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I'll tell you a tale of the bottomless blue

and it's hey to the starboard

Heave Ho!

Look out lad

a Mermaid be waiting for you

in mysterious fathoms below

Fathoms Below!


from whence wayword westerlies blow

Where Triton is King

and his merpeople sing

in mysterious fathoms below

Heave ho, Heave ho

Heave ho, heave ho

Heave Ho

In mysterious fathoms


The water over the east river was on it's usual course. It was 2 A.M on the dot when Donny announced it. The city was still alive but a little quieter on the east side of town. Leonardo had this song replaying itself in his mind. Kelly was playing it with Michelangelo earlier before everyone finally bedded down for the night. Master Splinter gave his blessing on apparently, auditioning for a school play, with a few safety stipulations from what he heard of it.

Yeah, she's tryin' out for Arial but she says she doesnt mind if she get's somethin' else'.

It was the main topic of Michelangelo's talking before they started the run. He talked of her often . . .

'Dudes, you will not believe how vicious she was on Nazi Zombies today'

'Hey, did you check out Kelly on the board today? Yeah, she learned it from yours truly'.

Leonardo amused by his little brothers' facination of Kelly Smith sometimes. When he wasn't already excited about free comic book day, or an upcoming movie or game.

. . . but typically on a run his little brother would mostly just enjoy being out of the lair. He brought his skateboard this time, half piping across a billboard stand, swinging down with a whoop of freedom.

Tonight was quiet, no purple dragon activity . . . odd but relieving, and also suspicious. Maybe they were laying off the activity, with the NYPD watching Hun's every move after those drug busts. Not to mention the talk of an organized serial abduction of local New York women in the area still hasn't died down. They either were keeping a low profile, or Hun knew that his movements were limited on both sides.

'All it takes is one wrong move, one misstep'

Leonard contemplated, watching over the river and the cars going across the bridge. The noise interrupted with a loud pound of a disgruntled Raphael. Nothing suspicious going on was sometimes worse than something happening, or nothing to go down, for his action oriented brother to be impatient. If something happened and Raph caught wind of it over the news, he'd be impatient and disgruntled, wanting nothing more than to storm out of the lair, to take care of business himself. But after awhile, if nothing happened, Raphael would either enjoy the peace, or be impatient with no outlet. Tonight, with the possible sight of the shredder and the purple dragons laying low, his brothers . . .and even himself . . .were on sharpened edge.

Even he couldn't deny that the image of Karai having returned to New York, put him at unease. He flexed his muscle in slight irritation before jumping down onto a fire escape taking another jump to catch the one across with his right arm, pulling himself up effortlessly and climbing up to the next buildings rooftop. Carefull not go near lit windows.

I already went back to the old Saki enterprise building, there was nothing there but ashes and burnt relics, and the memory of when the Shredder ruled. Powerful, and no one except a small few knew just how powerfull he really was. He had politicians and even police officers under his control.

"If he is back , where would they go . . .the saki building is still up for renovation. It hasn't been touched since the fire" Donatello asked out loud, like his brother knew what he was thinking.

"There's no if's Donny, it was him that night . . .covered in bandages, watching us. Karai didn't want us to know he was there. She wouldn't have tried so hard to keep us at bay and away from the wing".

"Even if it wasn't him, it still aint good news for us if she's in New York. What I wanna know, is what were gonna do about it".

Leave it to Raph to be forward.

"She's protecting him, which means he's still weak . . . we find him and finish what we should've made sure of that night . . ." Leonardo answered much to the surprised look on Donatello's face. Even Mikey looked taken back by the answer, being blunt and brute like was Raphs bid, no matter how foreboding.

The fact that he's alive, means that they . . . that he, failed. Avenging Master Splinters master, and protecting their family.

"This has to be methodically planned out, that building where Karai was housing him . . . would've gone undetected on anyone's radar until Casey went on his vigilante rampage".

"Plus I think she's seen his face bro . . ." Mikey added pointing out the fact.

"We wont go for the obvious, I already checked the old Saki building" Leonardo half whispered.

"It still hasn't been renovated after all this time? You'd think the city would buy the building". Donatello tried making sense. New York was already undergoing change, they were tearing down or renewing old foreclosed homes and buildings. Making it harder for them, the more the city ventured in it's quest for a cleaner city, the harder it was to live here undetected.

People are more likely to believe in vampires, than four mutated turtles and a mutated rat living in an abandoned subway station under the city. Along with the sewer gator story that became so popular back in the 60's? . . .yeah that's right I believe . . . When workers actually found one living in the sewers. -

Taking one last look at the river, they all took off. Pounding off cold concrete.

"If we're going to look for a snake . . ."

"Better start with dragons" Leonardo finished after Donatello openly stated the obvious. If they wanted to find evidence of the Shredder, any possible fact to show he was still alive in the city, they had to start with the next possible source, someone who would have access to the shredder other than Karai, but not someone too upscale who wouldn't sound the alarm should they be discovered. 'Hun'.

(Cold Case)

It's been weeks, months since they had any reports of purple dragon gang activity.

Hanna Lennarow watched her captain down his second cup of coffee at two A.M. He hadn't been home since the day before yesterday. One of the guys caught him taking a nap on his desk. A magnifying glass going over old news paper clippings and files of Purple dragon gang members, local heists, and warehouse fires in the past decade.

But that didn't stop Gerhard.

She bit her lower lip slightly worried, her last attempt at gaining a witness and leverage nearly cost her misconduct. Her captain had to save her record saying she was acting on his order. They had to keep their nose the grindstone after that, the commission was looking at them ever so closely now.

The case was still open, and the parents and families of the abducted girls and young women were either banging their office doors for answers, or calling with follow up questions like "Have the bastards been caught yet, I heard there was a kidnapping of a girl (Their daughters name) age over in Soho.

She could only answer that they have some leads but they can't discuss them due to an open case. The FBI help had quieted down, they went back to their offices leaving the precinct to do work on their own. Which Gerhard didn't seem to upset about, he almost seemed relieved.

That relief hides something else . . .

