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Chapter Nine: Threats

Everything that should have freaked her out didn't.

She should have been running for the hills with the information that the old woman had freely given her, but she didn't...

Kagome did not even know if she could get back home again.

Looking back at what had transpired not even fifteen minuets ago, a shudder went through Kagome's body.

The fight between the oldest of the demons, Sesshomaru, and his younger half brother, Inuyasha, had almost been a bloodbath. Sesshomaru was slowly killing Inuyasha with the precise blows the he was inflicting upon him. The red tint in his eyes was enough to tell Kagome that he was losing his mind.

Kaede, to stop Inuyasha from being killed outright, gave Kagome some beads that were not attached to one another. The old lady gave Kagome simple instruction to bring the half-dog-demon down. Throw it at him and give him a command.

Kagome did so without hesitation. The beads quickly snapped around his neck, and just being informed that he was part dog, Kagome said the only thing that she could think of at the moment.


The yell echoed though the clearing and Inuyasha, about to jump up and deal Sesshomaru a blow, was over a bridge.

He fell through at an alarming speed. Broke through the wood, and landed face down into the water.

To say that the bloody fight was almost over would have been a lie.

Sesshomaru had a look in eye that would kill. He came towards Inuyasha with his fist poised to hit. And hit hard he would have if Kagome would not have gotten in the way.

'Stop!' Kagome stood there fierce and trembling. Her chin up and arms spread wide. 'The fight is over. You don't need to harm him past whatever he is now.'

The red in his eyes swirled deeper and then they changed. Right before Kagome's eyes they changed from that bleeding crimson to the most brilliant golden eyes that she had ever seen. She was captivated in the look that he was giving her. Those eyes held secrets that he would hold close to his chest and maybe want to share. But with her.

She was nowhere near fooled though.

Those eyes held possession as well.

Those golden eyes in which the color was so brilliant that they almost glowed...

She knew those eyes.

Sesshomaru gave an almost nod of his head towards her and then he was gone. Like he was never there, except Kagome knew that to be a lie. All she had to do was look at his bloody brother in the water or at the havoc that they created in the clearing...

Now Kagome was sitting, thinking of those eyes that she knew and did not know. She grabbed the locket around her neck and breathed deep.

She wanted to see him again.

Sesshomaru wanted to see her again.

He was in no position to see her again right now, but that's what he wanted to do.

When Inuyasha had come towards her, Sesshomaru almost snapped. She was his. His to protect. His forever until he deemed otherwise. His forever.

Sesshomaru had sensed her presence before he had saw her. He knew that she was hurt. He knew a lot of things that he never thought he would know about her before he would see her. He knew she was angry, scared, and out of patience.

He saw the look of determination in her eyes and how she would have protected his half brother Inuyasha.

He wanted that fierceness.

That passion.

How was he going to act around her now that she was a young woman. She was nothing like the little girl that had slowly captured his interest and tried to melt his frozen heart.

The protectiveness that Sesshomaru had felt towards her was still there, maybe even stronger, but what was he to do with it?

She was different.

How was he to approach her?

Her body was no longer that of a child, but a woman. He could no longer pick her up in his arms and carry her about. She had curves in places that she did not possess before. Not that Sesshomaru had not seen the female body on numerous occasions, it is just that Sesshomaru did not know what to do with himself with this female human.

Sesshomaru was not even sure that she was human. For how could a human live for as long as she has? He could even say that she aged like a demon. But when she went to the well, where did she go to?

Sesshomaru had questions in his head that had not been answered for centuries now.

And now that Kagome was here again, he would get his answers.

Hesitating about it would only waste more time and he did not know if she would be here for very long. She had never stayed for long before, who was to say that it would be different this time?

Making up his mind, Sesshomaru turned around towards the small human village.

There was one problem to be dealt with though.

She did not remember him. The look in her eyes said that she saw him as familiar, but did not know him personally. He would have to change that.

He remembered her all to well. Even her sweet nutty smell was almost the same. Only matured with her becoming a woman.

Making it to the village, Sesshomaru was not surprised to see the humans go into a panic. Some of them bold, demanding of him his business and to leave if he knew what was good for him.

His eyes started to bleed red.

No one demanded of him anything and if the humans were only partially intelligent, then they would know better than to speak to someone so far above their station. It is an honor to glance upon him.

As if sensing him, Kagome came out of a hut, into the middle of the crowd that had gathered, and glared at him.

He could hear her heart beat in her chest and knew that she was excited to see him, but also nervous. He could just barely pick out her clean scent in the sea of odor surrounding her. How humans could sit in their own filth for so long without bathing was disgusting and it just proved his thoughts that humans are inferior, but he was not there to think on the habits of humans in the area. Sesshomaru wanted to talk to the woman, Kagome.

His eyes connected to hers. He was annoyed that he could no longer pick out her heartbeat with so many bystanders. He wanted to see her reaction. He wanted to know how she reacted around him.

"Human, you will accompany me away from this place."

She looked at Sesshomaru like he was speaking a foreign language. Her eyes open wide and her mouth slightly dropped.

Then her eyes narrowed in anger. "And who are you to demand something from me? From what I have just seen of you, you just beat the bloody hell out of your brother! Why on earth should I go anywhere with you?"

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes. He was not use to someone disobeying him. When he said, it is done. Apparently not so with this female.

"Half brother," He corrected automatically. "I do not need to give you answers, but I will make you a deal. If you come with me now, I shall spare everyone their lives in this village. If you refuse I will kill them all and then force you to come with me. Those are your only options."

Kagome looked at him and her mouth dropped open. "Your not serious!"

He couldn't possibly be serious.

But the look on his face spoke of seriousness that she could not hope to defeat.

"So that's how your going to do it? Your going to bully me into something that I don't want to do? You would threaten the lives of everyone here because you can't have what you want?

"Not only is that childish, but it's mean as well. Who would have known that a demon like you would do something so underhanded and foolish because he wanted a toy to play with?"

Her question was rhetorical but her meaning was caught. She did not approve of the way that he just handled the situation.

"You know Sesshomaru, you could have just asked."

With that, Kagome walked towards Sesshomaru and then pass him.

No matter how he felt about it, Sesshomaru still got what he wanted.

He followed close behind.

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