Chapter 11: The Break and Back To Work

"Yes a break, thank you," Monkey said sitting down. Everyone sat down with him.

"So what do you guys want to do," Mantis asked.

"I really don't want to do anything right now," Monkey said.

"Me either," Crane said. As all of them were talking Tigress was looking around. Viper noticed this and whispered," What's up."

"I can't find Po," Tigress whispered back. Viper looked around to and there were no signs of Po. The guys caught on and asked," What are you doing."

"We're trying to find Po," Viper said.

"Oh don't worry about it, i'm sure he's fine," Monkey said. But Tigress wasn't going to give up, so she stood up and left. As she was walking she bumped into Song. They both hit the ground at the same time. They lifted their heads to see each other.

"Tigress," Song said.

"Song," Tigress said coldly. Then they both got up and said sorry.

"So Tigress what are you doing, walking around, on your break," Song asked.

"Some people could ask you the same question," Tigress said.

"Fair enough," Song said but she wasn't going to give up that easily. So she looked around, they weren't far from the field were everyone was, and noticed that Po was gone.

"You're looking for Po aren't you," Song asked.

"Yes," Tigress said and walked off.

"Hey, didn't it ever occur to you that maybe I can help," Song said running to her.

Tigress turned around and said," Yes but I don't want you to help me," and then she walked off. Song just stood there and looked like she just been slapped. Fine, she thought, if she doesn't want my help then I won't give it to her. And she walked off.

Meanwhile Po was looking for Song. He went to where the dancers were and they said she took a walk.

"Just great, she must have went looking for me, and now i'm looking for her," he muttered to himself as he walked away from the dancers. So he started walking the trails to see if he can find her. After a few minutes Po had enough and sat in the shade of a peach tree and ate the peaches. A few minutes later he heard rustling coming from two directions. He jumped up, climbed up to the middle section of the tree the tree, and laid on the branches.

He watched as Tigress and Song came out of the woods. Once they saw each other they scowled.

"What are you doing here," Tigress asked.

"The same as you," Song said.

"I said I didn't need help," Tigress said.

"Well I don't know who you are talking to because i'm not helping you," Song said. Tigress just stared at her with a look that would of scared anyone. But it had little affect with her because she was on a mission.

Song got annoyed by the way Tigress was staring at her," What's your problem Tigress," she asked.

"You," Tigress said.

"Me, why," Song asked.

"Because, oh I don't know, you're a thief, a person who only does something to get what she or someone else wants, and a person plays with people's feelings," Tigress said restraining herself from growling. Song however couldn't restrain herself from growing. But then all of a sudden she stopped and cocked a grin.

"You don't care about all that, well you did, but the one thing you can't stand is me toying with Po's feelings," Song said. This made Tigress almost unsheathe her claws.

"Well I have some news for you, i'm not toying with his feelings," Song said. Now Tigress unsheathe her claws. She was about to pounce when a gong was pounded and the sound echoed all around them.

"BACK TO WORK," some one screamed.

"Bye Tigress, see you when I see you, oh say hay to Po for me will you," Song said and left. Tigress let out a low growl, and then calmed down sheathed her claws, and left. After Tigress left, Po decided to come down, and started to climb down. But as soon as he adjusted his weight, the tree branch cracked, and he fell to the ground. Tigress heard the crash and ran back.

But when she got there she only saw a bunch of peaches in a huge pile. So she left while trying to figure out what could knock all the peaches down. The answer was Po. When he fell, he fell on a lot of branches, and when he hit the ground the peaches fell on top of him. He then stood up, got out of the pile, and thanked the gods.

Because if it wasn't for the peaches, he would be interrogated by Tigress, and he didn't want that. He then picked up some peaches and started walking toward the trail that will lead him to the Festival. When he got there everyone was back at work. He quickly got back to work and by the time they got done it was around ten o'clock. And in that time he didn't see Song.

And also he felt like Tigress was flirting with him. But before everyone could go to sleep they had to listen to Mr. Hunter.

"Everyone you did good work today and i'm proud of it. And I hope in these days to come your going to make me even prouder. Now good night," he said.

"Good night," everyone said and went to their tents while our heroes went to the Jade Palace.