She grabbed the captains lunch for him, since yesterday he forgot, and he probably wouldn't eat without someone pushing it on him, or insisting. On his desk before she set down his pastrami on rye was a familiar file and photo. Hun Severonson, leader of the Purple dragons, those eyes shining serious and sinister in the photo.

He's obsessed.


She nearly stumbled over his office chairs when her captains voice creeped up behind her. "Captain, I just left your lunch"

"Thanks rookie, but butt kissing is usually McDackie's job".

"You havent eaten since yesterday"

She let him pass her to the front of his desk, his navy blue uniform suited him well but didn't hide the fatigue on his face or the droop growing in his eyes, and the fact he hasn't had a decent shave in a week.

She watched him hide Hun Severonson's file under the stack.

"Were showing concern now Hanna?" Her captain joked. She didnt' think it was funny.

"I'm sorry Lennarow, But to be frank . . . were running out of time. I'm getting more and more cases on my desk, with more and more people calling for answers we dont have, or answers I can't give without evidence to support it". Gerhard expressed the dilemma.

"The panties were a bust but there's bound to be evidence left over from that scene, let me take a team down there and we'll scour the warehouse again".

"I wouldn't stop you, but the fire department still hasn't radio'd me that the environment is stable enough for a search. You'll need masks and equipment, and I have to get a pass from The fire chief"

"Why him?"

"They still havent determined if the fire was accidental, and there were no bodies uncovered, it was handed to another precinct". Jack emphasized on the hidden value. If they wanted in that warehouse again, they'd have to get permission or take the case . . . without raising suspicion as to why.

"Why not go public with this captain-"

"It is my decision as captain to decide whether or not this investigation goes public, detective". Suddenly her captains tone whipped at her rebuttle. He's becoming defensive.

"If I might say so . . .Your obsession with Hun severonson is becoming unlike you captain" Hanna tried to give him the most pleading look she could, to soften the blow of her words. It worked . . . His expression softened as he wiped his face with his left hand, proof of exhaustion.

Sometimes she had that affect on him, that daughterly connection that no one else in the station could have, and most of the time it served it's purpose to get what she wanted as un moral as that sounded. In this case it was the good of everyone involved.

"You have permission to round up the forensic team, I'll talk to Scott and the fire chief, but you're NOT to go in without masks and a firemans team on standby, am I clear detective".

"Yes Captain" She nodded before rushing out in her heels before he could change his mind.

A second look at that place might give them something they over looked, any clues right now any hidden connections in that burnt rubble and tin pile could potentially push this case forward.

(9:00 PM)

"Captain I thought I had the go ahead?!" Hanna couldn't believe what she was hearing, and this time she didn't care if she sounded snappy with Gerhard. It was late at night, and she was expecting a forensics team to show up at her beckoning call the moment she got the okay from her captain. No one else was around the burnt rubble, no homeless, no witnesses or bystanders and no sign of purple dragon gang members. Rule number one for criminals, never return to the scene of the crime.

She sat back with a defeated angry sigh in her car, letting go of the steering wheel.

She listened while he gave her the default answer, he couldn't work it passed the other precinct captain who was now in charge of the warehouse fire case. Plus the fire chief was out for the week on a fireman's convention in Ontario. In other words . . .

'Gonna have to wait on it Lennarow', and those were her captains exact words. Like a pin to her balloon that she had been pumping all day.

Now the warehouse only 20 feet infront of her, setting in the parking lot. Was out of her reach to legally search. They already had a warrant under a Judge to search it, but with the case no longer in their hands.

'SHIT . . . shitshitshitshitshit!'

Lenarrow let herself curse in the comfort of her car, no one else was around to witness her spurt, hitting the steering wheel and honking the horn a couple of times hitting it.

Breathe Hanna . . . in . . .breathe out slowly . . .Whooooooooo

Breathe in . . .breathe out slowly . . .Whooooooo

. . .

This wasn't right, and this wasn't fair . . .all those girls who were probably in their beds right now. Thinking back to the horrors inflicted on them, the terror they felt, the paranoia they reportedly suffer from now. Those girls were counting on her, on the department, to find the men who did this to them. . .

I'm not letting up on this, If Jack wants to do this thing behind the scenes, then I'll take it one step further. . .

Her thoughts went to a girlfriend she had uptown, she worked for an underground fashion magazine, a photographer. She knew back street fashion like it was nobody's business. Maybe she wouldn't mind dressing up for a good cause.

Hanna Lenarrow got out of her car, flashlight in hand. As a police officer she could get away with fibs such as . . .'I heard a lound sound from inside the structure and double checked the area to be sure no one crossed the tape . . .'

Because that would be believeable, should anyone ask.

She slipped in past the door, closing it quietly. Gun at the ready on her holster, flashlight pointed in the direction of the main warehouse area. She pulled her shirt up over her nose, the air might not be completely breatheable yet from the fire, heaven knows if any chemicals were caught in it.

The sounds of the city were far from where she was. It was as if the building itself were hushed, completely oblivious to the city that never slept. There was fallen ceiling debris, but nothing out of the ordinary. The dragon's got this place cleaned up before they had the chance to get in.

we should've woken up the judge and pushed for that order earlier that morning.

The fact the panties she found in a van on the lot were worthless, along with a very uncooperating witness. It still got to her, itched in her head. They went through this place up and down until the fire. Now any trace evidence was burned up, along with a good portion of the partially caved ceiling.

Hanna stepped over a fallen desk, no papers, nothing but burnt and charred wood. Some graffiti was on the walls. They found what looked to be a makeshift cage from old fencing. They knew the dragons were involved in underground fighting, illegal bets, and a way for their 'intiates' and newbies to gain credit. The precincts gang expert went undercover during the raid of the puerto rican gang that moved in back in the 90's. He gave them some head way into the life but not enough for Hanna to find anything in this burnt up rubble.

When they confronted Hun, with his lawyers present obviously, about the supposed fighting cage, he said the cage was used to guard the more expensive imported furniture from switzerland and france. When asked to provide proof of his furniture catalogue . . .He had everything ready to give to them upon request . . .The man was untouchable. After showing his catalogue, his lawyer escorted us out of the building.

