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There was something about threading his fingers through her hair at the base of her scalp and pulling Elvira's mouth to his. He had never experienced such a feeling before, sure he had kissed a woman before but they never gave him the feeling Elvira did. Usually after pulling her into a kiss, a look of confusion would cross her face, then a charming little smile he couldn't get enough of.

Godric was sure Eric and Pam knew about their relationship, whereas Elvira was positive that her brother didn't know. She wanted to wait for the right time to tell him, because to Elvira the idea of finding a companion that her brother would approve of was exciting.

Godric also never expected that at some point in his life he would find someone he would make love to, and not simply have sex. Now that he understood the difference he never wanted to go back to simple or casual sex.

This also meant that Godric tried very hard to keep his hands off Elvira. He thought it would be simple enough, but he found this hard to control. Elvira was a lady, she found it hard to show to much public affection, and it was never something Godric was particularly fond of (until recently). But it made her happy to simply lay on the couch with him, and if that made her happy, he was happy.

Godric's eyes peered over at Elvira; she was absorbed in a television show that was talking about Vikings. Godric had found the whole scenario a little strange but he kept his mouth tightly shut simply because it was quite humorous. Every so often a scripture written in Old Norse would appear and a man would talk on the screen about it.

Elvira would then proceed to fall into a fit of giggles. Godric had yet to discover what was so funny, and finally wound up enough courage to ask what was so funny. A deep blush was suddenly cast across Elvira's face as she shy fully looked away from Godric.

"That paper is about sex. They have translated it wrong." Godric would have felt a deep blush spread across his face if it were possible. She was right; whatever they were trying to translate on the screen was wrong. In fact the paper was a poem that went into deep detail about a woman.

Silence hung over the room as they watched the final moments of their show, and for a split second an address flashed up along the bottom of the screen. Elvira seemed confused to see an address as if she was trying to memorize it. Godric almost half expected her to ask questions about the number but when she turned to him he completely forgot.

He knew her well enough that in the next few moments that she would crawl onto the couch with him. He watched her carefully make her way over to him, and curl up with her head on his chest.

For a brief moment her eyes lay on his tattoos, and he could see the curious gaze pass her eyes. She never asked, even if he knew she wanted to. He never found the tattoos a touchy subject, but the scar on his back bothered him. He was a slave, nothing more and nothing less. In their time he would have been executed for even thinking of touching Elvira, a princess. He would tell her if she asked, but somehow he figured his past didn't matter to her. This is why he assumed she never asked.

"I want to tell Eric." She said softly running her fingers along the dark ink. Her eyes were fascinated by the simple design, and she found it hard to pull her eyes away from it. Her stunning blue eyes quickly looked up at him, as her hand rested on his chest.

"Then I shall tell him." He said watching her carefully, he would tell Eric as soon as possible even though he was positive Eric knew. How couldn't he? He didn't teach Eric to be daft.

"No. I'll tell him." Godric was slightly confused by her actions, Elvira as he knew was clearly a woman stuck in her time. He knew it bothered her that they weren't married, and she often felt guilty for not being so. Godric was in fact ready to marry her, but in her mind they had to approach it in the Old Norse way. Which meant Godric would ask for permission to marry her, and possibly even present Eric with a dowry. Eric would not give him something in return, because of their class. But none of that mattered to Eric.

He wondered why Elvira wanted to tell her brother, because it was unlike her to step out of her set bounds. Godric forced a soft smile; he would allow her the freedom she wanted. If she wished to tell Eric he would be more than happy to let her.

A small smile spread across Elvira's face as she leaned forward and pressed her lips on his chin. He would take Elvira to Eric's bar after hours, and there she could tell him what she wanted. She would find the trip exciting, and it was really the only way at the moment they would get to speak with Eric. Eric had been so preoccupied with Elvira that he was behind in his work.

Elvira had never been far from the house, so it was a treat for Godric to see her excitement. There of course was a small look of fear and doubt in her eyes, but she kept it contained by staying close to Godric. He watched as her eyes lit up at the sight of Eric's bar, and he knew at that moment what had drawn her interest.

The glowing letters on the side of the building drew her much like the insects. He carefully watched as she hovered a hand over the humming lights. She wasn't sure if she should touch it, and as he watched her contemplate her decision he intervened.

Gently grabbing her hand he pulled her away from the lights and creatures hiding about. He knew if she touched the lights she would burn her fingers and even if it wouldn't case any permanent damage it was still his responsibility to keep her safe. Elvira didn't seem to mind when he pulled her away, because new adventures awaited inside the new building she was standing in front of.

Her eyes darted around to study insects, mainly spiders and the large black door Godric pulled them through. Pam was the only one standing behind the bar lazily counting cash, her eyes flickered up to see the couple and a small smile spread across her face.

