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Loud cracks of lightning echoed through the large dining hall as the storm outside raged on. All the villagers would be inside on such a day, and the dining hall proved it. The hall occupied a few people two of them being the King and Queen who quietly flirted with each other. Eric had watched silently as a girl in the far corner kept to herself, she was attempting to make some sort of fabric and concentrated harshly on her task. Eric couldn't help but smile as he watched her frown when she had made a mistake with a stich and took the opportunity to interrupt her.

Silently he approached her from behind, pulling a metal necklace out from his many pockets. He had bought the gift especially for her, she didn't often wear jewelry but he was sure this was something she would always keep around her neck. Part of that reason was because it was from him. Swiftly he swung the necklace in front of her face. Not knowing that Eric was behind her, she jumped and attempted to swerve around to see who was tying jewelry around her neck.

"Don't move." He demanded before she had a chance to see who he was, she instantly stilled waiting for him to tie the animal skin straps behind her head. She waited patiently for him to finish, and when he was done he gently grabbed her long locks of blond hair and pulled them away from her necklace, before releasing her long locks down her back.

Instantly her small delicate hands reached for the necklace so she could study the pendent that was now resting on her chest. The pendent silver in colour, twisted in an elegant design and on each side of the pendent was a colourful array of wooden beads. The young woman silently studied the trinket around her neck in awe, as she gently turned it in her hands; reflecting the light from the fire beside her onto her face.

Eric pleased over her silence of the gift, gently leaned down to kiss her cheek. The simple action seemed to draw her attention away from the trinket in her hands, and she gently turned her head to look up at him, her eyes wide and filled with joy.

"Thank you." She said softly, allowing the smirk on his face to become much larger. Eric sat down beside her, as she gently shuffled over on the bench to allow him to join her. They were both unaware of the King and Queen who watched the small scene with much joy.

The one thing Eric hated about bars was the escalating numbers of young vampires who accumulated at his bar. It must had been something with the way current society raised children, because most of these vampires thought Eric was either stupid or unaware of the activities they tried pulling off under his nose. Eric usually ignored the simple things they tried to pull off, but when they tried to feed on his premises he got angry and often tossed these young vampires around. This was one of those nights.

He silently watched a young vampire pull an older looking woman towards the back. His actions were so obvious that even a human could have caught it, for a number of reasons. The first being the woman must have been in her late 50's was ugly, and the second was she had only came into the bar to ask for directions. He knew this by the map she was holding in her hands, as well as her car keys that dangled from her fingers.

The woman didn't stand a chance when the young man glamoured her into following him like a zombie towards the back. The sudden flare of anger arose in his chest, and he angrily pushed himself out of the chair to follow after the duo. Pam had seen the entire scene unfold before her eyes, and simply rolled her eyes as she continued on with her daunting task.

Eric slammed the back door open with such force that two of the hinges snapped from the wall, and echoed a loud bang into the dark of the night. The young male vampire jumped away from his pray surprised that he had been caught for a few brief seconds, but his face quickly changed from shock from terror when he saw it was none other than Eric himself standing before him.

In a flash Eric had the young man by the neck holding him up in the air as he struggled to get away. His face was covered with the blood of the older lady who sat on the ground holding her neck in shock.

"You dare disobey me?" Eric hissed, tightening his grasp on the boy's neck. The boy struggled to shake his head no, as Eric held him up higher. The soft sounds of cracking could be heard as the force of Eric's grip started to break the bones in his neck.

"Then why are you sneaking around my bar with old hags!" Eric snapped, the boy cried out in pain as Eric waited for an answer. An answer of course was impossible since Eric had destroyed most of the young vampire's vocal cords, and the continuous interference of Eric's angry grip wouldn't allow his body to heal.

A small squeak from the old woman on the ground drew Eric's attention away from the struggling vampire. She looked up at the tall Viking with terror in her eyes; she quickly figured out that she was a victim of a feeding. A small hiss came from Eric's lips when he realised he couldn't do any more to the boy in his hands.

"Get out of here, don't let me see you again." Eric snapped throwing the boy a distance. The boy wasted no time pushing himself off the ground and running off before Eric could change his mind.

Eric's didn't even look back at the woman as he walked back to his bar. The woman panicked pushing herself up off the ground. She tried brushing the dirt off her clothing, her actions made no difference.

"W-w-ait, how can I r-r-repay you?" She stuttered watching him walk back into the bar. Her hands shook with fright; she couldn't believe what she had just experienced.

"Send a letter!" He snapped sarcastically slamming the broken door behind him.

Eric would never be aware of who the woman was that he saved, let alone what he had saved. But like most occurrences that happened in his life he quickly forgot about the old woman he had saved because she meant nothing to him.

So six months later when a small brown package arrived on the steps of Fangtasia, with the words scrawled in fancy writing, 'my hero' he simply ignored it. He slammed the package on the bar counter top, before walking away.