Hanna heard something move above the rafters, metal from the roof sliding off. This place looks like it could cave in on that side any minute.

Her flashlight beamed upwards, nothing was up there. Just the cloudy New York night sky lit up by the city lights.


She lowered her flashlight, along with her slight hopes of finding anything.

I guess it's back to plan B . . . I'll make that call in the morning.

Hanna Lenarrow went back under the police tape and back out to the front of the building. Still alone, no one else in sight. The feeling of defeat along with cool leather seats. She drove off, but not before gazing back at the building in the rearview mirror. At the stop sign before the right turn out, she thought she saw something, but when she turned around to look it was gone.

Hanna Lennarow took off right, back to the precinct across the city. She had no idea of the eyes that were watching her leave the burned site. But that didn't stop the goosebump chills she felt rise on her arms.

(Check off)

"That was a police officer" Donatello observed, he and his brothers watched the mid 30's looking woman check the entire building over. She was probably telling herself the small glimpse or any noises she heard were completely natural, and that no one was watching.

"It means they're still investigating" Leonardo spoke quietly before dropping off. His brothers following, this place was as the woman muttered under her breath . . .'nothing' , there was nothing here to find leftover from the fire.

(The tests of life)

Bethany heard the tapping of someones shoe across the room. Her head turned slightly at the sound of someone ripping paper.

'How the hell do they expect me to take my finals with distractions!?'

The slightest noise was setting her off, some girl made a chortle noise in the back, Bethany decided to shoot back one of her famous 'What the hell are you doing I'm trying to test here your insignificant peon!'

The girl didn't look up, she was looking under her desk at her phone, obviously texting. The teacher didn't even notice or didn't care.

'New York public schools are just as bad as San franciscan schools' . . .

Too many students in one room. Bethany felt mentally exhausted, she stayed up all night studying for this English final. a total of 50 vocab words, 20 of which are french in origin . . .which makes no sense since this is ENGLISH class. Brandace certainly couldn't help her, all the way across the room in the second row. It was a cold November day, rainy and cloudy. But on friday they'd be off for a week for thanksgiving break. No one knew just how excited she was that they had an entire week to themselves.

You got this Beth , this is your final.

That was the mantra she'd practiced all morning. Brandace didn't seem all that nervous until she turned the page and her eyes widened slightly, looking over at her with a 'We've got our work cut out for us' expression. Bethany answered back with a 'Lets just get this over with eye roll'. The non verbal communication in class was becoming like a second language to them.

44.) Name three of the romantic languages

HA! Latin, Spanish and French! . . .wait . . .is it french? SHIT!

By now Kelly was probably biting her nails in her art class awaiting lunch period. Bethany even gave the chestnut red brunette a hug and a 'good luck' this morning, Kelly's Little Mermaid tryout was today.

Living this false school life in New York city is basically like living a play on broadway. It has action, adventure, fear, suspence . . .and

Her thoughts flashed to this morning. They were training when they got up, Michelangelo took a break with master Splinters permission to escort them to the bus stop. Before they left she remembered crossing the lair watching a blue masked turtle throw himself sideways to dodge a hit from master splinter, breathing heavy and totally focused. She could even see the shine of sweat on him, not that she let herself look for more than five seconds.

I'd stay and watch if I could.

Here I am contemplating how insane I am while I should be worrying about whether French is part of the main set of romantic languages or not. Spanish, yes . . .Latin yes . . .French . . .Dammit! it's romantic sounding sure but not part of the original set or was it added later on?

To be honest I'd rather be contemplating my own sanity than doing this 'waste of my time' test.

Bethany felt the tip of her pen scratch the paper, her pony tail curled over her shoulder, she tugged it in thought. Am I truly insane? . . .

I wanted this, but now I'm not sure if I can even have it.

"Five minute warning" The instructor announced.

'Damn' Bethany let her head fall to her arms on the desk, wanting nothing more than to hide in her medium white sweater and hood.

(Awkward Audition)

Kelly's boots tapped against the marble floor. Her knees together, Maddie gave her some inspiration . . .The entire Little mermaid soundtrack on her Ipod, which she was listening too now, waiting for her to get out of auditions.

She really wants the part of one of the sisters . . .I'm just happy to do anything really . . .

Her old school made it unbearable to wanna do anything. Everyone made fun of her for trying out for stuff. Like she wasn't cut out for it or something. Beth said they were 'jealous', which I doubt. Back at the old school I was the geek comic book girl who loved Mutant Ninja turtles who lived in sewers and kicked ass, and the avengers. The photography art girl who wasn't good at anything else.

She rubbed her arms with her hands waiting patiently.

The photography art girl with breasts . . .yep that's me.

Kelly felt haunted by it just like her friends were. They all were something different before they got this new start at a new school. She didn't have to be the art girl who everyone got after for no reason.

Even though I miss home, I miss my brothers my parents, my dog . . . I actually get to be 'myself' here.

Or at least that's what she thought she was. She didn't feel so pressured here. No one knew her, so no one could tell her what to do, or how she's supposed to be. Master Splinter was right . . .

'In this sudden turn of events, your stay here does not have to be a negative experience. Even when only faced with the dark, you can take advantage of what being in the dark can give. There is always, a yin and yang aspect in each step of life. You might not recognize right away that what may seem like a 'bad' situation, might be blessings in disguise".

Being new here, was like having that blessing in disguise. Sure she was away from home but now she could like . . .grow. Have room to just be herself.

So no one here would get after her for thinking about trying out for a main character in a school play.

"Hey! you're turn!" A very dancy happy Madeline Hasher came out, script forms and all. She looked really happy about it.

"I guess" Kelly stood with a nervous smile.

"You'll do awesome, he just gives you a script paper with words to read, he'll read the guy parts. I just did one of the sisters and a chambermaid he played the butler and king triton. It was incomparably easy"


"Really easy" Maddie nodded with a 'I can't believe how easy it was' look.

"Okay well . . .here it goes" Maddie gave a small hug before Kelly went in, opening the door to a small classroom.

