A person can have a complete mental breakdown in less than 3.47 seconds. Of course, one can build up over the years until because of all the pressure, a person finally snaps. Not all people break though. If one is strong enough, even as pieces of sanity begin to slowly chip away, one will remain in a fit state of mind. That does not mean that there will not be effects. No matter what, something is guaranteed to happen afterwards. The repercussions are sure to spread, causing sometimes catastrophic issues of which need to be dealt with.

At a certain time in my life, there was a single case that made everyone think I was going to be the one to snap. I was a detective despite all the odds against me, including my age. Of course, I did have a lot of factors in my favor, the best being my IQ. I had the highest IQ that was ever accounted for. And yet, I was so young.

I was fifteen years old and the term "genius" was simply an understatement when referring to me. Because of my intelligence, I was living in what some might classify as hell. To say it bluntly, I did not lead a "normal" life. As I have mentioned before, I was a detective and a proud one at that. If my estimation was correct as it usually is, I had been solving cases professionally from the time when I was about four. It sounds impossible and I know that it is very hard to believe. Personally, I would have a hard time accepting it as well, but it's true. It's all true.

Emerson Hauser was the one who put me on the Alcatraz case in the first case. You see, not many people knew about me. Officially, I didn't exist. There was never any record of such an Erin Miller. I was never born, I never went to school, there were a lot of things that I never did, not things that weren't just on the record. Many awful things happened to me. Things that in this tale, I will try not to mention.

When Alcatraz closed, 63 prisoners vanished. Emerson Hauser was in charge of finding them in the year of 2012 when they started appearing. He had two people who were originally on Alcatraz, Dr. Lucy Banerjee who was once known as Lucille Sengupta the psychologist on Alcatraz Island. Also, there was Dr. Milton Beauregard who was a psychologist as well. They reappeared in 2012 as well but seemed just as clueless as we were. Hauser had a backup team of scientists, most of which were not involved. I have to say that the people doing the most to benefit the case were Rebecca Madsen from the SFPD, and Dr. Diego Soto an expert in Alcatraz and a comic book artist. The last part made him immature 63.49 percent of the time.

I wish they never closed Alcatraz. That could have prevented this whole problem from happening. It was shut due to "unsafe conditions" for inmates and guards, but personally I refuse to believe that. There just had to be another reason.

Anyway, as a detective, the best detective it was my job to find the inmates. And the person who took them. It was the mystery of a lifetime, and I was the one who had to solve it. I thought I was ready. Then they interfered. If they had just left me alone I would never have gotten attached and half of what went wrong never would have happened.

My name is Erin Miller and this is the story of possibly the hardest case I ever worked on. I realize now half of what I should have done. Lives were in my hands, and I tried to save them. At the end, no matter the cost, you could say that I won the game. But if you look at in a humanitarian point of view, then I'm afraid we all lost. So, I urge you. Read on.

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