WARNING This story contains mature themes such as sexual content, incest, prostitution, gambling and adultery. If these themes bother you then leave now, otherwise I hope you enjoy the story.

Nursing his glass of fire whiskey in one hand, Harry Potter surveyed his surroundings, the toils of his labours for the past four years, from his very comfortable chair. His office, located in a position high above the rest of his building, was situated such so he could view his entire operation at any given time. He could see, hear and smell everything he wanted to, too make sure everything was going well with his new business. The sight of the all the different people arriving to enjoy the pleasures of his establishment, the sound of loud bass music and money exchanging hands and the smell of sweat, alcohol and sex. These were the sensations created by his new venture, a large complex dedicated to the pursuit of pleasure, Potter's Palace of Pleasure.

After his precious daughter began her second year, he found out that his wife of twenty years was pregnant yet again. While Harry was, naturally, excited at the prospect of having another child to raise, Ginny was not so inclined. Without his knowledge she went to St. Mungo's to have it removed, then told Harry almost immediately afterwards, saying that she did not want to be her mother and that she wanted a life outside of her children now that all of them attended Hogwarts. Harry was furious with her. Not at her desire to have no more children, but the fact that she had done this behind her back without talking to him. Her responding argument was too say that it was she who was going to turn into a beached whale, not him, and that she could do whatever she wanted with both her body and the unborn child. When Harry said that it was his child to and that he had just as much right to decide the child's fate, he was floored by her response.

"The child wasn't yours," Ginny had said with almost a hint of gloating. "It's amazing that you've fathered any children really, considering how many men I've been with."

The word stunned was too weak to describe Harry's reaction. He may as well have been replaced with a statue. Ginny, who had spoken out of the emotional high caused by the argument soon realised what she said profusely pleaded false and begged forgiveness but the damage had been done. By the time the children came home for the holidays, they were told that they could either stay at Harry's new place in London, or in the family home with Ginny, who received only a third of what she wanted from the divorce. Ginny, naturally wanted all the children to come with her to get one up on Harry, but Harry did not wish to force his beloved children to choose between their parents. Fortunately, the children were able to see their mother for what she was, and although none of them were willing to cut her out of their lives completely, they spent most of their time at their fathers.

When they returned to school, Harry found himself bored, having become disillusioned with the life of an Auror a year earlier. So instead he decided to start a business, and chose to invest in sin, probably the easiest thing to market. Using his still sizeable fortune and the weight of his name, he quickly managed to set up a venue, procure all the necessary licenses, and hired a large staff, all dedicated to catering to all of man's sins.

Harry again looked over his business, taking in the sights. The casino as usual was packed, all kinds of people trying to increase their fortunes and gambling it away. People were dancing the night away to the powerful beats in his club, while at his bar sat several groups of people who were just enjoying a few quiet drinks. His brothel/strip club was very lively as well, with a pretty young blonde putting on a show for the audience of men and women. All in all, marketing sin like this, Harry thought, turned out to be very profitable.

Harry's musings were interrupted by a knock at the door. "Who is it," he called out to the person of the other side.

"Tis your assistant, 'Arry," came the reply as the door opened.

In walked his assistant and former sister-in-law, Fleur Weasley 'nee Delacour, looking as attractive as ever and at least fifth teen years younger she her actual age. When her youngest began Hogwarts, Fleur had decided to begin working again, in order to keep busy and bring in a bit of extra money, a decision that neither Bill nor Molly approved of. After going through several jobs where her husband showed up in a fit a jealously and caused her to get fired, she was hired by one of the few people who weren't afraid of the Weasley name; Harry. He hired her as an assistant to help him manage the business, a job that she performed rather well at and brought in a nice wage, much to Bill's annoyance. Harry couldn't help but admire her form, the smoothness of her gorgeous legs, the sway of her hips in her knee length grey pencil skirt or the perfect amount of cleavage shown, as she made her way to his desk. The beautiful Veela smirked as her saw her boss staring at her body.

"Please, Monsieur Potter," Fleur said, accentuating her exotic accent and sitting on his desk. "I am a married woman."