It must've been a history room, continental maps were on the grease boards. A small white long tray table was set up in the back of the room. Three people, one man, an older woman and a girl who looked about her age, maybe older were smiling at her.

"Hello, 12:10 . . .you are . . .Kelly E. Smith"

The man who she guessed was the drama instructor and director, stood up to shake her hand.

"Hi" Kelly smiled sweetly, she wanted to make a good impression.

"This is Miss Pannerty she's my assistant student teacher, she'll be taking your score, and you might know one of the secretaries in the main office, Mrs. Rhalls, she's just here to watch. I on the other hand will be reading parts to you. . . Do you know what parts if any you are currently interested in?"

"Uhm . . .I'd like to do anything really. I did backstage at my old school but, I'd like to know what it's like to play on stage too" Kelly looked down with a nervous smile trying to maintain a somewhat confidant stand.

"Mhm, awesome okay here is a short excerpt from a dinner table scene. I'll have you play Adrina, one of the sisters. Theres lots of you parts and there will be lots of conversing. King Triton notices his youngest, Ariel, is acting strangely and his daughters try to tell him what's up . . .Follow?"

"Yeah" Kelly nodded, remembering the movie, just now with broadway changes.

(Ariel kisses her father and swims away floating and singing happily in a dream like state)

"I wonder what has gotten into her" (King triton enters the dining hall where his other daughters were sitting.) Kelly caught his que super quick, he looked at her and she read Adrina's part.

"It's so obvious isn't it?" Kelly read with her best emphasis even giving it a hand gesture.

"more than a little noticeable, I'm sure she doesnt think father will notice". Kelly heard the voice of the assistant play the other sisters.

"That I wont notice what, my dear Alana"

"Isn't it obvious daddy, Ariels in love" Kelly gave her best swooning impression

(Que Ariel singing in the background)

"Yep, she's in love alright" The assistant read smiling at her.

"She's got it bad" Kelly read off Adrina's part again.

"Ariel? In love!?" (End scene)

Kelly looked up for a facial reaction, she didn't get one. Instead he grabbed the sheet from her and handed her another one. "Here is another part, if you notice we wont have too many open singing parts, the choir will cover the music with the exception of the main characters singing a few songs along with the choir or seperately, like Ariel will. . .Does the thought of performing infront of a typical high school auditorium audience make yoooouuuu uncomfortable at all?"

The director asked her making her really think about it. The auditorium is huge . . .But I mean . . .I really wanna do this, I'd at least try my best. I think I could ignore the crowd so long as everyone was quiet and I didnt' think about them. Plus the lighting is so bright on stage you can't see the audience hardly.

"I could do it" She announced suddenly wishing she said more than just that.

"Take it from the top please"

"Prince Eric wants a good women, well we've got a few good single ones right here" kelly said realizing she was playing the part of a chambermaid.

"Hmm, I'm not really feeling that one. "You're a more . . . smooth choiced vocalist in your speaking, more mermaid like" He said whispering to his assistant. Kelly felt a small pang of hope in her chest.

"We will be posting the cast after the upcoming holiday, which will be on a . . .Tuesday I believe. . "

His assistant nodded, her zebra patterned scarf draping across her neck.

Kelly lightly kicked the floor with her boot, giving a small smile to them. This was too fast to be like a real audition. Hiding her dissapointment.

"Okay thankyou" Kelly walked past the desks to reach the door when-

"One moment Could I have you read this for me" The director held up a peach looking sheet. "Oh sure" she nodded, wanting to please.

"I'll play Sebastian, you will be Ariel . . .Take a moment to view that over".

This is it . . . An Ariel part.

Except this time, the instructor stood up and stood infront of the table, pacing . . . Why was he pacing?

"Okay, so far so good . . .I dont think the King knows" He smoothed his chin and held his hand up to him forehead in thought. Kelly and the other two women laughed at his perfect sebastian voice.

"But it will not be easy keeping something like this a secret for long!" He stood looking worried.

He points at kelly with a long arm signaling that it was her turn. She turned to her paper . . . I know this part!

"He loves me . . .Hm , he loves me not . . .He LOVES ME! (Laughs) I knew it! (Laughs)" . If there was something she knew about teenaged girls and how they sounded in love, it was everything. In this part Ariel is picking leaves off of a sea flower, and sebastian is stressing out.

"Ariel, stop talking crazy"

"I gotta see him again! Tonight! Scuttle knows where he lives" She acted just like a love struck teenager would, totally ignoring the adult common sense talking to her straight in the face.

"Ariel PLEASE! will you get your head out of de' clouds and back in de' water where it belongs!?"

"I'll swim up to his castle. The flounder will splash around to get his attention and then-" Kelly waved her arms around in emphasis, this was actually kinda fun.

"DOWN 'ERE is your home!" the director suddenly shouted at her.

"Ariel listen to me . . .de' human it's a mess, Life under the sea is better than anyt'ing they got up dere'" He pointed up to the ceiling before smiling at her. "And done . . .perfect, thankyou for coming in" He put his hand out smiling to shake it just when she got over being startled.

"Thankyou" She smiled before leaving with the paper. At least she could say she tried out for the part.

Kelly Elizabeth smith adjusted the sleeves on her jackett, walking out with a smile on her face. Maddie cornered her with questions the second she got out.

"How was it how was it! C'mon details, think you got anything!?"

"I think I did good but we wont know till after thanksgiving" Kelly shrugged.

"Look at you! you totally got a part" Maddie side hugged her friend with a feeling a victory. "I hope so, it was kind of fun he actually freaked me out during the sebastian and ariel part, he like yelled at me because he was pretending to be sebastian" Kelly laughed.

"Lunch time, we deserve it" Maddie pointed to the cafeteria.

"Yes!" Kelly nodded, feeling like she just shed an old skin.

(Goodnight Moon)

The moment his head hit the pillow on his on the floor styled matress, his eyelids shut, the deep welcoming comfort of sleep ready to give him rest. Laying front wards on his plastron front, he felt a small bump under the sheets. . . He pulled a small light pink and black headband from under the sheet. 'Bethany's'.

