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CHAPTER 6: Never kiss and tell! Making date plans with Kid?


When I wake up, the first thing I see is Kid sleeping on his side facing towards me. He is so hot when he's sleeping... I wish I could kiss him... If I wake him up, I can! I run my fingers through his hair. I try to do it smoothly and evenly. "Good morning,
sleepy head." ,I say before kissing his forehead. He slowly opens his eyes. After his eyes are opened, he smiles at me. "Good morning, Maka." He rubs my left arm, "Any bad dreams?" I smile and shake my head, "Nope." I move a bit closer to him, "Not when your with me." Kid smiles, "I love you." I smile back, "I love you more." Kid continues smiling and winks, "Not possible..." He trails off moving his face closer to mine. I grin and also move my face in a bit, "Oh really?" I say quietly. Kid grins and lifts my chin a bit as his mouth almost touches mine, "Really..." Then he kisses me. He holds me tightly. When about 20 seconds pass by, I slowly slide my tongue between lips.


Maka is sliding her tongue between my lips. Does that mean she is ready to make out? I slowly open my mouth, giving her enterance. When her tongue is in, I feel her exploring my mouth. It feels nice. After a few seconds, I explore her's as well. I cant help but smile. It feels so wonderful. As I start to smile, I get hard. Oh no. What if Maka sees? She will think Im a total pervert... I get more nervous as seconds go by... I open my eyes a little to see if she notices. After a few more seconds, Maka slowly opens her eyes. She glances downward toward my crotch. Her eyes widen a bit and she blushes, but she doesnt stop making out with me! She smiles! Then, she slowly slides her hand down to my crotch area and rubs it. Oh, how nice it feels! I moan. Maka smiles and giggles, while rolling on top off me. She is so cute! We dont stop though. We keep going. Until we hear a familiar voice, outside of my door... Patty. "Kid! Whats going on in there? I hear lots of heavy breathing and moaning!" I hear patty giggle after her comment.
"Go away Patty." I say loudly out of the corner of my mouth. I dont want to let go of Maka.
"Can I come in?"
"Not now patty!" I yell, again, not letting go of our kiss.
"Im going to anyways!" She says, while I hear her skipping away. Shit.
I let go and turn my head towards the door, "Dammit, Patty! Leave me alone! Cant you tell I'm busy?" I say in my loud angry/pleading voice. Maka puts her hands on my cheeks and turns me back towards her face. She picks up where we left off. Then I hear the door handle jiggle and before I know it Patty walks in. When she sees Maka on top of me with her hand on my crotch area, she freaks. "Ooooooooooooh! Maka and Kid are having sex, huh? You guys making babies?" , She says with an O shaped mouth. I turn my head to her, "Dammit Patty! Didnt your hear me the first time? I'm busy!" I turn to Maka, and see she is full on blushing and frowning now. I rub her back. Patty slams the door. And I hear her voice singing and trailing off down the hall to her room. I continue rubbing Maka's back. "Hey, its ok..." I pull her head to lay on my chest. "We dont have make out anymore if you're uncomfortable..." I say in a quiet voice. Maka puts her hands on my chest. She sighs, "I dont want to stop." She lifts her head up, and looks at my lips. I look at hers, "Really?" She leans in and whispers, "Really." Then, we continue making out. After a longer amount of time, Maka lays her head back on my chest. I pet her hair. She grips my shirt, "I love you." I smile looking up at the ceiling, "I love you, too." We sit quietly for a few more moments. Then I remember I had something to ask her. "Maka?" She snuggles in to me, still on top of me, "Yes, Kid?" I wrap my arms around her, "Would you like to go on a date with me on friday night? We could go see a movie in the movie theatre?" Maka sighs happily, "I would love to Kid... What day is it today?" I laugh, "Today is tuesday, Maka." I kiss the top of her head, "Im sorry but your going to have to wait 4 days." Maka sighs, "Fine..." I laugh again, "But that doesnt mean we cant be in love until then..." Maka giggles and lifts her face up to mine, "Your right..." She says in a happy tone, just before pressing her lips against mine again.