Of all the things you have seen tonight, this is by far the worst thing.
Since your awakening, indeed, you have died many times. It kills to learn how the whole world remembers you – it kills to know you have already existed, and your identity is desperately out of reach for everyone. So close, so far is your truth.
If you still had it, your breath would be broken as you fly to the other side of the town. The voice echoing so wrongly in the telephone did not belong to Cabanela; and you want to find out, you struggle through the net of wires.
The more you learn, however, the more you realise you're running the wrong way – your past escapes and certainties are crumbling, lost in the maze of skyscrapers, as if they were made of dried sand.
In fact, now that you have reached the truth, it's no use running any more. There is the answer you yearned for, the last nail in the coffin. There you are.
A wild light beyond the glasses, mad gestures, words – and oh, what is the gun you're holding, are those your hands?, what gun is shielding that inhuman grin?
It is your own face, your self, to parody the precious life you have lost tonight. If this is not cruelty, it must be fate – such a careless, terrible fate, holding tight the lives of many. But as far as you are concerned, if this is your life, then you must be a terrible mirror of yourself.
This is the moment when he night splits in two halves, and the answer lies farther, so far beyond the dawn. Even the glowing red of the Ghost World does not feel like death now – your true death is standing, breathing, talking in front of you, and you would stop time forever not to see that man.
But this is the night in which everything looks the way it didn't before – it has deceived you and then cancelled the illusions, right in front of your powerless eyes.
Your time is gone, and you are nothing.

Little ficlet about the passage between ch. 14 and 15. Dramatic surprises indeed :(. Inspired by wonderful OST: Trauma, Intermission and 4MBD Variation.
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