He'd been helping her study the past couple of weeks, or the occasional meditation help. Leonardo rubbed his eyes pulling the sheets up, setting the headband on the ground beside him.

She did seem to enjoy his company. For today at least he hoped she would understand he needed rest.

Five minutes of silence and stillness, in the cool dark of the room. His hearing picked up the sound of music coming from the kitchen area . . . 'Old italian music?'. The smell of robust pizza sauce followed . . .



Just when he thought he'd be able to get a nap in. As if right on cue he heard voices outside the door.

"I wouldn't bother him, we had a long night"

"Oh okay" She sounded soft, half whispering.

"Thankyou Donny" He whispered before turning over to try to sleep. Donatello lilted his head slightly to the music playing from the kitchen. Kelly came home with good news of her school play audition, Mikey thought it was appropriate to celebrate, which included hearing him sing . . .

(That's Amore: Dean Martin)

In Napolli

Where love is king

where 'boy meets girl'

is what they say

"Good thing Kelly doesnt make friends based on vocals" Donatello shook his head with a chuckle. Raph was bench pressing, he had slept most of the day, up just in time for the ladies to come home.

"Oh hey Sensei I invited April and Casey over, it iz' make 'a your own 'a' pizza night" Michelangelo twirled pizza crust like a pro. Kelly was sitting at the table watching him, and keeping him company.

"Very good My Son" Master splinter nodded to michelangelo, sporting a white kitchen apron and a smile. "Extra black olives on mine" He whispered to Michelangelo before walking out to the living room area.

"You got it dude" Mikey tossed up another pizza dough circle.

Raph grunted another rep, Donatello was going over a book.

When the moon hits your eye

like a big pizza pie

That's amore'

Michelangelo shook his shoulders twirling the dough, throwing it up in the air. Kelly waved the powder that was flying all over the place, and couldn't help but laugh. She was so excited when she got home, she told him. He threw on some italian music and proclaimed tonight 'Make your own pizza night'.

'Muah! Bella!' He kissed Kelly's hand making her giggle, before tossing the dough on the table.

When the world seems to shine

like you've had

too much wine

That's Amore'

She loved how he liked making her laugh. Bethany smiled at Kelly and Michelangelo's interaction, doing her homework at the dinner table.

"How is Mary Shelley treating you?" Donatello asked looking over Bethany's new book, Frankenstein.

"It's alot better than the movies" Bethany admitted making the intelligent turtle point his finger lazily and nod in agreement "Mhm"

Bells will ring

ting a ling a ling

ting a ling a ling

and you'll sing

Vita Bella*

"Hello! Roomservice!" Casey's voice called from the entrance way.

"April, Casey!" Donatello called. Casey leaned over Raph's press bar.

"Is working out all you do man, you need to get a girlfriend".

"Yeah, cause you know everything huh" Raph sat up straight standing up to tower over his friend by sheer build. "Looks like you're the one who should lay off the dinner for two's and do a few sets yourself, bonehead".

"Hearts will play"

Tippy tippy tay

tippy tippy tay

Like a gay tarandela

Michelangelo sang along while placing the pepperoni ontop of the shredded cheese, extra black olives for sensei. "Hey babe wanna gimme a hand?" Michelangelo raised his eyeridges. Kelly got up letting Mikey tie her kitchen apron for her, and old black one that said 'kiss the cook' on it.

"Yeah, there ya go" Mikey watched Kelly put extra provalone cheese on another pizza. He twirled before seeing April and pulling her into a dance.

When the Stars make you drool

just like pasta' facule

That's amore

When you dance

down the street

with a cloud at your feet

your in Love

Kelly backed up from the last pizza after Mikey stopped her for a sec, smiling and putting on the extra black olives master splinter asked for, standing behind her. "Alright" He shimmied his way over to the oven putting them in, Twirling around to meet Kelly smiling, taking her hands and moving with her in a kind of half waltz around the kitchen area. Holding her left hand up, turning right. She laughed putting another hand on his bicep, his on her hip.

When you walk in a dream

but you know your not dreamin' Seniore'

Scusa me but you see

back in ole' Napolli

That's Amore

"I really don't dance too awesome" Kelly shrugged when he went to twirl her.

"Could've fooled me babe" He did another whirl around before bending her low, like that move he'd seen in so many movies. The look on her face was too cute, she was actually blushing.

When The moon hits your eye

Like a big pizza pie

That's amore'

(That's amore)

"Look at them"

"She looks happy" Brandace came in, standing with Beth while she set her purse down at the table. "They've been making pizza all afternoon" Bethany laughed. "Dancing?" Brandace asked.

"Only for 10 minutes" Both girls waved at Kelly, Mikey smirked showing off and bending her low again for her friends to see.

"Yeah Kelly" Bethany called , Brandace clapped.

When the world seems to shine

like you've had too much wine

That's amore

(That's amore)

"May I have this dance?" Casey stood up taking a laughing April to the kitchen. Everyone was watching now. Mikey high fived Casey while they both twirled each woman. Master Splinter seemed to enjoy it, giving a hearty laugh.

"He's just sucking up because he's on probation" Donatello pointed.

Raph threw out a laugh. "Wouldn't be the first time he's tried to throw the moves on 'er"

Bells will ring

Ting a ling a ling

ting a ling a ling

And you'll sing Vita Bella

Vita Bell Vita Bella

Hearts will play

tippy tippy tay

tippy tippy tay

like a gay tarandela

Lucky fella

"Aww" Brandace smirked holding her arms watching the dancing and laughing. Mikey desperately trying to manage Kelly and the scent of pizza ready to come out of the oven.

"A guy who can- Dance to Dean Martin" Both Beth and Brandace said at the same time smiling.

"Rhymically this song isn't hard to dance to in the first place but, I can see how a female might appreciate the skill in a potential mate" Donatello agreed nodding. Raph didn't say anything just leaned back waiting for dinner to be ready.

"Dinner and a show" Leonardo watched his family and friends turn around to greet him. "Hey bro, have a nice nap?" Mikey shouted from the kitchen, throwing on the oven mits and pulling pizza's.

