A young green pig and an old red bird talk of war as they wait for sure death. One shot...unless you want the back story.


The old red bird flew towards the structure that the pigs had built, destroying an entire section of it. He came to rest just next to a small pig.

The pig snorted. There were two birds left, and he wasn't feeling too brave.

"Hello, young one," called the red bird as he shed a few feathers. "What's your name?"

The pig looked at him, surprised that he had spoken beyond cursing. "I'm...Steve."

"Hello, Steve. I'm Jarvis." The old bird seemed to smile. "We've not much time."

"I've told them that this is senseless, but they won't give up! More of us die each and every day! We don't even need those eggs!" Steve cried in despair. "We'll go extinct! And all that'll be left are stupid normal pigs!"

Jarvis sighed solemnly. "So will we. I lost my son, my wife...my best friend. But we are just as guilty as you. We didn't try to reason...we simply attacked."


"Yes, young one?"

"Will it ever end? Is there hope, for the rest of them?"

"I tasked my brother with continuing my efforts to regain peace. He is as wise as I am, and I'm sure he will prevail in the end. Remember, Steve, there is always hope."

With these last words, Jarvis disappeared in a puff of feathers. Steve looked up, and watched as a yellow bird shot straight at him. He remembered his family, and the one he loved. But last of all, as he died, he remembered the promise of peace Jarvis left him.

And the war raged on.