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This would be fun, Lily was grinning now. It had been a few days since the attack and he felt much better now. Lily stood in front of him, dressing him in his newest suit. A mask hung on a nearby chair, it was a golden, like a sun. Feathers decorated it, and it was encrusted with gems. As the time for the masquerade drew nearer, the ballroom became more decorated, decorated with ribbons and streamers. Most of them were a medium blue, but many others were other shades. Lily knew that Gakupo was up to something, but she didn't say a word.

Bells peeled, signaling the start of the ball. Women were dancing, laughter was echoing around the room. Kaito stood in a corner when a man in a sun-mask approached him.

"Are you enjoying this?" Gakupo noted that Kaito was wearing blue again. Kaito nodded and noticed that all of the streamers were blue, or pretty close to the color that he loved.

"Why are those all blue?" Kaito glanced up at the man and he blinked, then smiled slowly.

"I do not know, but if you come with me, maybe we can find out." He whirled around and hurried off down the hall with Kaito right behind him. Lily stood by a door, as soon as her master hurried down the hall, she opened the door and they slipped inside. Silently, she locked the door and glided down the hallway. She knew that her master had the Master Key on him and that he would be fine.

Kaito glanced at the door at the sound of the lock clicking.

"What did you do?" The other man grins and pulls his mask off, Kaito's eyes fly open.

"G-g-gakupo! But I thought you died!"

"Kaito, do you think that I would die and abandon you?"

"No, I would never think that..." Gakupo's laughter echos around the room.

"Kaito? I've thought this through long and hard, will you marry me?"

"Oh my God... I don't know what to say,... I'm speechless..."

"Take your time and think about it, but for now, shouldn't we get back to the party?"