"Well other than the sound of italians invading my sleep, it was nice little brother, thanks" Leonardo noogied Donny.

"I was going to ask, what with everything that's going on. Casey offered for us to use his grandmothers farm for a thanksgiving holiday". April spoke with Master Splinter over tea. "Yeah, since my Ma's takin' my cousin sid to spend thanksgiving with the cousins in Canada, I though it'd be kinda nice to spend it out at the old place". Casey offered.

"That is a generous offer Mr. Jones" Master Splinter complimented.

"I'm up for it"


"No nay saying here".

"Unanimous" Donatello called in answer, while Michelangelo started serving out plates.

After fighting over the last few slices of pepperoni, and a discovery channel special. Mikey got his own slice, looking over across the lair. Kelly was smiling, laughing when the cheese stretched across her plate from her mouth. Too cute dude.

His heart hit the back of his shell and up into his throat when her big brown eyes looked up at him. Keep it cool . . .

"Hey, room for me?" He asked. Kelly stood up pointing at her seat.

"Nah it's okay I can crash on the floor" He motioned before she patted to the small spot next to her the couch. He sat down, otherwise he'd drop his dinner. "There is always room for you" She smiled teasingly. The left side of him was pushed up against the couch arm, the other half was up against Kelly.

She smelled like coconut shampoo and that perfume he really liked that she wore alot.

"Ughhhhh I'm full" She let her head lean on his shoulder.

"Wanna go walk it off for awhile, like maybe to the skatepark?" Michelangelo looked down at Kelly giving a wink.

"Yeah, sure" She smiled beaming.

"Mikey, not too late . . .We're going out later" And by later, Leo meant they'd be up for another all nighter. Michelangelo yawned just thinkin' about it. He hadn't gotten to spend any time with kelly lately and it was starting to irritate him, shell and all. 'She's been super busy with school, and when I'm not getting my shell kicked by 10 year olds at birthday party's I'm training, or out scoping for gang members and any signs of the shredder posse'.

"Yeah yeah I know" He said holding in what he really wanted to say, throwing his arms back behind the couch.

"Ya'll are going out again tonight?" Kelly asked, she looked up at him like she was concerned.

"Yeah, it's cool babe we do it all the time" He smiled trying to reassure her. She worried about him, she really did. Looking around before anyone could say anything else. He got off the couch bending over to pull Kelly over his shoulder. She kicked her leg up, laughing. Throwing her hair back up after being thrown over.


"Wellfamilywereoffseeyamissyaloveya BYE!" He took off jogging out of the lair before Leo could turn around to stop him.

"Becareful please we'd like her back in one piece" Bethany called sternly.

"Ah! Mikey!" Kelly held onto the back of his shell, he smirked deviously bending down and picking up her boots for her from the entrance and taking off.

Leonardo smirked shaking his head. "Little brother".

(Picture of a lifetime)

Kelly waited until he looked around above. The dark of the tunnel still unsettling to her. Mikey lifted the grate from the cement, looking around before he let himself up, holding it open for her.

"M'lady" He held his hand out for her to take. A little water on her boots didn't bother her. She loved being out, especially with Michelangelo. Kelly walked with her hood up, Mikey was wearing a super large hooded sweatshirt with grey sweats and shoes, beanie cap with the hood up, white scarf over his face. It weirded out a woman who was walking past them. Kelly smiled up at him, even if she couldn't tell he was smiling back or not under the scarf.

That three finger hand wasn't so weird to her, and for a second she wondered if she was weird because others would find it weird. But it felt natural to grab onto, She'd done alot when they went to get groceries together. Sure it made her feel special, but sometimes it was like he was just being Mikey. Even if he didn't really, somehow magically, like 'Love' her. She was just fine, with this, him holding her hand like she was the only girl in the city. Because even if were just friends, I know he actually cares about me, like really cares.

(Dude in trouble)

(5 seconds of summer: She looks so perfect)

Other than feeling a little uptight and clostrophobic in these clothes, his skateboard was strapped to his shell and he was ready to rip up the old skatepark, got shut down a couple months ago to get re-done. He'd been taken advantage of the place since then. Plus the owner was cool, didn't believe in camera's, it was a free park.

With only one rule, dont litter, and sure as shell he recycled each and every one of those orange crush soda cans when he was done. If there was one thing Michelangelo splinterson wasn't it was a litter bug. Except the occasional pizza box at home, but he got around to those.

Kelly was in tight jeans, her boots, and one of her 'hide away' hoodies. That's what he called em'. The ones she hid herself in, like her own little shell. Sometimes she'd sleep in em' so when he went to wake her up like the morning before yesterday, she'd like crawl into it and say

'Please dont make me go to school'

It made him wanna laugh just thinkin' about it. She doesnt know just how cute she is sometimes.

"Thanks for dinner" She smiled at him.

"So which one was your favorite? C'mon you can tell me, you wont hurt my feelings" He nudged pushing for info. Both strolling down the sidewalk, her hand in his.

"Well I liked the one with extra cheese and pepperoni".

"Next time I'm gonna let you try my dessert pizza, gummi bears and pineapple"

"Gummi bears and Pineapple?" She asked in disbelief, looking up at him. Yeah his taste was a big weird but it took years to develop it, and even longer for his brothers to try it. "Kelly Babe, you havent lived till you've had my gummi bear pizza".

"I'm sure it'll be the best gummi bear pizza I've ever had" She smiled softly, making his knees feel shakey. If she wasn't holding his hand and leaning on his arm, those'd probably be shakin' too.

Hey Hey

Hey Hey

"How far is it?" Kelly asked stopping with him at a crosswalk.

"Not too far" He winked, suddenly realizing she probably couldn't see it under the hood and scarf.

Hey Hey


Hey Hey

Hey Hey

Hey Hey


She laughed when he pulled her along across the street, both joggin' to beat the light.

Simmer down

Simmer down

They say were too young to amount to

anything else

A couple lights down He stopped for her, she wanted to take a picture of a building she liked. Her chestnut red like hair blowing out from under her hood, lifting the camera up. He let her stop as much as she wanted, which was alot but she was smilin', that's all he wanted.