Elvira had instantly left Godric's side and ran to Pam's. She had wrapped her arms around Pam and muttered something about wearing a bra, to which Pam responded to patting her on the head. When Elvira pulled away from Pam she quickly asked where Eric was, Pam only pointed in the direction knowing Eric's door was the only one open. Elvira nodded her head and quickly ran off; Godric had realized at that moment she was not only serious about telling Eric but she was also excited to tell him. She barely said anything to Pam and as he slowly followed behind her, ignored the questioning gaze from Pam.

At the end of the hall way he could already see Elvira bouncing around in the room. Eric's gaze was on her as she explained to him about their relationship. She hadn't even waited for him to enter the room, and it made him crack a smile. She was beyond excited to tell her brother; Eric, who had been very calm about the entire thing. He did after all know, and when she was finished Godric stood at the door watching curiously as Eric stood up from his chair. Elvira's eyes watched him curiously as he gently grabbed her chin and pressed his slips to her forehead. This was his way of saying he was okay with what she had told him, and the excitement in her eyes was more than enough for both men.

Elvira's eyes suddenly drifted to a closet and at that moment everyone knew that she was no longer interested in anyone else in the room. She quickly walked over to the door and pulled it open, her curiosity controlling her.

"I suspect you know Elvira wishes to be married." Godric said watching Eric's eyes divert from his sister. She was excitedly pushing things around on the shelf, pulling out anything she found odd to study it.

"Yes. That would make her happy." Eric silently approved of the idea of his maker and his sister being married, but he didn't need to tell Godric who nodded his head in understanding. Eric only wanted his sister's happiness, and Godric made her happy.

Elvira suddenly interrupted the short conversation the two vampires where having when she handed something to Godric. At first he wasn't sure what it was but, when his hand touched the wet fabric a look of confusion crossed his face. Elvira didn't seem to understand what she was doing her eyes slightly glazed over, but when she handed the piece of fabric over to Godric she was suddenly pulled out of her trance.

She blinked a few times clearly confused about what had happened then looked to Godric for guidance. Godric just smiled back, letting her know that everything was alright, this seemed to comfort the young woman who quickly smiled back.

"Go find Pam, tell her you need a dress." Godric said softly, Elvira nodded her head unsure why she suddenly needed a dress. Godric wasn't stupid, he knew that Pam could hear what was going on and that she would distract Elvira.

When she was out of hearing distance, Eric took a few steps forward to examine what Godric was holding. It was a great surprise to both parties that the fabric was still wet, and it still contained the foul smell it originally had. The only reason it was around was because Eric felt they shouldn't part with anything in the box until they figured out what was going on.

"How is it still wet, and how did she find it?" Eric snapped plucking the fabric from Godric's loose hand. The sneer on Eric's face was enough to send anyone scurrying away from the room. He was angry that they hadn't figured out anything about her reappearance.

"The only thing I can think of is that since she was spawned from magic, that she is drawn to it." A worried look was carried by both vampires; the last thing they wanted was Elvira to be drawn to magic. Magic users were dangerous, and often only practiced in the dark arts.

"I think its best we keep a closer eye on her." Eric said, there was a soft nod from Godric. If she was that easily drawn to magic then they wanted to keep her as far away as possible. Magic was not something to be trifled with.

Elvira had been told by Eric that Godric wished to marry her, and the excitement that followed was enough for everyone. There was a 3 month span she waited and although they proceeded with a very small ceremony. It would have been impossible to go through with a complete Old Norse ceremony but they had one that was close enough and that's all they needed to do to make Elvira happy.

But unbeknownst to Elvira the reason it had taken Eric almost three months to form a wedding was because he needed to forge Elvira's papers, and wedding certificate. This way if something were to happen to Eric or Godric (which he highly doubted) she would be entitled to half of what he owned, the other half belonging to Pam.

It was after Godric's and Elvira's second month of marriage that everyone had noticed something strange in Elvira. She had taken to cleaning the house to what she deemed perfect, this had annoyed Eric who had a maid come to the house three times a week. He couldn't understand why she had started this new behavior.

It was decided that it was one of these new bride types of things humans went through and she was left alone. Eric hoped if they didn't acknowledge her behavior that it would soon disappear. Godric on the other hand was usually the one to pull her away from her nightly activities and guide her to bed.

Godric and Elvira shared a room, which would be custom for a married couple. Eric had seen to that they had a large room to accumulate for two people, and the odd trinkets Elvira was so fond of. It was never Eric's place to enter Godric's and Elvira's room, but there was the odd time he would catch a glimpse of it, and the sight would spread a smile across his face.

