Ok so some of you may have already come to this conclusion, but I will not be continuing this story. The reasons/excuses are the usual, simply can't find time or the motivation to write more of this story. Part of it is that I've become a bit obsessed with Chuck and have been writing stories for that fandom but the other, and perhaps more significant, part is that I find it very difficult to find the motivation to continue a story which is essentially I bunch of one shots loosely joined together various subplots and no real ending in mind, and frankly its becoming a bit tedious. Really, writing this story has confirmed what I should have learnt from other abortive attempts at fanfic writing is that I really don't have the willpower or dedication to keep going with long multi-chapter stories.

I will however still keep writing fanfiction just that I'll be sticking to one shots and short multi chapter stories. I still have other Chuck stuff in the works, and many ideas for Harry Potter and Naruto. In fact most of the ideas for the chapters (Fleur as a secretary, Hermione having to 'work' off Ron's debt) in this story were original ideas for one shots, so I will eventually try to rewrite to chapters so they're stand-alone. Also if you have something you'd like to request then feel free, but I pretty much only write fics where Naruto, Harry or Chuck are the main characters, and the male part of the pairing (I'm fairly indifferent to pairings, although I primarily support Charah for Chuck, mostly Naruhina for Naruto and HHR or HPDG for Harry Potter).

I will be leaving this story up on FFnet until the admins decide to take it down, but i will also continuing posting my HP stuff on hpfanficarchive and will eventually starting putting everything else on adultfanfiction.

Thanks to everyone who left a review, either signed or anonymous, and I hope to see you all again reviewing future stories.