But look around

We work too damn hard just to

give it up now

He even played interferrence a couple times, posing for a few. The big guy in the coat and head scarf playing sitting owl on a bus stop bench. She laughed so hard she fell over onto the sidewalk.

If you dont swim

You'll drown

"Hey how's it goin?" He gave a nod to the guy already on the bench.

The homeless guy gave a nod, he didn't mind.

After picking her up off the sidwalk, he handed the five bucks in ones and change to the homeless guy for the touble, tip from a birthday gig.

Dont move


People passing by on the sidewalk, either didn't care that she was stopping infront of the street sign to take a selfie. "Here" He offered to take it for her. She fixed her hair quick, throwing it back and then softly to the side. Hip out slightly and a sweet excited smile. He lowered the camera for a sec to look again, before taking it for her.

You look so perfect standin' there

in my american apparel underwear

and I know now

That I'm so Down

"Thanks, it actually looks good" She smiled at him. "Why wouldn't it? It's got your awesome smile in it". He said handing it back, she gave him a 'Yeah right' look, a small pink tint on her cheeks. It could've been the fall chill.

Your lipstick stain is a work of art

I got your name tattoo'd

in an arrow heart

Right infront of a clothing store that some people were coming out of. His scarf blew in the wind when he rode through on his board. Kelly taking photo's, happy when she got a new one. "Check this!" He jumped in the air bringing the board up to side twist, landing perfectly. "Got it!" She called back to him. On one knee on the sidewalk looking at the shot.

And I know now

That I'm so Down

"Tilla Mondo's old skate bowl, complete with rails and half pipe, please throw away all trash, and free board wash is available" He recited the advertisement like he could sell the place. He showed her the easier way in, he cut out a section of the metal fencing, hidden behind loose boards of the actually wooden fence up with fake palm trees. Faded paint of what this place used to be. .


Hey Hey

Hey Hey

Hey Hey


It should be called Mikey's playground now, he was here almost all the time back in the day. Kelly walked under a little cautious, looking around. It was dark except for a few street lamps lighting it up. "It'll be hard to take anything with out more light, or a better lense or a night friendly setting on the camera . . . Which I don't have". She set her bag down looking at her camera. "Got just the thing babe" He jogged over to the shed nearby, those night flood lights were always there.

Lets get out

Lets get out

Now to do what he came here to do, shred the wheels on his board till he had to get new ones. He heard her laugh when he took off the scarf and coat, giving a loud "Finally!" taking off into the bowl like he'd done a million times.

Cause' this deadbeat towns only here

just to keep us down

He came up onto edge close to where she was standing making a funny face with his tongue out. She took a picture and before he could go back in the flash made him fall backwards.

While I was out

I found myself alone just thinkin'

"OH! my god are you okay!?" She had a hand over her mouth to hide her laugh.

"I'M OKAY!" He raised a hand up, flipping the board back up and getting goin again.

If I showed up with a plane ticket

and a shiney diamond ring

with your name on it

She was snapping pictures, awesome ones. He was even up in the air a couple of times, and with the studio like flood lights he had one in the bowl and the other in the air, he looked so cool. He came up with a "YEAH!" raising himself with one arm, board in the air, smiling directly at her. She snapped it . . . biting her bottom lip with a smirk. Feeling things she never thought were safe to feel.

Would you wanna run away


Cause All I really want is you!

"Hey!" She put her hand up to her face after he surprised her, coming up onto the side, holding it and kissing her on the cheek before rolling with professional speed back in. Standing up at his full height, throwing his head back to laugh at her reaction.

You look so perfect standin' there

in my american apparel underwear

and I know now

That I'm so Down

After awhile he was in his zone, she was playing music on her phone that he hummed to. Bobbing his head and doing stuff he knew would impress her. A handstand on the half pipe, a couple of rail slides, and if you throw in a few ninja moves, skateboarding could technically be a training excersize. . . Master Splinter wasn't totally in agreement with him on that yet but, Ole' sensei 'll come around soon.

I made a mix tape straight outta 94'

I' got your ripped skinny jeans lyin'on the


"Smile" She said when he came her way again, snapping him out of it. He had a better Idea. "You know it's a perfect place to get some practice in" He motioned with his hands out, hopin' she still trusted him after the last couple of times when she fell in the lair.

"I dont know" She eyed the board warily. "Pshhh C'mon" He motioned for her to come over. A small victory when she sighed and got up to follow.

And I know now

That I'm so Down


Hey Hey

Hey Hey

Hey Hey


After a couple of minutes she was comfortable with him letting go of her. He didn't really wanna though.

"Okay, just like the last time"
"Without the falling-" She added

"Right, right, without the falling part".

Hands on her hip curve and her waist. One hand on his shoulder and the other out for balance.

You look so perfect standin' there

in my american apparel underwear

and I know now

"I'm gonna let go"

"Okay" She squinched her face a little in prep incase she fell.

I dont wanna though, and I dont want you to be afraid of falling when I'm here.

That I'm so Down

"Woo! Look at me" She cheered a little shaking her hips in a dance move on the board "I didn't fall over, I didn't falll ovvverr" Dance turned into a hidden blush.

Your lipstick stain is a work of art

"Here you go" She held the board out to him, their hands touched, and for a second he wondered if she might be . . .could be , thinking the same thing he was. Maybe even feeling the same shell pounding, sweat breaking, throat swelling feeling he was havin'.

I got your name tattoo'd in an arrow heart

and I know now

That i'm So Down



His focused snapped again, it always gets like that when he around her. "Huh? Yeah"

Hey hey

Hey Hey

Hey Hey


But now he was even more confused, were they still just kinda friends? Or did he mean a little more than just kinda, to her? What if she wasn't sure or didn't even see him like that. But when he hung out with her it felt like they were a real couple.

You look so perfect standin' there

In my american apparel underwear

On the way back he held her hand like normal, they held hands alot. She even like 'kissed' him on a couple times before. Once when they were ready to go to bed.

and I know now

That I'm so Down


"This was fun, I got some awesome shots of you. You look like a pro skater in these". She showed him a few on their walk back.