Pam looked up from her nails inquisitively when the package was slammed down on the counter-top before her. The package itself was wrinkled in the corners and slightly dirty by the handling process.

"What's…that?" Pam asked eying the package on the counter top. A strange smell drifted from the package as she stepped closer to it. She wrinkled her nose in distaste. "It stinks." She added with a scowl.

When Eric didn't respond to her, she rolled her eyes and pulled the box closer to her. She tried to ignore the smell as she angrily used her nail file to rip the box open. Scowling she flipped the lid open pulling the straw out of the way and tossing it lazily onto the floor. She stopped pulling the straw out of the way when her fingers grazed a wooden box inside.

She swiftly pulled out the box, without a glance and slammed it down on the table. There was nothing special about the box, it contained no designs, and looked new. Whereas the smell that was contained in the box was stronger and as she irritatedly exhaled she flipped open the lid.

Inside the box was a folded piece of paper, a vile of what Pam expected to be the source of the smell, and a neatly folded up piece of fabric that obviously contained something. Pam was unaware of the gaze Eric was giving her, as he watched her opened his box.

Plucking the paper out of the box she folded it open and read the inscription. "Thank you for saving my life, in return I give you, your heart's most desire." She read aloud followed by a few quick words of a language neither of them had ever heard of.

"Cute." Pam said sarcastically crumpling the note up and tossing it on the floor. Her eyes fluttered over to the vile and she picked it up with two fingers holding it awkwardly. The potent smell from before was even stronger as she lifted and examined the bottle.

A loud crack echoed through the room as the neck of the bottle suddenly exploded sending the liquid inside all over Pam, the counter-top, and the rest of the box. The smell was suddenly even more disgusting then before and Pam yelled out in anger. She slammed the neck of the bottle on the floor before storming off.

Eric would have laughed at her if the smell didn't hit his nose so harshly. He couldn't distinguish what it was, and he didn't care enough to try and figure out what it was. But he didn't want the smell stinking up his bar, and he didn't want it to stick around when people started to show up.

Grabbing a rag he approached the mess, it was times like these he was thankful he didn't have to breathe. The liquid in the bottle had changed colour when it hit the surface of the bar, once a vibrant blue, was now a dark moldy looking brown. Whereas the liquid that had fallen inside the box had turned orange. A curious look crossed his face as he studied the liquid inside the box, and swiftly he plucked out the small folded cloth inside.

It was soaked, and as he plucked it out of the box it dribbled large drops of liquid. The also curious thing about this small folded cloth was he could tell that there was in fact something in it, and a nagging feeling at the back of his head was telling him he had to open it.

With a few tugs of his finger the fabric tore open exposing what was inside. If anyone were inside the room they would have seen the look that crossed his face. If he had a heart, he was sure it would have stopped from what he saw inside.

Inside the soaked little package of cloth was a bent, little piece of metal. It was slightly rusty, and there was still some dirt trapped in the corners of it, but he instantly knew what it was. The past thousand years had done the piece no justice, and he had never expected to see it again.

"Thank you." She said softly, allowing the smirk on his face to become much larger.

"What is that?" Pam asked peering over his shoulder, she had changed her outfit, and showered in the time it took him to open the precious parcel.

"Nothing that concerns you, Pam." He said sternly.

Eric couldn't look at the small trinket that was bundled in the damp cloth, because millions of thoughts ran through his mind when he looked at. The first being of who it belonged to. The second was how they found it and third, how could they defile her grave?

Eric had dug the grave himself, it was one of the few human memories he had left, which wasn't surprising since most of the memories he had were of her. He could remember the hours he spent digging the grave under her favorite tree, he had to dig around roots, and deep enough so that the animals wouldn't dig her back up. When he was done, his hands were sore, bloody, and dirty.

He was suddenly angry at the thought. Angry that someone could dig up her final resting place, she deserved nothing of the sort. With these emotions came the thoughts of who had snuck onto his land, and carried out the task.

He would never admit it, but he did own the very land that he grew up on, and when he bought it, he made sure that her grave, his infant sister, as well as his parents were a part of it. This way he would forever hold onto his human life, even if the land now looked nothing like it had during his human youth.

With great care he picked up the trinket and with great care moved it to the closet in his office. He didn't want to look at it anymore, but he didn't want it destroyed. If it was the necklace he thought it was, (which he had no doubt) then he would return it to where it belonged then seek out the unfortunate soul who dug it up. But first he needed to make a phone call, to find out if her grave had been disturbed.

"You seem distracted." Pam whined the next night after the bar had been closed. His concerns had been confirmed after he had made a phone call the night before. Someone had in fact been on his land, and they had in fact dug up a small amount of earth. Eric had angrily slammed the phone down when he learned this new information, and had yet to return to his office.

"Do not pry Pam." He ordered watching her pout, he knew she was going to push it, because Pam was after all his child and he knew her better than anyone. So when she opened her mouth and continued talking he wasn't at all surprised.

