Souichi gasped as he tried to move his very tired and worn body. Never in his life had he been subjected to such activities , his back ached and his body trembled with every move; his muscles screaming in protest. Even his tail ached from all its flicking and swishing as he did as he was told; which he did whilst grumbling to himself.

Isogai had laughed at Souichi and left the Neko to his tasks, calmly watching from the sofa with a bag of crisps. Sometimes, the infuriating man would approach him and tease him relentlessly, petting him and cooing in his ears.

Reddening in the face as he remembered what Isogai had told him to do, Souichi hissed into the bedsheets, embarrassments flowing through his veins, "That creep!"

"Now, now, Sou-chan, is that anyway to speak of your owner?" Isogai smirked as he softly petted the neko's head, his fingers tickling Souichi's sensitive ears, whilst he sat on the edge of the bed centimeters away from the sprawled neko.

Growling in his throat, Souichi turned his head slowly to glare at his master, his body tensing in rage. Isogai grinned childishly as he teased his neko's ears with his fingertips, knowing that the worn out neko could not move to attack nor run away. Ignoring the threatening growls and hisses, Isogai ran his hand through the long platinum locks of hair which were still damp from the shower.

"Maybe I was too hard on you," Isogai muttered, as the neko trembled beneath his fingers, "I'm sorry, Sou-chan, I'll be gentler from now on."

Not breaking his angry glare, Souichi hissed, his tail feebly twitching, "You messed up fuck!"

Isogai sighed at the insult, removing his hand from the neko. He had been hard on the neko the moment they had arrived from the pet store. For the past few hours he had teased and worn the down the aggressive pet until he could no longer move from exhaustion. The simple fact that the young neko was not trying to kill him in retaliation was a sign that he had overdone it a little too much.

"Okay, we do over do it" Isogai repeated rubbing his chin , "I'll let you off for that remark., because even I would be tired after all that activity," he stood up and started to leave the room, "get some rest, you'll be busy again tomorrow."

Grumbling in response, Souichi turned his head away from his owner and closed his eyes, trying to block out the man's presence. His tail however still flicked in anger at the tip, despite how tired he was.

Shaking his head at the neko, Isogai closed the door quietly behind him, hoping that his new pet would actually get some rest and not die on him; like the way all his other pets succumbed to running away or feigning death to avoid him. What was there about him to dislike?

The shrill of the land line pulled Isogai from his thoughts and he went to answer it. Seeing his friend's name displayed on the screen, he picked it up gingerly, unsure of how his friend was going to react to his voice message from earlier when he got in with Sou-chan.

"Hello mate! How is your new neko faring-"


Isogai pulled the receiver from his face and stared at it in surprise.


Listening to his friend shout for a few moments more until he was out of breath, Isogai brought the receiver back to his ear and smiled as he spoke into it, "I take it you've not told you're little pussy cat that I bought his elder brother. You do know what would have happened to him anyway."

There was a pause and then Kurokawa replied, "Yeah, I know what would have happened, and I've not told Tomoe yet of what you've gone and done; he's a little bit depressed at the moment."

"I would think so," Isogai sighed, pulling a cigarette from his shirt pocket, "He's just come to realise that no one would buy his brother, and possibly realises that he may never see him again," He lit up and inhaled deeply, "But I've gone and solved that problem for you."

The other side of the phone crackled as Kurokawa sighed into it, "But you've got to deal with that maniac neko. He almost tried to kill me in the shop...Will you be able to handle him?"

Laughing softly as he took another breath of nicotine, Isogai answered, "Well, at the moment, he is too tired to even try to hurt a fly. I've figured that if I want to keep him, he might as well work off all that killing energy into something else."

"What? You've got him subdued by doing what?"

Isogai grinned, "by making him work hard."

There was another long pause, "Isogai, I never thought you swung that way."

The grin from Isogai's face faded instantly as he choked on the smoke, his eyes watering from the pain, "I don't! I love women with big boobs and soft baby like skin. What the devil made you think that?"

"Well," Kurokawa hesitated, "When you said you made him work hard, I assumed that..."

"Let me put it straight, Kurokawa," Isogai rubbed his eyes with one hand, pinching the bridge of his nose, "I had the neko clean the house, wash all the laundry and dry and iron it, then I made him cook a massive dinner, and then made him clean up again, all whilst wearing a lovely bright pink maid's cos-play outfit," he stopped as he remembered the look of pure horror on the neko's face as he forced him into the pink frilly dress and apron, "Not only did he work hard, he also worked him self up into a state that he's now sprawled across the guest bed unable to move."


"Now that is out in the open," Isogai tried changing the subject, "How is your little kitten settling into his new home?"

Eager to share his experience with his new pet and to also change the subject, Kurokawa launched into an enthusiastic description of how his Tomoe had been all shy and inquisitive when they had got home and how he looked so cute when he had accidently walked into the table and had then apolised several times. Listening to his friend, Isogai heard some movement from the guest bedroom.

"Look, I've got to see to Such-chan, I think that he's up and about now," Isogai interrupted the lengthy description of what had happened at dinner time with Tomoe and Kurokawa, "I'll see you tomorrow at work."

"Good luck," Kurokawa warned as he hung up.

Placing the receiver back down , Isogai turned and saw the neko peek round into the kitchen. Watching him quietly, Isogai noticed the prideful neko had changed into one of his pyjamas. Not wanting to surprise Souichi, Isogai approached him and watched as he rummaged through the fridge for the milk carton.

"I thought cat's preferred cream," Isogai asked as he reached for a glass for the thirsty neko and slid it across the the surface towards him.

Cautious, Souichi took the glass, "I'm not a cat, I'm a neko," he poured himself a glass and glanced at Isogai from the corner of his eye, "Who were you talking to?"

Not sure if he should tell the now calm neko, Isogai grinned, "You do not need to know," He reached out for Souichi but stopped when he saw the neko's tail flick hesitantly and his ears flatten against his head, "Drink up and get some rest."

He then turned and left the astonished neko in the kitchen, thinking deeply to himself, That neko seems to be cuter when he's not trying to pretend to be the tough guy.


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