Title: StarCrossed Lovers: Tokyo Tune Ups

Author: ChinaTeaSunflowers

Rating: K (will change to M in future chapters)

Summary: Part 2 in a series. Sequel to "SCL: Berlin Blues"! Storyline is primarily Doma nd Letty. Hobbs is hot on their trail so the team (and Kat) decide to take Tokyo by storm. Appearances by Leo, Santo, Gisele, Tej, Roman, and Han! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Do you honestly think I'd be using an HP Compaq to write fanfiction if I owned these awesome motherfuckers? Tuh. I think not.

A/N: You don't necessarily have to read "Berlin Blues" to understand what's going on here, but I encourage you to read it and review! (: Also, some jokes or small details may carry over. Just in case, here are some big details you missed:

Dom & Letty have a daughter, Harlow Nicole Toretto. Mia and Brian still aren't married but have a daughter, Santana Marie Toretto-O'Connor. Leon is married to a woman named Annabella & they have a son, Lance Dominic Harris. And Kat is an artist friend of Letty's that she met in Berlin, who is originally from Brooklyn!

Chapter 1: Tokyo Bound

Monday, 9:23am

"Harlow Nicole Toretto, you take that out of your mouth!" Letty's voice sounded. A small, chubby figure froze, holding the dangerous object in her little hand. Throw in some wild, dark curls, big brown eyes, dark jeans, tiny Ugg boots and a small white V-neck shirt and the cute factor was through the roof! The cute factor, however, would not get her out of trouble with her mother right this instant. Harlow's little sausage fingers had grabbed ahold of a fork and had been trying to force it into her drooling mouth.

It had been six months since Letty had given birth to Harlow and she had not stopped running around after her since then. From the minute she was born, Dom had spoiled her like a princess, giving her everything that her little eyes envied. Though Letty complained about his spoils, he made sure to shut her up with pretty, shiny things of her own; like the all-black 2012 Charger that he bought her for her birthday. The little family and the team continued living in the Mansion and had even made lives for themselves. Dom decided that if they were going to live in Berlin, that they couldn't just live off of the money they'd made in Rio.

His solution? Open a garage, of course. Every day weekday, they worked and every night, they raced. A little routine had developed and, before long, it felt just like life had back home in Los Angeles.

It had also been six months of peace and quiet. Nothing exciting happened, except the cops breaking up the races. There was no one after them and they were free to live their lives out the way they'd always wanted.

So, then why did pure excitement rush through the team's veins when they'd spotted Hobbs at the races two weeks ago? Or was it just adrenaline? It didn't matter. All Dom knew was that life was about to get a whole lot crazier. That night, it was decided that they would start making plans with Han and Gisele to relocate to Tokyo.

"Dom! Take that from her!" Letty exclaimed. Dom was holding his daughter in one arm while he shook her bottle with the other. He sat the bottle down, pried the fork from Harlow's fingers and moved it out of her reach.

"Mommy's paranoid." Dom whispered to Harlow.

"I heard that." Letty shut the refrigerator closed. "I am not paranoid. I just worry. Excessively."

Mia snorted, hearing the last bit of the conversation. She walked into the kitchen with Santana in her arms. "Is Letty being paranoid again?"

Dom and Mia smirked at each other. Letty rolled her eyes as she started on breakfast.

"I'm not paranoid."

"Right. Just an excessive worry-wart. Yeah, yeah, yeah." Kat said, walking into the kitchen. She reached above Letty to grab a bowl out of the cabinet.

"Hey! You put that back! There will be no cereal consumption in this house today. We are going to have a normal, family breakfast today."

"But, I-." Kat started.

"I wouldn't argue. Letty's is in her nesting phase." Annabella interrupted. She and Leon entered the kitchen together. Leon held their son, Lance in his arm.

"I'm not nesting and I'm not paranoid, damn it!"

"Yeah, you are Letty. You are definitely becoming a domestic woman." Brian added from the living room. He was sitting on the couch, feet on the coffee table and eyes glued to the TV.

"Somehow this kitchen is getting smaller and smaller everyday." Letty commented, cracking six eggs into the large skillet.

"Yo, Dom, did Han send you our new passports?" Leon asked.

"Yeah. We should be getting them sometime this week." Dom replied.

"This time, Saturday morning, we'll be in Tokyo." Mia said, kissing her daughter's cheek.

Once breakfast was ready, the team sat around the large dining room table to eat. Between hilarious conversation and baby cries, Dom looked around at his family. These were the moments he cherished; when everyone was happiest. There was nothing he wouldn't do for them. He thought about everything they'd been through in the last five years, alone. They had all accomplished a lot, both as a team and individually.

"So, Annabella and I are going to take the babies to zoo. Anyone else wanna go?" Mia's voice pulled Dom out of his thoughts.

"I wish but I have to go meet with an art dealer. He wants to buy a piece from me." Kat replied. A few more responses that resembled "no" flew around the table as Dom glanced at Letty. She was already looking at him.

"Uh, I think I'm going to stay in. I just need to relax." Letty said, never taking her eyes off of Dom.

"Dom, how about you?" Mia asked. Dom got the hint that Letty seemed to be telepathically sending him, and he looked at Mia.

"I'm going to head to the market, in a little while, so, probably not." Dom told her.

Truthfully, Letty and Dom hadn't gotten any alone time ever since they'd had Harlow. It had been six, long months of sexless days and nights. Letty knew that Dom was going crazy but the truth was, she hadn't been ready up until the last two weeks. Her hormones were going crazy whenever he was around, much like they used to before her pregnancy.

Perhaps it because she had been finally gotten comfortable in her own body again after exercising everyday. Maybe it was because Dom was so amazing when it came to Harlow. It could have been a number of things. Letty just knew that she was ready to jump Dom's bones again and she wanted everyone out of the Mansion so that they could be as loud as they wanted.

Two hours later...

"Oh my god! Do you hear that?" Letty asked, plopping down on the couch next to Dominic. She and Dom were both slouched down on the comfy sofa and had their feet kicked up on the coffee table.

"Hear what?"

"Not a goddamn thing. Absolute silence." Letty grinned. She picked at a loose strand of material on her white v-neck shirt.

"Very funny." Dom said. He reached over and gently slapped the side of her thigh with the back of his hand. Letty let out a small laugh and returned the hit. Before long, Dom had Letty pinned to the floor and was tickling her mercilessly. Letty screamed for Dom to stop but he wouldn't.

"Say 'uncle' and I'll stop." Dom kept telling her. "Say 'uncle'. Say it."

Letty's ribs started to hurt from her own laughter but she refused to say 'uncle'.

"Just say it, Letty. Why keep putting yourself through this torture?" Dom laughed as he tickled her. Dom put his face close to Letty's and the mood suddenly changed. Letty stopped fighting and Dom's tickling ceased. There was a loving moment that passed between the pair before Letty placed her hands on Dom's face and kissed him.

It wasn't long before not an inch of material covered their skin. They were shirtless, pantless, wordless and breathless. Nothing escaped their mouth except sounds of pleasure.

Up Next: The team heads to Tokyo.

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