"Are you still pouting about Sookie?" She asked rolling her eyes, Sookie had married Bill months ago, after she made it very clear that she would never, have any interest in Eric, because as Sookie proudly put it, "He was nothing but a big A-hole!"

At first Eric didn't like this idea of Sookie belonging to Bill and had in fact tried to manipulate Sookie to come to him, but when it didn't work out he simply gave up for the time being. But as soon as he saw trouble in paradise, he was going to be sure that he was the first man to jump in and rescue Sookie.

"No." He said simply watching the gears turn in Pam's head. When she placed her hands on her hips, and gradually shifted her weight from one side of her body to her other he knew the next words to come from her mouth was going to make him angry.

"Seriously Eric, I don't know why you bother with her. She's nothing but a bag of blood." The anger that flared from his chest was remarkable, but it wasn't anger he hadn't felt before. Pam knew nothing of what was going on, and yet she assumed he was concerned with Sookie.

"Pam, leave!" He barked, watching her scurry away. Sometimes he knew Pam was right, but the situation with Sookie was none of her business. Pam assumed that he was in love with Sookie, but love was the farthest thing on his mind. He simply wanted to keep Sookie for his own personal benefit.

Pam disappeared into the office. This was the place she normally went when Eric dismissed her, since she never returned to their home until he commanded her to, or if he was there. Pam whether he liked to admit it or not, was almost attached to his hip. If she wasn't within a close distance, she was easy for him to get a hold of.

Pam suddenly walked back into the room, an annoyed look across her face and her hands on her hips. He half expected her to say something, but when she simply called out his name and walked back into the office a look of confusion crossed his face.

Pushing himself out of the chair he was sitting in he followed Pam. She was standing by his desk when he entered the room her eyes focused on the closet door. He was almost annoyed with her when he had walked into the room to see nothing amiss until his sensitive ears picked up the soft pounding of a heart, and the terrified breathing of a female.

His eyes flickered over to the closet door, where he could hear this noise, ignoring the knowing look Pam had given him. If Eric hadn't been in such an angry mood, he might have been impressed that a human was brave enough to hide in the closet.

He reacted on his anger using his vampire speed to move across the room and rip the door open. It slammed open, hitting the wall so hard that the door handle chipped the wall. His hand reached into the closet grabbing the girl by the roots of her hair and dragging her out. She screamed in fright, not fully understanding what was happening to her.

He angrily swung her around so Pam could get a perfect view of her bare bottom. Both he and Pam were surprised the girl was naked. Neither of them could see her face because of the way Eric was holding her by her hair, but they could both clearly see a very naked, very scared, young blonde woman.

Suddenly the woman started rambling on in Old Norse. The confusion that crossed Eric's face was unimaginable, as he and his child listened to the girl ramble on. Pam of course could speak little Old Norse since he had taught her, but the woman in front of them spoke it so well, that it surprised even Eric. All the anger he had previously had been forgotten, and was no replaced with pure curiosity.

Eric used his grip on the girl to tilt her head back so he could see her face, her eyes were closed but he could never forget the face he was peering down at. His fingers released their grasp on her hair and she fell to the ground wrapping her arms around her naked breasts. Her long blond hair covered most of her body in this position, but it wasn't enough to cover her completely.

"Eric?" Pam asked, stepping forward a few steps. She was concerned with his new actions, and the look on his face. Eric's mind was in turmoil. He couldn't understand what was in front of him, but he did know that she was human. If she were anything but he would be able to smell it, even if the smell of urine hung heavily in the air.

His mind suddenly whirled back to the strange package he had received the night prior, and the neatly folded paper Pam had read out loud.

I give you, your hearts most desire.

He wasn't sure if this was a trick, he had no idea what the mysterious resurrector's intentions were, but he was positive that the woman in front of him was who he thought it was. Eric fell to his knees, reaching forward to cradle the young woman's face in his hand with compassion and kindness Pam had only seen him give her.

"Elvira." he hushed, cradling her face carefully. Upon hearing her name she opened her soft blue eyes. Large tears were falling down her face, and she looked confused when she looked at Eric for a brief moment before she spoke in Old Norse.

"Eiríkr?" She asked confused, hearing his true birth name was something he hadn't experienced in many, many years. Although, Eric was essentially his name, over the years that's what his name had changed to when languages changed, and languages were forgotten. Eric was also the shorting of his name, much like Jennifer and Jen, but Eririkr, was the original root of his name.

He couldn't think of anything to say to Elvira, so he simply smiled. This seemed to be enough for her, because she threw herself into Eric's arms.

"Loki, he plays tricks on me! He has stolen my soul, is this punishment?" She cried, Eric could barely understand what she was saying. It was difficult to hear his native tongue being spoken after a thousand years.

"No, this is not a trick." He assured her.

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