"A crime to be sure," Harry said, returning her smirk and leaning back in his chair. "What did you need Fleur?"

"You asked me to alert you if Ron Weasley showed up again. He's in the casino as usual" she said, expecting the sour look that appeared on Harry's face.

"He is, is he?" questioned Harry. "Can I safely assume that he hasn't come to pay off his debt to the casino?"

Fleur shook her head. "Of course not, that's what decent and smart people do. No, he has been here for an hour and has already doubled his outstanding loans."

"What?" hissed Harry. "He already owes us two thousand galleons. How in Merlin's name do you double that in only an hour?"

"The kind of poor judgement that most of the Weasley men seem to possess," Fleur said, shrugging. "Bill still wants me to return to the kitchen even though his own gambling debts keep piling up."

"Idiots the whole lot of them," grumbled Harry. He paused to give thought to Ron's predicament. Familiar with the financial status of his best friends he knew that they could not pay the debt easily and Ron's disregard for his situation would quickly see the debt grow. While it was no secret that Harry gave preferential treatment to his friends and former associated, there was a line that Ron was close to crossing.

"Do you know how much longer he's planning on staying here tonight?" Harry asked Fleur, breaking from his thought.

Again, his assistant shrugged. "He had just ordered another drink at the black jack table and I heard it mentioned that he was planning on heading to the strip club afterwards."

Harry nodded. "When you leave my office, tell Baxter not to let him leave until I've said so. I'm going to make it clear to Ron that he hasn't exactly been that good of a friend that I will allow him to rack up a four thousand galleon debt without paying it back," he said.

His Veela assistant nodded. "I shall inform him," Fleur said as the turned to leave. However Harry quickly got out of his chair and grabbed her arm.

"I said when you leave my office, Fleur. I still have a matter I wish for you to attended," he whispered into her ear and pushed her into his desk.

"And what matter would that be," Fleur asked seductively, her hot breathe tickling Harry's ear. "I am not one of your whores 'Arry, I am not here to satisfy your carnal urges."

"I pay my whores to have sex with other men, and on occasion with me," Harry said, his hand leaving her arm and roaming the rest of her body. "I pay you to assist me with my business. The sex is a bonus."

And with that Harry grabbed her hips and roughly pulled her into a fierce kiss. Fleur responded by wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, hiking her skirt up her body, grinding into his body while returning the kiss with equal ferocity. Harry's hand left her waist, to move between her legs to remove her underwear, only to find that he had been beaten to the punch. Not deterred in the slightest, he slipped two fingers into her already dripping folds.

"For someone so resistant to her boss's advances, you sure send mixed messages, given your lack of underwear and sopping pussy," said Harry, breaking the kiss and using his thumb to rub the Veela's clitoris.

Fleur moaned in response. "I figured you would want this, so I removed my underwear before I came in."

"You naughty minx," Harry smirked, as he continued to finger her, his fingers going deeper while his thumb kept rubbing. He then continued speaking. "Of course you want this as much as I, don't you my dirty slut."

His assistant nodded, her hands making their way to Harry's groin, rubbing his growing erection through his pants. "Oui, I want this, and I especially want this," she said, giving his dick a squeeze, making Harry groan. "Now how shall you have me today 'Arry?" Fleur asked, her fingers grabbing the zipper and pulling it down teasingly. "Shall you fuck my mouth while you eat me out, or will you fuck me against the wall like a man should?" she said as she pulled his eight inch shaft out of his pants.

"Neither," answered Harry, his hand leaving her pussy. He then grabbed Fleur and spun her around, bending her over his desk and fully hiking her skirt over her shapely ass. "I would love for nothing more than to spend the next couple of hours fucking you every way possible, but Ron needs to be dealt with soon, so we only have time for a quickie," he said, positioning his dick at her entrance and gently pressed into her.

"Mmmm, stupid Weasleys," moaned Fleur, at the intrusion. "One way or another they always ruin sex."

Harry slowly entered further into Fleur, causing her to moan again. "Enough of that," he said. "I don't want you thinking of them while we screwing."