Godric was always very clean, proper, and didn't hold onto much. Whereas Elvira was clean, but loved knickknacks. It was strange to see his makers room go from spotless and all most bare to neat and filled with odd trinkets. But to their odd family the idea of any room being filled with odd trinkets was comforting to them. The house would seem empty without finding something odd in the room.

The couch was one of the worst places to find things, because it seemed things just fell between the cushions and lay forgotten for days at a time. This became a rarity now because Elvira was starting to run out of things on the television that she wanted, and she had lost all interest in them. She had now moved onto books, which she still had help with Godric.

It seemed like every book in the house contained Godric's scrawl, and sometimes if you were lucky a book with Elvira's messy handwriting could be found. Her words were always jagged, whereas Godric's seemed to flow from the page. But in time her's would too, as soon as she was confident enough to write without fear of mistake. She still didn't understand that paper wasn't hard to come by anymore, and either were pens.

One night Godric and Elvira watched the news with great curiosity, they were buzzing with great joy of a new revelation. It seemed as if someone had sent a letter to a museum with no return address. The letter decoded and explained why the current assumption of a particular poem was incorrect.

Godric couldn't help but look at Elvira who blushed madly. Godric would never say anything, but he was positive it was the poem they were talking about months ago. Godric motioned Elvira to come sit with him and she happily complied, curling up beside him like she always did.

Godric ran his hand along his wife's clothed hip and stopped just over her stomach. A look of confusion crossed his face as he quickly pulled his hand away. His actions had pulled Elvira's attention away from the television as she watched him make the trail again. His hand stopping right by the edge of her belly.

"Stand up." Godric commanded, she did as she was told. Godric grabbed the bottom of her dress and pulled it up. A small squeal came from her lips as she felt the cold hit her bare stomach. He had commanded her to hold her dress as he examined her stomach.

He could only explain the feeling as if she had a mass of water under her skin and as he pushed on it he could only come to one conclusion. A feeling of hurt instantly crossed Godric's chest and he instantly stood up. He couldn't look at her and a look of confusion crossed her face as Godric left the room.

He seemed to move on pilot mode as he found Eric's study. Eric looked up from a piece of paper as he entered and the words suddenly poured from him mouth "Elvira is pregnant!"

Godric found it hard to be angry at Elvira, and if anything he felt completely hallow towards the subject. He was under the impression that Elvira was in love with him, and she really was sleeping with someone else. With who they had no idea but whoever the man was Eric was going to rip him to shreds. In Eric's mind it had to have been a man who led her astray.

Elvira seemed confused by the silence that hovered over the home, and everyone was aware of the heart break she was experiencing when Godric had chosen to avoid her until he was ready to talk about her misfortune. He was positive that she didn't even know she was pregnant.

"Elvira, you are carrying a bastard child." Eric snapped, he was sure that the words were harsher then he intended. But he couldn't find a reason to be kind about her current situation, Elvira suddenly laughed. She was under the impression that this was some kind of joke, but as she drifted her eyes from between her brother, husband, and niece. She realized that this was not a joke.

They all watched as a look of confusement, anger then sadness crossed her face. It was not a reaction they expected and when she suddenly burst out into tears they were surprised. They had expected her to be ashamed not sad.

The soft muttering from her lips could be heard, it's obvious that she was talking to them, but her words were so muffled and confusing that it took the entire room a few seconds to piece together what she was saying.

Elvira was clearly upset about the accusations, and cried over her now tarnished reputation of being an unfaithful wife. She also cried because Godric had denied the fathering of her child, and if anything was completely heart broken.

Eric could feel a strange pain in his chest and as he looked to his maker for guidance they all knew something was amiss. Eric stepped forward leaning down to his sister's face, her eyes looked up only long enough to be locked with her brother's gaze.

"Are you a faithful wife?" he asked, she nodded her head eyes glazed over her soft lips muttering out a yes. Every vampire was still confused about what was going on their minds zipping to a million different explanations.

"We never had this conversation." Eric said sternly watching as she nodded her head in agreement, "Go to bed, and rest." he commanded. Elvira nodded, and as he broke eye contact with her he kissed her forehead and allowed her to stand up and walk out of the room in her trance.

"She is faithful, but that means her pregnancy is one created by magic." Godric said his eyes drifting away from the image of his wife walking out of the living room. The thought scared him, he didn't want this to happen because he could not protect her from the unknown, and none of them could.

"I give you your heart's desire. Our little Elvira wanted a filthy child." Pam said with a smirk, Eric had almost completely forgotten about the occurrence months ago of the remnants of the unknown box and as they thought about it the more it made sense. If the magic inside the box was strong enough to bring back the dead, then it would strong enough to allow Godric to impregnate Elvira.

