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YOU SHOULD KNOW that this story is not to be taken seriously. I am writing it to simply get over my writers block on my other stories. I hope that you enjoy reading this. ALSO YOU SHOULD KNOW that I do not have a Beta, so there may and Will be mistakes. I am not perfect.

Chapter One: The Fall


It was cold in modern Tokyo and little Kagome loved it. Everything would be covered in snow soon and the whole world would be nothing but a blanket of white softness. She loved playing in the snow. Just the other day, Japan had gotten it's first taste of snow for the season, but it was not a lot. Just a little bit fell and covered the earth, but that small amount was enough to make Kagome's heart lift and soar. Something about the snow pulled at a piece of something lost in her heart and she craved to be around it. If nothing else, just for the good feeling it put inside of her.

Sitting outside in the grass behind the open gates of the Shrine, Kagome was bored and had nothing to do. Looking out at the world seemed like a good idea at first, but she did not realize at the time that she would have to sit still to do so. Out the corner of her eye, she saw a brown dog. Immediately her attention was caught. Now all she wanted to do was play with the dog.

He was taller than her by a head and much bigger, but his brown fur looked so soft that she just had to touch it; wanting to compare it to her beloved snow. Plus, the dog did not look mean from where she was standing.

He looked nice.

So when Kagome, as quiet as her little feet could make her, crept up to the dog to try and touch his fur, he turned. She held out her hand and he sniffed it, tickling Kagome and making her giggle. He licked her hand and Kagome laughed out loud, remembering that she had just had some chocolate before she came outside to sit in the grass.

Then he took a snap at her hand. Kagome shrieked and snatched her hand back before he could bite it.

"Bad dog! No bite Kagome hand! I no Choco!"* She yelled in her baby voice.

The dog, in response to her yelling, growled at her, thoroughly scaring her, and started to advance. Kagome, afraid, turned and ran up the steps to the well, thinking she could hide in the room, but the dog chased her into the room, not letting her shut the sliding door and came inside after her.

Her back was against the well as the dog cornered her. "Now, now, doggy," Kagome tried to calm him down with false promises. "Kagome no be mad if you go way."

The dog barked, Kagome threw up her hands to shield her eyes, jumped back in fright, and tipped over into the dark well...

I hope you enjoyed reading.. This story will be updated once a week and sometime's twice a week. Remember that this story is not to be taken seriously, but I can feel that it's going to be one of my favorites. There is not a specific word count on this story's chapters. It's going to be as long as the chapter calls for. It will start off slow and progress with every chapter.

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