Didn' want him here anyway . . .but it aint gonna be better him runnin' his mouth ta the purple dragons" Raphael thought helpin' the guy up off the floor.

"Going somewhere?" Greg Hansen asked, stone cold question.


Raphael didn't pull on the guy too hard, just helped him off the floor, leadin' him out where Donny and Leo were waitin'. Mikey musta gone ahead to get the Van.

Greg didn't feel any sharp objects against his skin, nothing prodding him, just a firm grasp on his upper arm . . .whoevers hand this was, was large, it fit almost around his entire upper arm.

He didn't feel the blindfold being messed with either. This was it . . .

"Turn 'here" That thick new york accented voice told him.

'Here' another voice said quietly. Whether it was to him or the big guy guiding him along he didn't know, he didn't ask.

There was a long walk, or at least it was long to him. His body still ached from the previous hours before he was suddenly offered green tea and buscuits. He wondered about that old man that asked him about his kids, was that just a comfort act , or were they takin' him back to the warehouse?

'Could be takin' you out to get it done'

it was 50/50, and his chances werent looking so terrific with his previous employment track record.

"Step up, seat in front of ya" He felt cold leather seats under him, not cold metal floor this time. Might be just a courtesy act, or so he wont get away.

Not that he could get out if he wanted. Surrounded by three of them maybe? Maybe they'll take the blindfold off before they shoot him, so he can count.

'Funny . . .i'm thinkin' about countin how many there are, fuck'.

He felt an ache or pull at his limbs with every bump this vehicle made. There was a light static radio sound.

'Whered you go? I miss you so, seems like it's been forever that you've been gone '

God dammit, this kinda song would be on at a time like this. He was never a man to cry but . . .All he could think about was them.

Francesca and Sophie . . . He wouldn't get to see his oldest go through highschool, and bring home boys he'd have to set straight before setting an unreasonable curfew.

Flashback images of Sophie waddling up the stairs in a pink night outfit pullin' her teddybear up with her while Karen . . . Karen would tuck her in.

Karen, she'd wrap her arms around him when he stayed up too late readin' the paper, or watching the news. Whispering in his ear to come to bed . . .They'd be up half the night or at least until Sophie cried from a nightmare.

'I've been with Hun since we were kids . . .I could see the hurt in their eyes. Daddy not bein' home, a husband not coming home another night . . .fuck'. He could see it, but didn't do a damn thing, so long as the mortgage was being paid and his girls could go to good schools.

The days he'd come home and she'd beg him, Karens eyes would be red from crying all night. To quit the damn job.

When Francesca had a soccer game, or Sophie had girlscouts or a ballay recital . . . They'd beg him to go.

"I'm a terrible father"

He realized he said that out loud without thinkin'. No one said anything and he thought it would go ignored.


He lifted his head slightly. "My kids and wife deserve better, a dad that comes home . . .a husband that stays".

"So do it"

The more loose voice said with the expression like it was obvious.

"Kinda late for that"

The ride was smoothed over with the occasional pot hole or turn. He could feel his shoulder bump with the big guy beside him's taller and bigger one.

"Maybe" Another voice answered him.

'I'm gonna die . . . that was it right there . . .if I wasnt he would've said somethin' different'.

"You love y'er kids and wife so much, why didn't ya get out . . .while ya still could" The big guy next to him with the rougher brooklyn accent muttered.

"I blinked . . .I've known Hun since I was a kid . . .Guess gettin' married and then havin' kids was a side attract . . .I missed it". Greg felt the heaviness of his own words.

The Van pulled to a smooth stop along with his gut. He could almost hear himself losin' every inch of manhood he had to cry and plead for his own ass. 'My daughters dont have a father that cries and pleads . . .They'll know I died honest , for them'.

"Step down"

Greg put his right foot down first feeling concrete. The big guy gave a light shove gripping the back of his shirt a little before letting it go. There was a pull back noise . . .'A gun cocked'.

This is it

"You were never kidnapped . . ."


"And you never met anyone their looking for" That same voice repeated another time.

"I thought you fixed this door?"

That pull back noise . . .

"I'll work on it at home"

was the door

"and . . .It's never too late to take care of your family, but I'd get on it"

Greg felt his head spinning, afraid to feel anything.

The sound of the vehicle moving, he stood in the same spot. The sound of a van door slamming shut sideways.

It was ten seconds and three held back breaths later but there was no sound. Everything was unmoving, silenced and unmoving.

He lifted his fingers to the blind fold pulling up slowly, almost half expecting to hear someone tell him not to right behind him. He lifted it from his eyes lookin down the street. This was his street . . .

They gave him a ride home.

The cloth fell from his hands onto some neighbors grass. He didn't care when the steps on the perfectly paved sidewalk reminded him of how sore he was, or when the sprinklers turned on and soaked through his shirt and pants.

It was like breathing fresh air for the first time.

Greg Hansen walked up to his door, the lights were still on inside past the oval shaped designed window. He saw someone walk across the living room into the kitchen.

His house . . .the one that his parents said would take until retirement to pay off, never looked more beautiful.

That same body, Karen in a white over shirt, probably his walked passed the door again while he stood there. This time it stopped. He didn't move when he saw her walk in a hurry to the door opening it, and staring at him. She threw the rest open and ran at him.


Karen jumped up hugging him, those eyes red again.



It was like seeing the world in slow motion, He fell over onto the sidewalk taking the blunt of the blow while Karan helped him sit up not letting go. Sophie threw her little arms around his neck kissing his cheek, Francesca had the front hugging him and her mother at the same time crying.

"Daddy we didn't know where you were!"

"I'm- I'm sorry" Greg felt his own voice stutter, tears gushing out kissing his wife on the forehead and hugging his girls taking in both their faces.

(Not just on lifetime)

Leonardo didn't ask Don to stop at the end of the street. They all were looking back. Not something you witness every day in real life. A man who realized how much he loved his wife and kids.

"Wonder if he'll do it" Donatello thought out loud putting the van in drive.

"He will" Leonardo thought quietly out loud too.

No one rebuttled back.