"It's quite possible that this magic is working out its plan, or this scenario was not in our witches plan. I can only hope that this was an accident caused by the remainder of magic, and that there's no diabolical plan behind this." the look on Godric face was completely serious, and if god or anyone where to punish him for his sins it would not be through Elvira and their child.

The child also brought up other fears in the vampires, would it be human? They hoped it would be human, human meant they could lie. It would be impossible to hide anything but, what if she gave birth to a monster. This is after all how some creatures were born, and Godric had discovered some of these creatures before.

If the time came they might have to kill the creature, but then they would have to wipe Elvira's memory. She would never forgive the murder of her own child. Godric no longer wished to be in the presence of his fellow nest mates and walked silently out of the room. He could only hope, and pray that god would have mercy on them.

"Look!" Elvira hummed pointing to her large stomach. A small ripple passed her stomach then settled quickly, Godric tried to fight the smile on his face. He couldn't be more then ecstatic to father a child. Something he never knew he wanted.

He had tried not to be excited, overjoyed, or even feel love towards the child that grew in Elvira's womb but he failed horridly. Now he prayed for a human child, and not a monster. Everything seemed normal in her pregnancy, even her obsession with soda crackers and banana Popsicles. But there was still the fear something would go very wrong.

A small smile spread across Godric's face as his rough hand ran across her large stomach, trying to settle the beast inside. It normally didn't work but instead caused the child to stir in excitement. He had to avoid touching her stomach at night because the baby's movements of excitement would always wake her.

Pam slowly walked by the room uttering something about how disgusting the sight was before quickly leaving. Godric had chuckled hearing her distaste knowing Elvira could not hear her. A sneeze from Elvira drew his attention away from Pam and the smell of urine. He looked up just in time to see Elvira cover her face in embarrassment.

If Eric were in the room he would have teased her about urinating on his couch again, since they had lost count. They knew she couldn't help it, but teasing her about it made them feel a million times better about cleaning it up.

With difficulty she pushed herself off the couch and waddled towards their room where she would wash herself and change her clothing. The thought of their room made him think if how when they went to bed she would press her tummy against him, she said it released the pressure of the mighty infant kicks.

She was gone for a few moments before she returned in a night gown looking pale. Godric was by her side in an instant grabbing her face checking to make sure she was okay, it was only then he could smell something strange. He had never smelt such a sent before and it seemed to emanate from between her legs. Worried he reached between her night gown pulling his hand away quickly, it was covered in a clear warm liquid and he knew at that moment that her water had broken.

Elvira didn't seem to understand what was going on, she was looking at him for guidance and fear clearly etched on her face. A sudden cry came from her lips as she held her stomach, she grabbed out for Godric her teeth clenched as the pain ruptured though her body. It was at that moment she understood what was happening and allowed Godric to guide her towards their bedroom.

All the vampires in the house hold had been confused as to what to do when Elvira had first showed signs of pregnancy. Eric had to look up massive amounts of information, most of which made his face pale. These things were going to happen to his sister, and he had concluded he didn't want to 'catch the baby'. Seeing his sister naked was one thing he never wanted to happen, let alone her vagina being torn as she gave birth. He had decided to call the same Doctor who had saved Sookie's life knowing the woman didn't care much for any one. So their secrets would be safe with her, this didn't mean that they would tell her how Elvira had conceived.

During the process of Elvira giving birth Eric and Pam had completely disappeared not bing able to handle the sound of her cries and the smell of blood. Godric had felt the same, but stayed by her side as she cried through the pain. Holding her hand when she needed it, they hadn't even started pushing when she started crying.

Her words were jumbled between two different languages but the message was clear she didn't think she could do it. Although Godric felt sympathy towards her, there was nothing he could do to cure her pain, she had to go through with the birth, or it would kill her.

It had taken him and the doctor fifteen minutes to convince her to push, and when she started her screams only increased. After an hour the sound they were waiting for ruptured through the air, a cry of an infant. Godric had never heard such a sound in his entire life and though Elvira sat beside him tears rolling down her face he couldn't help but be in aw.

"A boy." the old woman spat her hands moving quickly and handing the child to Elvira who was high strong on emotions. Godric couldn't think straight his emotions bouncing around like mad. He had a son.

"He looks like you. So much like you." she cried holding the child in her tired arms. He hadn't had a chance to look at his son yet, so when he gently cupped the side of his son's head he looked at his son for the first time. It was a feeling he would never forget.

The small creature was still screaming and Godric could clearly see that his son looked like himself as well as Elvira. Any thoughts of killing the creature he had before we're now clearly gone.

"You did a good job my love." Godric said removing his hand from his son's head to brush a few strands of blonde hair that had stuck to her forehead.