Hello there!

I've slipped into another genre, and I've been meaning to try this out for ages.

This story was inspired by Don't Preach's Neko Hiro and Seikachi Catsukoi fanfictions of Junjou Egoist and Seikachi Hatsukoi.

This is my version of Koisuru Boukun (Tyrant fall in Love) in Neko-land.


Souichi hissed as he sat in his pen at the pet store, watching the passing customers blanch when their eyes met with the feral looking neko. Dressed in only a light top and slacks and his light blonde tail swishing in frustrated anger, the Neko was almost an embodiment of the devil. He would never forgive himself for what had just transpired only minutes ago, especially after the old trauma he had faced years ago.

"Ahh, Souichi, would you at least smile and look cute whilst you're on display," wined the young shop owner, her face pouting at the angered neko, "No one will buy you if you look like that. Your cute brother was only just bought and now you're sulking. If you had at least acted all cute, that guy would have bought you both."

Souichi twitched his ears, and he rounded on to the shop owner, his golden eyes flashing, "He was obviously a QUEER and you let my dear little brother into HIS DIRTY HANDS. Who knows what he'll do to that innocent child. My poor little brother, in a monster's clutches. HOW COULD YOU!"

The shop owner grinned, "It was a good sale, and those two men looked capable enough to look after a young Neko like your brother without any trouble," she paused, "You on the other hand, I seriously wonder if anyone would buy you."

Souichi hissed, his tail fluffing out as he became more agitated, "We were companion house pets, not freaking sex dolls like you think we are! Tomoe has no experience or training; he was only kept for companionship for our owners before they went on their trip!"

The shop owner sighed, watching the young Tatsumi getting himself worked up into a state, "I told the men that, and they were still interested. Kurokawa insisted that he would be gentle with him, and that Isogai guaranteed that Tomoe would be looked after properly."

"GAH!" Souichi yelled, "You sold him knowing that they were QUEER! YOU EVIL BITCH!"

"Oh shut up will you!" The shop owner shouted back, getting tired of the young Tatsumi, "A customer is coming, so behave!"

Souichi hissed, and his tail swished agressively as he sulked in his corner, ignoring the person who calmly walked into the store.

He had only been brought to the pet shop with his brother recently and already his little brother had been bought by some weirdo freaks. Thank goodness his little sister Kanoko was being kept by the gentle family friend of their previous owners. Their previous owners had gone away on a trip and during that time an arsonist attacked the house and burnt the house to the ground.

Luckily the three Nekos were able to escape, and were taken in by the gentle caretaker. However, after contacting the owners, the caretaker was informed that the owners were not able to care for the Nekos any longer.

Distraught and now ownerless, the Nekos turned to the old lady who was their caretaker, but unfortunately she didn't have enough room for all three Nekos. So she kept the young Tatsumi kitten, Kanako, and gave the two males to the pet shop in hope that they would find new families. Souichi was thankful that at least Kanako was safe with the old lady and was prepared to protect his brother whne they were sold to their new owner. But it seemed that life had another cruel twisted fate for the older Tatsumi Neko.

"Oh Isogai," the shop owner exclaimed, putting on her most charming sales pitch smile, "did you and your friend forget something?"

Souichi twisted round and glared at the business man who had sauntered into the shop; an unlit cigarette dangling from his lips as he smiled at the shop owner. The man turned to face Souichi, and immediately Souichi hissed and his ears flattened against his head.

"I actually just came back after helping my friend and his new Neko home, and I remembered this charming little fellow," he turned back to the shop owner, "Since my friend got a Neko, I thought to get one too and follow the fad. Nekos for men is becoming extremely popular at the moment."

The shop owner frowned slightly, "Isogai, a Neko is not something you can just take on as a whim. You've got to take care of him and make sure he stays healthy. I can't sell him to you if you only want him as a fashion statement."

Isogai grin grew, and he bent down to the shop owner and whispered softly, even though Souichi could still hear them, "After seeing his outrageous behaviour today, I surely doubt anyone else would be willing to take him off your hands," he swiped another look at the Tatsumi who was turning red with anger, "And how long can a shop keep a Neko before he has to be put down or sold to another shop; if he is wanted there?"

Souichi tensed when he realised that the man was right, knowing that not many people took to his personality and if there really was no one interested in him, he would probably be put down. Besides, his earlier behaviour when his little brother was sold to Kurokawa was enough to make the little children cry when he roared at the man taking his brother.

The man had shirked away from him in fear, but it was Isogai who stopped the agitated Neko by whispering soft ambiguous words to the older Tatsumi Neko, making him redden and growl low in his chest. Kurokawa had then quickly said that he only wanted the young kitten and was not interested in the older brother, angering the Neko even more, beyond Isogai's manipulation. When the trio had left, so had the rest of the customers who had scolded the shop keeper for allowing such an ill mannered Neko to behave in such a way in front of children.

Sighing heavily, catching Souichi's attention once more, the shop owner nodded, "Very well, come this way to sign the papers," she lead the man towards the till and pulled out several sheets of paper, "You'll need to fill all these in and I'm going to have you read this too." She passed him a large file filled with paper.

"What is all this? Kurakawa did not fill all this out," Isogai asked, raising his eybrows as he accepted the paper work, dutifully pulling a pen from his suit's breast pocket and started to read and sign the documents, pausing every so often to glance at the now skittish and still irritated Neko.

"Souichi has a problem which the little Tatsumi didn't have," she laughed when Isogai stopped and stared at her, unable to voice the question so obvious in his face, "No, he is not diseased, but he is mentally unstable. He had a traumatic experience as a kitten and he has not yet gotten over it; which is why he is just a house cat."

Isogai had stopped filling in the sheets, now interested in the Tatsumi's history, "I'm afraid you'll have to explain this to me in more detail." He waited for the shop owner to enlighten him of the Neko's history.

Shaking her head and discreetly nodding towards Souichi who had remained silent through out Isogai's visit except for the odd hiss and deep hcested growl, and was now glaring at the pair of them, "That is why you'll have to read that document when you get home," Putting on a smile, the shop owner got a leather leash and collar from under the counter, "These will be needed in order to take him home, but remember, he's a house cat. Read the document before you make him do anything."

Accepting the black leash and collar, Isogai turned to the pet, giving him a sympathetic look before continuing to fill out the forms enabling his purchase of the Neko.

"Done," Isogai announced as he tucked his pen into his breast pocket, "Now can I take him home with me, or is there anything else that needs to be told to me?"

The shop owner shook her head, as she lead the Tatsumi Neko from his pen and brought him closer to Isogai so that he could affix the collar and leash, "He's all yours. Take care of him now."

Souichi glared at the grinning idiot who now had control of his life, and now he wishing that he could have at least tried to show some restraint when Kurokawa was interested in them both.

"I will, he'll make a very nice addition to my household." Isogai grinned charmingly at the shop owner, and petted the Neko on his head, his fingers teasing Souichi's twitching ears. The Neko growled deeply in his chest against the man's unwanted touch as the leash was attached to his new collar which was now buckled securely around his throat, indicating that he was now a purchased pet and now belonged to the person holding his leash.