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Years ago, there was another Earth. An Earth that could be called the same as the current one, except for one major difference; humans didn't exist. To be more specific, they were all cavemen with none of the advancements that the others had. To the other 'living beings' that roamed the lands; they were known as Two-legs, 'omnivores that walk on two stumps'. There were many other animals that roamed the lands besides the humans; Elves, Vampires, Dhampires, Werewolves, Pixies, Fairies, Demons, Shape-shifters, Witches, Wizards, Mages, and the rarest of them all; Forbidden Children. This world has a name; Terra Firma. Welcome to the new world…. Welcome to a world of Imagination.

Miku shivered. It was cold and she didn't like it. Mainly because she was out in the heart of the woods in the middle of the day. Normally, she wouldn't have been scared; after all; she had Luka with her and everything was perfect. Except for one or two tiny little details that she just couldn't get over; the name of these woods and the fact that it was foggy in the middle of the day. You couldn't see three feet beyond your face.

"Out of all the camping places in the world, you HAD to pick this one?"

Luka glanced up at her, a confused look crossing over her face.
"What? You mean you don't like it?" she asked.
"What kind of insane person would like these woods? Come on, even the name of this place is freaky. I mean, Lupine Woods? What kind of name is that?"
Luka stared at her,

"Wait, this is Lupine Woods? I though we were in Sunnyvale Woods!"

"Yeah well, does that look sunny to you?"

She was now as white as a sheet, Luka really could act, Miku was going to give her a sarcastic round of applause when Luka's voice broke the silence.
"Haven't you heard the rumors?" When Miku shook her head, Luka continued, "They say that werewolves roam these woods, looking for their next meal. But as long as you have a campfire going, they can't enter the clearing. The smell of the burning wood frightens them At least, that's what they say."

Miku stared into the fire, her imagination was wandering now, and the fire seemed to respond to it. She swore that she could see leaping tigers in the flames, and quietly smiled for a moment. That was, until a werewolf appeared in the flames and ate the tigers. Miku screamed, and scooted away from the flames; blabbering something about tigers and werewolves. Luka just sighed and shook her head.