Chapter 1 The New Beginning

Langston Wilde paced in the living room at La Boulae. She had broken up with Ford. She knew deep down that he was bad for her that he had hurt her and people she care about. She was often a fool around him, drawn to his bad boy hotness. But, she had finally come to her senses. He would always put his son first. In the back of her mind, she knew that his son had been conceived when he preyed on mentally ill Jessica. But Langston was weak when it came to Ford. She obsessed about this bulging chest and sexual prowess. She fooled herself saying that he had changed. That his past actions didn't matter. But deep down, she knew they did; and that she should never be with him again.

Suddenly there was a noise at the patio doors, and Langston jumped. To her surprise, in walked David and Dorian spouting off about their movie.

"We found an exciting new talent, yes a brilliant young director" Dorian announced.

David chimed in, "Kids a real up and comer."

"And he signed off on collaborating on the script, WITH YOU sight unseen!" said Dorian

Langston rolled her eyes, "What loser would agree to do that?"

David smirked and pointed behind her, "That one!"

Langston turned and her mouth dropped open. "oh my God"

In walked Markko, smooth in a black blazer quipping, "That would be me."

Langston asked, "Markko, what are you doing here?"

Dorian strutted over to Marrko saying, "I told you we needed a brilliant young director so we got one. I want to introduce, Markko Rivera, LA's newest, hottest filmmaker!"

"You know that Markko Rivera." Markko responded.

"I don't get it," Langston retorted.

David butted in, "what's not to get? We fired the other guy."

"No you were fired."

Dorian clapped her hands, " Ok you two, time for you to get to work. Time for you to commune!"

Langston asked, "Commune?"

"Commune. That's what creative people do. Their magical creative souls. They go off and to a little room somewhere and take days or weeks and they create pusshhh magic!"

Langston squinted suspiciously, " I see what you're doing. "


"This is a setup to get me and Markko back together."

"This is not a setup. David and I just asked ourselves who would be the most qualified people to do the job, and you two were at the top of the list."

Markko interrupted, "not the A list, this is a different list."

"Oh please, I'm the producer, I am doing my job finding the right people with the right chemistry,"

"Chemistry, see what I'm talking about?" Langston retorted.

"Artistic chemistry for goodness sakes! You and Markko share a common point of view and best of all you don't have to waste a lot of precious time getting to know each other because you've already-"

"Been there done that," David finished.

"But there's so much more that goes into working with each other."

Dorian shook her head, "will you please trust me and trust each other. You two are going to make beautiful music together.

David said, "speaking of music…"

Dorian smiled, "yes, my love let's go make our own beautiful music and let these two get to work" And they sauntered out.

Langston looked at Markko and said, "just in case you were craving too much information."

"Well hey they're newlyweds. It's nice to see your mom happy."

"But yeh she's making crazy decisions."

"like what?"

"Like dragging you all the way back here. This isn't going to work?" Langston responded.

But Markko answered, " I know this is kinda a crazy project and David and Dorian have already burned a couple of bridges,."

"My mom's specialty."

"But you've got to admire their guts. They're determined to get this movie made. "

"Well determination is great but it doesn't always make for a good movie."

This is a chance Lang. This could be the break we need for both of our careers."

"Markko, that's not the problem."

"Then what's the problem?"

"Us! Do you really think we should be working together? Especially since you have a girlfriend, If I was Karen, I wouldn't be happy…"

Markko interupputed, "Look Karen and I, we're no longer together." Langston's eyes widened.

Markko and Langston then walked into the hallway and Marrko told Langston that he was sorry that things didn't work out for her and Ford or maybe he wasn't sorry because Ford didn't make Langston happy. Langston talked about how cruel she had been to Markko, lying to him, lying to herself. She asked if he could really work with her.

"There was a time when I would have said no, but I'm over that now." He paused, "So how about we start out as collaborators and see how things go."

Langston took a deep breath, hesitated for a second and then reached out to shake hands with Markko. "To collaboration."

Shortly thereafter, Starr came home and was shocked when she entered the living room and saw Markko leaning over the computer with Langston.

"Markko, what are you doing here? She asked as she gave him a big hug.

"I came for Langston." Hearing that Langston blinked and tilted her head, wondering what was next. Starr was confused, she thought they would be working in Llanview; but was upset when she heard Langston was going to LA. Langston tried to reassure her that it would only be for a few months, even though she knew it might very well be longer.

Markko decided to leave the girls to talk. "Look I'm going to go see my parents and tell them I've got a feature movie to make. They're going to be so excited."

"You better not tell them who you're working with," Langston pointed out. But Markko replied,

"They're over that. We all are."

After Marrko left, Starr and Langston chatted. Langston told Starr that this was a probably a big ploy on Dorian's part to keep her away from Ford and push her and Markko back together. "What do you think about that?" asked Starr.

"I don't know. Although when we shook on the agreement I felt something. But then that's natural right? Markko was my first love. We're always going to have feelings for each other."

Langston and Starr spent the next hours sharing memories, hugging and crying. They were best friends, sisters really. This new chapter was going to be so hard.

Later, Markko found Langston weeping over a photo album. He briefly touched her arm and sadly smiled. "It will be OK Lang. You and Starr will always be in each others' hearts. And you're just a phone call away!" Langston nodded and went upstairs to pack. Markko dreamily waited in the living room. Excited about the future but wondering if he could really collaborate with Langston, and trust her enough to work with and see her everyday.