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February 29, 2012 was a normal day. Just a plain old normal Wednesday. Except, of course, for the small fact that it was a leap year.

"DUDES!" Beast Boy ran circles in the common room, waving his arms in the air. Cyborg's car wiped out on the video game, and he gritted his teeth, steam pouring from his mechanics. Raven, reading her book, looked up and quirked an eyebrow; a small gesture that said you had better have a damn good reason for interrupting me, or I'll throw you out the window. Robin was actually knocked over by the frantic green teen. Starfire, however, was nowhere to be found.

"Yo man!" Cyborg yelled when Beast Boy paused for breath. "You made me wreck my car!"

"So what?" Beast Boy shrugged off the accusation. "It's Leap Day!" the Titans paused for a moment to consider as it slowly dawned on them that yes, it was in fact Leap Day.

"This day does not logically exist; therefore it should not be celebrated. We should be considering the possibility of a tear in reality that would allow Trigon to return," Raven said ominously, somehow drawing all the darkness in the room to her.

"What happens to all the babies born on Leap Day?" Robin wondered aloud. "How fast do they age?" his incredibly stupid question went unanswered.

"Who cares! It's just another day, ya'll!" Cyborg, ever-realistic, spoke up. There was a long silence.

"Where's Starfire?" Robin asked. The others shrugged and returned to their previous activities; running circles, playing video games, and reading. Robin stalked off imposingly to find the love of his—er, Starfire. As he approached her room, he heard strange sounds…panting, accompanied by occasional thuds. Enraged, Robin kicked the door in to see the Tamaranian princess jumping up and down, sweating and panting.

"Hello…Robin!" she gasped breathlessly.

"Star…what are you doing?" he asked.

"Beast Boy…has informed me…that it is…the day…of leaping!" she explained between jumps. Robin chuckled.

"No, Star. It's Leap Day, meaning that it only happens once every few years," he told her. Starfire stilled, breathing hard.

"So…I did not have to jump?" she asked.

"No," he replied. Starfire's eyes glowed green with rage.

"Friend Beast Boy! I must speak with you!" she shouted angrily.


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