"Hey Kelly"

"Mhm?" She asked still looking through the camera photos, he gulped re-wrapping the scarf around his face. Fidgeting with the coat buttons.

Your lipstick stain is a work of art

I got your name tattoo'd in an arrow heart

and I know now

that I'm so Down



"You did awesome today" He said, not sure about how to even ask her, and he didn't wanna be like his bro's. Leo totally ignoring the fact that someone just might dig him. . . and Raph . . .Forget it man, bro was stubborn.

"You're alot better than I am though, I've got nothing in comparison to that" She pointed at him hiding her face again. She did that alot.

"I've had like years of experience, but for a dudette just starting out, your doin' awesome". Shrugging his shoulders and coughing for good measure. He wanted nothin' more than to bang his head against that light post over there.

(Blocked Calls)

He dialed the numbers, it wouldn't be too long before everyone else knew. A meeting. Not just any runnin' of the numbers either, nobody would make or break durin' this deal down with the boss. It was a meetin' Hun called called all the boys for, even the peewees knew somethin' was up. They were goin' under new management, and the new agenda was dressed in black with a red signia on chests.

Has Hun lost his fuckin' mind?!

If he thought we werent losin' money now, were gonna be payin these wackjobs our cut.

Greg Hansen heard all the complaints the moment he stepped in the lobby. Everybody was here, and everybody that saw him gave him a handshake and offered a cigar. "No thanks, wife wants me to quit". He had to hold a hand out to each offer, shake every hand. Everythin' that would keep what happened to him under the radar. All everybody here knew other than Duncan and Hun, was he took a vaca due to his health.

They also didn't know . . .that he had his abductors phone number plugged into his private pre-paid cell, to call when he had information. He got back to his family, with a perspective of someone bigger than an old time german italian gangster from new york. He owed them a favor, whether they asked for it or not, and when he repaid a favor . . .he repaid in full.

Looking around, keeping an observant perception in this business was essential to survive. You never knew if someone came in and ignored the 'weapons down' rule. Hun made it mandatory, if somethin' were to happen they had emergency standby hidden under the cabinet drawers and Huns office desk.


The big man came out, wearing . . . a black shirt and tie, black pants, and To Greg Hansens shock, along with the face of everyone else. His dragon tattoo wasn't showing, and on his chest was that same red symbol.

"We've just been promoted!". Hun announced, everyone else wasn't sure whether to celebrate or be worried.

"Not only will our forces double, increasing our street value and income. But the Dragons will be substantially inpenetrable, even with the NYPD watching our organization".

Now there was cheering. Greg watched Hun and even Hun didn't look him straight in the eye when he gave his own perplexed look.

A woman entered the scene, walking as if out of no where. It was true then . . .Hun and the woman who took charge of the footclan, a powerfull force to be reckoned with . . .Now Duncans eyes met his, they thought they were almost wiped out. Now they were combining.

And this was the celebratory party

"You are all now considered equal members by the Foot clan" The foot soldiers stood up straighter as if on fuckin' que. This wasn't good, and the other board members, even the new punk Vince looked unsettled, or it could've been he chowed down on too many little smokeys and beer. This womans face was unreadable, like stone, her eyes reminded him of the cobra he saw in the reptile house at the zoo, when he took the kids last summer.

"I dont care, so long as were paid and the game doesnt change" Al just wanted the basics left alone, untouched by new regime.

"Sorry honey" Greg whispered lighting up a ciggarette, panic hitting home. They'd all be watched now, and not just by Hun.

"With our numbers and the footclans history and resources our territory will expand, and our profit will only get bigger from here".

That caused a roar of cheering, everyone was thinking of two things at this point, power and money. He couldn't blame them, before all this happened he'd be nodding his approval right now, but now . . .getting out of the game would be that much harder.

Hun finally met his gaze, his large behemoth arms behind his back like a soldier tall and patriotic, how ironic. Screwing the government over with a brand new one right in the heart of New York City.

"Tomorrow is a new day, re-assignments will be given. Take notice". Hun ended his speech, and that woman exited to the left. Her soldiers followed. The dragon peewees and everyone else took that last note as the heads up to go party.

He headed towards the restrooms, it was dark . . .purposefully walking into a womens room. Everyone else would use the other restrooms, and if anyone walked in, they'd either confuse him for a very well built Woman, or that it was so dark he couldn't tell the signs apart. He was counting on that.

Hitting the number on the cell, his voice faltered before it hit that first ring. The second one made his panicking rise, taking a huge drag off the ciggarette. Wasn't helpin . . .

It was silent when the ringing stopped, he knew someone answered.

"Were under new management . . ."

" What happened to Hun". The voice asked moments later. This was the same voice that gave him his life back, but it still sent chills up his fuckin' spine.

"None of us know, Daddy just told the kids that he's marrying mommy". He spoke just incase someone were to walk in.

It was silent for a minute, making him wonder if he understood.

"Footclan" That voice seethed back, this guy wasn't happy.

"New regime, starting tomorrow" Greg answered back. "She showed up with a few of her best and brightest, your girls are safe . . .for now" Greg answered.

"We'll be in touch" The voice answered before the sound of a click. He hung up on him.

I aint a fan of this arnold benedict shit, How am I gonna go home now. I already promised I'd get out of the business, god dammit Hun.

Bastard just made a pact with the Devil.

(Ominous Wave)

"The merge is succesful, father" She spoke to him in Japanese.

Her father laid on the bed in his current state, I.V pumped into his arm. Fresh bandages over his body.

She bowed away at his direct nod. Leaving him alone. It wouldn't be much longer now. Her father stood off the bed on his own, infront of the mirror. This new relocation was to one of Huns more suitable safe houses by the East River.

'Sugu Ni'. His voice said deeply, as if it was all that need be said.

Soon . . .

Karai nodded before closing the door.

He would be ready to take the first action against the city, to make way for the return of Oroku Saki, her father . . . The shredder.

Hang in with me readers, the next chapter . . . 'Thanksgiving!'