Fleur chuckled slightly, lifting her hip to get more of Harry into her. "Have no fear darling, there is no worry of that."

Her lover smirked at her comment, then without further comment, he slammed his entire length into her wet pussy, causing the pair to moan loudly. Grabbing her by the ass, Harry began thrusting in and out of her at a faster pace, causing his partners moaned in increase in frequency and volume.

"Fuck fuck… oh fuck… so good, keep going, please, oh… please don't stop… oh fuck me please," Fleur begged, her fingers tightly gripping the edge of the desk.

Harry stared at her gorgeous ass as he fucked her and gave it a light slap, causing his assistant to give a sharp gasp. "Fuck your cunt is so tight. You sure your husband fucks you at all?" the dark haired man asked, giving her ass another smack.

"Mmm, well he tries," she responds. "But he has not properly fucked me since our honeymoon."

"A crime to be sure," says Harry, repeating his earlier sentiments as his hands leave her ass to make their way to her breasts which he begins to knead. "That a body as gorgeous as yours is not fucked the way it should be."

His Veela lover moaned, both in agreement and in pleasure at his hands ministrations and his continuous thrusting. It does not take long before Fleur can feel herself reaching her peak, the pleasure being provided by her employer consuming her.

"OOOHH, so close, 'Arry, please, don't stop, don't stop don…OOOOOOOHH," Fleur moaned loudly as she reached her climax, spilling her juices all over Harry's cock and his pants.

Hearing the erotic sound of his lover coming all over him, Harry speeds up his thrusting, eager to reach his own climax. Fleur, who had come down from her orgasmic high, began to focus more of her lover's pleasure, clenching her walls around him and squeezing his hard cock tighter.

"Fuck Fleur, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna… AHHHH," Harry grunted, the Veela, giving one last squeeze with her pussy as Harry's hands once again found themselves on Fleur's ass, holding it there as he empties his load into her hot pussy.

After he finishes in her, Harry falls back into his comfy office chair, his softening cock leaving his assistants pussy with a slight 'pop', some of his load dribbling drown her leg. With a pleasurable moan, Fleur pushes herself up from the desk and reaches for Harry's wand, which had been left in his drawer. Several spells latter, their clothes free from the smell of sweat and sex and Fleur has pulled her skirt down, much to Harry's disappointed. Once she had made herself presentable, she turned to face Harry, who still had his dick out.

"Mmm, that was fun, non?" said Fleur, as she kneeled down in front of him and gave his cock a long lick, before setting it back into his pants and redoing the zipper.

"Absolutely," agreed her boss. "If it wasn't for that damned Weasley, I'd be getting you ready for round two."

His assistant smirked at him. "You are insatiable, my love," she said as he returned her smirk. Again she turned to leave the office, this time without Harry stopping her. At the door, she turned to him. "I'll relay your message to Baxter and tell him to bring Weasley to your office," she said smiling at him, before her smile turned back into a sexy smirk. "You should also see Gabrielle before you leave tonight; I hear she's been missing you."

"Hmm," Harry mused aloud. "It has been a while since I've had my dick in her tight little ass."

At this Fleur chuckled. "By a while you mean a week non?" she questioned, causing Harry chuckled as well.

Harry was then struck by a thought. "Actually, when you have Ron come up here can you also send for one of the girls from the brothel as well," he said to his assistant.

Fleur raised one of her perfect eyebrows. "I thought you completely banned Ronald from the brothel girls, why would you want one of them here… unless, you don't mean her, do you?" Fleur asked, realising what her boss was planning.

Harry nodded. "Ron doesn't really seem to grasp how much trouble he's in. I think this should show him that things are serious now. Besides this is just a demonstration. He's not going to so reckless with his money when he learns how he's going to be paying me back," he said

"If you're planning what I think you are planning," Fleur said, her hands on the door frame. "Then I do not envy him in the slightest."

Harry again nodded, this time to himself as his assistant left his office to carry out his request and closed the door behind her. He then smirked at the thought of humiliating his lofty friend and giving him what he deserved. 'Yes, very soon' Harry thought 'Ron will understand exactly how much trouble he's in'.