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Sorry Castle. I didn't realise she was there." Beckett felt horrible about what had happened earlier. She had let her jealously get the better of her and she had said that he should sleep with however he wants. She had said the more the merrier. Lanie had given them both a funny look, and she had been expecting that, but the throat clear that came from behind them she had not been expecting, nor had she wanted. After she had seen Alexis all she had wanted was for the floor to swallow her up.

Beside her Castle turned and said, "Now you see why I have a problem with Alexis working with Lanie." He didn't say anything about her apology, which Beckett took to be either a good thing or a bad thing. It could be a good thing, meaning that he had forgiven her already, but it could also be a bad thing, meaning that he was still hurt by what she had said or hurt that Alexis had been there to hear it.

She nodded, "Yeah, now I see your point." She paused and looked over at him, "I really am sorry Rick."

Castle nodded, knowing that just by using his first name she really meant it, "Don't worry Beckett," he took a step away from her, making her feel anything but forgiven, until he continued on to say, "You were jealous."

Beckett glared at him but didn't say anything since he was right. She had said those things because she was jealous. Jealous that she wasn't his only muse and a little bit jealous that he seemed able to follow all her instructions to the letter after only 'researching' her for a year while he still struggled to do what she asked after nearly four years.

Castle, relived that she hadn't hurt him said, "What Sophia and I had is different to what you and I have." The unsaid 'because I love you' hung in the air between them, both thinking it but neither saying anything.

In a quiet vice, although she was still glaring a little at him, but the glare wasn't as scary as before, Beckett said, "I'm sorry about what she said before she died."

She caught and held Castle's eyes, and she could see the pain in them. Sophia had said she knew who his father was, but she had died before he could ask anything.

After a few moments of just looking at each other Beckett said, in a voice even quieter than before, "She told a lot of lies Castle, that could have been one too."

The small shake of his head gave away that he knew was well as she did, that while that was a possibility, it was unlikely. Sophia had seemed genuinely shocked when she realised Castle had no idea at all who his father was, and the two of them knew that if she had been lying she wouldn't have cared as much as she had about his reaction.

They stood for a while longer, each lost in their own but similar thoughts, before Beckett said, "Come on, a think this calls for a burger at Remy's, my treat."

Castle gave her a smile, that while sad, still managed to light up his face. "Sure Detective."

Beckett smiled back at him then they both went and grabbed their coats, Castle helping Beckett to put hers on. Still smiling the partners walked to the lift and went to go and have a burger in good company.