"Raven!" the empath suppressed a growl as her green-skinned teammate (NOTHING more, as she frequently insisted to Cyborg and Starfire during their "interventions" for her about her denial) appeared in front of her.


"Well..." he smiled widely. "What's two plus two!" Raven rolled her eyes.

"Yes, Beast Boy, I will gladly send you back to kindergarten. Four."

"Neh!" he made a buzzer noise. "Wrong! Technically..." he somehow donned glasses and a suit, pulling up a blackboard and scribbling meaninglessly. "Two added to another two makes twenty-two!" he scribbled out a giant 22, circling each 2 and drawing arrows for emphasis. "Furthermore!" he stuck his finger in Raven's face, and she was tempted to bite it off. "Putting two and two together means you come up with an answer! So technically, two plus two equals conclusion! WHAT!" he held out his hands, his suit and props mysteriously gone. Then he skipped down the hall like nothing had happened.

Raven blinked.

Then she blinked again.

Robin walked up behind her.

"Uh...Raven? Are you okay?" he asked. There was a long, long pause. Then...

"I think I just got mindfucked."