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Chapter 14: Pardon Me?

DEA Headquarters, New York, Saturday, 6:21AM

When Dominic Toretto and his team walked into DEA headquarters, all Mission Impossible-style, there wasn't a head that didn't turn. Agents walking past with confidential files in their hands, moved quickly out their way. The ones that were seated at desks looked on, confused as to what was happening. The team, along with their criminl collateral was a sight to see.

Letty and Gisele flanked Dom's shoulders, holding the cuffed Alexander Santos and Dean Cavanaugh. Brian, Roman and Tej walked behind them; Roman with a cold-cut sandwich in his hand. Han walked in last, his hand deep into a bag of potato chips. They headed towards the FBI Director's office. Standing in the office being reprimanded was Luke Hobbs. Without knocking, they entered together.

"...and I swear to God, I will have your badge and you will never-!" FBI Director Wilson was yelling. It appeared that Hobbs was trying his hardest not to grab the scrawny white man by his neck and crack it.

"Sorry for the interruption, gentlemen." Gisele interjected.

"Yeah, Hobbs, we lost the directions you gave us, but this looks like the right place to bring these idiots." Letty added.

A look of relief flashed across Hobbs' face and he gave them a slight nod of thanks before turning back to his boss. "You were saying?"

Director Wilson looked between Hobbs and the ten wanted fugitives in his office. "What the hell is this?"

"Well, I've only been doing this for twenty years or so, but I'm pretty sure the three that are cuffed are you criminals. And the other misfits look like pardoned fugitives that just saved your ass from international embarrassment." Hobbs said, crossing his arms, a smug smirk on his face.

"Chang! Ramirez! Get in here!" Wilson yelled out the open office door. Already walking past slowly with the intention of eavesdropping, Senior Agents Chang and Ramirez stepped into the already cramped office.

"Sir?" Chang asked. Her dark hair was pulled up in a neat ponytail and her light eye makeup was smudged as if she'd been here all night.

"Take Santos, Cavanaugh and Ortiz into custody."

"Uh, not so fast." Letty interjected. "We were hoping that you could give Manuel... another option. Maybe another two years in the Reserves?"

Mulling it over, Director Wilson's mouth shifted side to side before he sniffed. "Fine. Ramirez, get First Sargeant Fitch on the phone and make arrangements for Manuel Ortiz's arrival for basic training."

"Basic training?!" Manuel exclaimed. Letty popped him in the back of the head.

"Push-ups in training or protecting your goods in Sing-Sing. Pick one." She muttered to him.

Ramirez and Chang took Santos and Cavanaugh out of the office, shutting the door behind them. Dom and Hobbs stood side by side opposite Wilson.

"And the rest of us?"

Wilson bit the inside of his cheek, his jaw tightening. The last thing he wanted was to get stuck with the job of helping Dominic Toretto and his band of deviants. But, even moreso, he was definitely certain that if he didn't, they would put up a fight, and he was already short-staffed. There was no way he wanted a gun-fight at dawn with seven of the Most Wanted.

"Hobbs, get the governor's office on the phone." Wilson ordered reluctantly.

A small smile formed on Letty's lips.

Wednesday, Noon

Dom hung up his cell phone, tossing it on the back of his car. Letty looked at him, expectantly, questions in her eyes.

"Well, Hobbs did what he could. He applied for CGCs."


"Certificate of Good Conduct." Pulling out of the gas station, Dom whipped the car around in an illegal U-turn and sped down the highway to an onramp. With the roof of the car down and the sun shining brightly, the atmosphere of the last three days had changed drastically. The "Welcome to Colorado" sign flew past them as the wind blew through Letty's dark hair.

"Normally there's a waiting period."

"How long?" Letty demanded, her right hand balling into a fist.

"One to five years. But, he managed to pull some strings in DC."

"And?" Letty asked, the suspense killing her.

"And we're free, baby." He put his hand on the back of her head, pulling her towards him.

"Are you serious?" Letty inquired, in disbelief.

"Damn right."

Letty looked towards the bright, cloudless sky. She laughed loudly. Freely. And rubbed Dom's bald head, playfully.

"Oh god! I can't believe this!" She turned around, kneeling in the seat and waving at Gisele and Han's car wildly.

"We're free!" She yelled over the whipping wind.

In Han's car, Gisele turned to Han. "What's she saying?"

"No clue." Han answered.

Gisele leaned out of the passenger window and shouted, "What?!"

"We're free!" Letty yelled again, laughing.

Gisele's eyes widened. "She says 'we're free'." The realization hit her and bounced happily in the chair, tugging at Han's arm. "Hobbs did it!"

"Aw, man. That's the best news we've got in a long time." He responded.

Pulling out his phone, he pressed a few buttons, alternating his eyes between the piece of technology and the road.

"Yo, Hobbs musta done some crazy shit to get us out of this mess." He said into the phone. On the other end, Rome laughed joyously and honked his horn.

"Yeah, baby! We in here!" He shouted. Hanging up with Han, he phoned Tej giving him the good news as well.

"Never had a doubt in the world." Tej lied, coolly. When he hung up with Roman, he breathed a sigh of relief that he didn't even know he was holding. Shaking his head, Tej switched gears.

"I gotta get some new friends." He joked himself.

Thursday, Los Angeles, 6:22PM

The sound of roaring engines caused Mia to jump off of the couch and run to the front door. Two cars pulled up into the driveway and three more were finding fast parking spaces along the street in front of the house. She jumped up and down, a smile on her face.

"Leo! Santo! They're back!" She yelled before opening the screen door and running out onto the porch. Barefoot, she ran down the concrete steps, past Dom's car to Brian's. He barely had a chance to step out of the car before she jumped up onto him, wrapping her legs around his waist. Tears formed in her eyes as she hugged Brian's neck tightly.

"Don't ever leave me for so long again." She demanded.

"I promise I won't." Kissing her lips a few times, he let her slide down, returning her to the tar driveway. Running back to her brother, Mia pulled him into a tight embrace, trying her hardest to squeeze the life out of him.

"I could kill you sometimes." She told him.

Dom chuckled. "Such a warm welcome home." He turned to look at Letty only to find her already up the front steps, opening up the door.

Once they'd all made their way into the house, a round of hugs were given and a few beers were cracked open. Resting their bones after a few days in the car driving from New York to California, felt wonderful. There truly was no place like home.

Letty pulled an excited Harlow into her lap, playing a near-one-sided game of patty-cake with her true love.

"I missed you so much." Letty told her daughter between kisses. Harlow's laughter was all that Letty needed to hear. Her heart melted and her cheeks began to hurt from smiling so much.

"So, Mia, did you hear the good news?" Gisele asked.

"Yeah. Brian called me as soon as he heard." Mia replied. She sat next to Brian, who held Santana in his lap.

For the next hour or so, they recalled the story of capturing the bad guys, each interrupting the next with more exaggerated detail. Always the good listener, Mia laughed during the funny parts and gasped during the intense sections.

"Well, I'm glad you guys are home. And that we're cleared." Mia said, standing up. "So, who's hungry?"

A chorus of comments went around the room, each agreeing that they could use a nice, hot, home-cooked meal.

Up Next: Epilogue.

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